October Favorites

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 LATE OCtober FaVorItes!!!!

I had a really hard time getting this post done.... I REALLY don't like taking my pictures inside since the lighting is terrible and if you have terrible pictures what's the point? If anyone has any suggestions on how to get better indoor pictures please let me know!! I try to take them near a window but I just don't have a good spot in my house and it's been snowy and grey outside all week =( boo!
Anyways my favorites aren't super interesting this month, it is pretty basic but I have been loving these =D

My first Juicy Tubes Lip Gloss in Fruity Pop.
I have heard sooo much about these but just don't want to pay the price so I have never purchased them before. I got this as a freebie with my recent Lancome purchase =D
This pink is one of my favorite colors for lip gloss, this is smooth,glossy and just the right amount of thickness.<3!

It's a 10 Miracle leave in product is amazing for my hair! I love the convenience of 10 products in one so it is quick and takes up less space in my bathroom drawer...you know what that means,more space for other products!
This gel like consistency can make your hair greasy and weighed down if you are not careful of over spraying, I did run into that but you just have to figure out how many sprays to use before it is too many. As well stay away from the roots especially if you have fine hair like me =/

 I have really been addicted to skin care products lately and I am on the hunt for the best things that work with my combination skin. I have absolutely been loving the St.Ives Green Tea Cleansers & The Lancome Visionnaire. These two have been keeping my skin feeling clean,smooth and breakout free...knock on wood! My skin decided it hated me for a while lately and wasn't looking it's best =/ 

 I haven't had the chance to wear a ton of shadows this month,mostly only on weekends sometimes but I definitely reached for these two this month the most.
*Wet N Wild-Walking on Egg Shells
*Motives-Foxy Brown
These actually both were from 2 other bloggers but the colors are EXACTLY what I would have picked out! The Wet n Wild are so pigmented for their prices and the colors are such great everyday colors I really love them! I was very lucky to receive these from my good blogger friend Sarah
The Motives shadow was nothing I had ever heard of until my Makeup swap with my other good blogger friend Alx.This shadow is the absolute perfect Matte brown I have ever used! It makes my grey eyes look crazy blue I love it!I think this is very comparable to Mac shadows as well, the pigmentation is amazing and very smooth. Love this!

Okay anyone who does not have a steady hand with gel liners like myself this Elf Angled Eye Liner brush ($1!) is AMAZING! It is my new bff! ;) I have been using this with my Buxom gel liner - Leatherette and it is crazy easy to apply. Doing a winged eye is super easy with this brush, I think it is a must have for everyone!

 And lastely with the cold weather and snow we have had =( I am always wanting coffee or tea, it helps keep me warmer! I Love green tea,tea and coffee but I have been super addicted to these teas!

 That is all for my October Favorites... What were some of yours?

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  1. Great favorites! I now want too try a a couple things you posted. I really need the eyeliner brush. i do pretty good but something to help would be awesome! =)

  2. Haha- My skin recently decided it hated me too! I'll have to check that out! I also discovered the slanted liner brush a few months ago after watching a Kandee Johnson video and LOVE it!


  3. Glad u like the shadow ;)
    I tried a bnet eyeliner brush from makeupgeek store and it wasn't good cuz it was soo thick! :(. But I like how it was bent soo easy to use :)..


  4. Can you believe ive never owned or used a juicy tube?? Slap on the wrist for me. I really need to get one in my life x x

  5. The green tea is probably helping your skin clear up too because it helps flush your body of toxins. Which helps you stop breaking out hehe. I love the ELF eyeliner brush too!

  6. Nice favs! :-) lately i've been on a face mask kick! haha

  7. Great stuff lady! I'm def picking up that elf brush! Its a 10 leave in might be in my faves for years to come lol can't get enough of that stuff!

  8. I looooooove those Juicy Tubes but of course I won't purchase some myself, way too pricey and not crulety-free, sadly ):

    I used to be addicted to green tea but I've been drinking mostly coffee recently to keep me going through my work shift and then through my classes!

  9. Hey, i found your blog tonight and am loving it so far!
    I followed you, follow me back?


  10. Yeah I heard you guys got some snow on Friday! I love tea, especially peppermint tea :) Have you ever tried peppermint tea made from fresh peppermint leaves and just hot water? It's the best!
    Wow that's awesome you found an eyeshadow that makes your grey eyes look blue. You have gorgeous coloured eyes Taygan!
    I've tried so many St. Ives products but I haven't tried the Green Tea Cleanser. Does it foam up really good?
    I remember your review on It's a 10 Miracle hair product! I'm seriously going to try to find it when I finish my other hair serums :)

  11. The "It's A 10" hair line is super amazing. I had dreads 2 years ago for a little bit but didnt like the way they looked on me and I used a TON of the detangler stuff and it worked soooo well in helping me remove them haha. :D

    I sometimes lust for a Lancome product but it's sooo expensive that I can't bring myself to try anything lol.

  12. @Miranda- =) you totally should if you ever see that brush around or if you order from Elf.com its my best friend lately lol.

    @Habbott2- Man what the heck is with that? Must be something in the air ;)
    I did actually see that video as well how Kandee used an art brush and bent it, SO SMART!

    @ThisisAlx- I loveeeee it =)
    Ah yeah I think a thick one might be a bit tricky but the Elf one is tiny and helps me out a ton!

    @Lalalucy1000- lol whoaaa I thought I was one of the last girls to get one! Maybe one day you will be able to get one =) They are damn pricey.. I don't think I would ever pay full price for one though.

    @Mrsmakeup-I need to keep drinking more of it then!It's my fav brush I own right now!

    @ThemissTwist- I actually picked up another chocolate one after you had one posted and holy crap it is SO chocolatey!!!!

    @Mercedes- You really should it is perfect! I agree with you, its works crazy good and since its a gel formula kinda I think it will last longer then if it was just straight liquid.

    @Gaby- I know they are stupid expensive, they are great but I won't purchase one full price and it really is too bad they are evil =(

    @Simplychicxox- =D

    @Karen-Noooo I haven't tried that kinda tea but I bet it is amazing!
    haha well thank you but they are ehh ok colored.
    I was actually surprised how much it foamed up! I really am liking it and the smell is really nice too. I think it's worth trying for sure.
    Yes you must try its a ten! I hope you like it!!

    @Vintagemakeup- It is really nice, my favorite gel liner I have used so far!

    @Cerina-Wow it really helped untangle dreads!That is crazy!!
    lol aw I don't blame you they are seriously expensive but when you start getting old you will pay a little bit to help reduce aging lol.

  13. I like the look of that Motives shadow! I'm all about trying to find a perfect matte brown crease shade that looks like a natural contour.

    Re: photos you could try getting a daylight bulb? I'm not sure how expensive they are but I've seen bloggers use them and their photos turn out wonderful :)


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