About Me

I am a smart ass by heart. I like to joke and laugh until my stomach hurts and eyes are watering! 
I wanted to write this little bit about myself to let you know something. I think it's important that anyone who reads this blog should know I am an Average person who is blunt! I make a lot of jokes and I hope they come out in my blog and not just make me sound like an ass! lol because I am probably kidding.

A  L  S  O

I am just a girl with a normal amount of money but can't really afford high end stuff so you get the basics with me! I don't have amazing eyes,hair,skin or lips. I am not the typical beauty blogger with all the money for fabulous products or with the latest smokey eye. I am a blogger for real people that not everything works for them like not everything works for me.

I feel I am more relate-able with being average and not some beautiful girl with great features so everything looks amazing on me and works with me- I freaking wish!! So I hope you like my blog =)
 I will have random posts here and there about my car and what I am working on it next or maybe something more random lol.
I will always give a straight up get to the point HONEST reviews for you guys.

It is nice to meet you guys and I hope you enjoy my blog!:)

AKA Tay <3

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