Makeup Swap!!

6:00 AM

Makeup Swap #2!

I think I could do these all the fricken time if I was rich!! It is kind of like getting a Luxe Box or Glymm in the mail but sometimes a lot better =D
I recently did a little makeup swap with one of my good blogger friends Alex, she is such a sweetheart! If you aren't following her I suggest checking out her blog for sure!! 

We are both from Canada but there are some things I don't have around here and I am hoping she didn't have everything I sent her ?

I was very excited to open the mail and receive my package!!

*MOTIVES Eye Shadow in Foxy Brown-This is absolutely gorgeous!! I love the packaging and the color is so pigmented it is amazing! This color makes my eyes just pop! Perfect color for blue/green eyes! I have never heard of this brand before but they have a ton of great products online you can check them out HERE.

LORI Eye Color- I have never heard of this brand either but these colors are pretty and they are decently pigmented so they will work nicely =)

NYX JUMBO PENCIL- Milk-OMG  I have wanted this FOREVER and just recently found a drug store that actually carries NYX in my city but they are ALWAYS sold out of this one color! Every time I go there it is sold out! I was super excited to see this in there, thank you so much Alex!! =D

Red Wine Potphenol Anti-Oxident facial Mask & PURE DERM Vitalizing Green Tea Pack. I love face masks and these sound really nice! I can't read the red wine one but the packaging is really cute and cannot wait to use them!

AZIZA Mascara &LANCOME High Definition Mascara in Black- =D =D I LOVE Mascara!

I haven't tried either of these so I am excited to test them out! 
I have used a couple of Lancome products years ago and I was always pleased with them so I have high hopes for the mascara!

ST IVES Renew Collagen Elastin- This is great for dry hands and with the cold weather approaching I will be needing some like crazy!  
JUICY COUTURE Peace & Love- This smells so nice! I used to wear Viva La Juicy ALL the time a few years ago and haven't tried this scent yet but I love it. It is in a spray sample, I find the spray so much more useful then when it is just a little wand that you have to wipe on your skin.

THEN we swapped a nail polish we had both received in our Luxe Box one month but I had a pearl white color and she had a gun metal gray color which I love so we swapped =D

CHEEKY MONKEY Nail Polish in Filthy Madame- Such a gorgeous color!
& Alex threw in a Trucco Jumbo Pencil from another Luxe Box, this color is really nice as well!

I LOVE Cheeky Monkey packaging!

THANKS SO MUCH Alex for doing the swap it was really fun and I love everything! =D

When I did receive this I had checked my mail late so it was dark and I didn't get a picture of everything all together but I did get a few of my fav Jolly Ranchers and some Air Heads in my package =D Can't go wrong with candy!
You can check out the other side of the swap at Alex's blog HERE =D

Have you had a chance to try any of these products?

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  1. You finally got Milk, yey! I'm honestly not a fan of these Jumbo Eye Pencil because they crease in under half an hour on me, EVEN with primer! WTF?!

    I think I've seen some Aziza products in my local dollar store... I thought it was a dollar store brand LOL! Anyway, if it works! Lancôme mascaras are awesome but oh so pricey -_-

  2. Fun! Looks like you got some great stuff!

  3. The Lori trio looks really pretty! Can you swatch them? :)

  4. Yeah I agree with nyx jumbo stick creases on me too! I'm glad I'm not the only one! haha Thats nice that you get to try out so many new goodies! <3

  5. Great stuff!

  6. Wow great stuff! :) The packaging of the red wine mask is cute! :)
    Lucy x

  7. seriously!! this comment failed 4 times!!! i'm finally commenting from a computer, it better work this time hahahah!! Soooo I was sayinggg..... I had tonsssss of fun doing this swap!!! how much i wish shipping was free soo we can use it to buy more products LOL.... Im gladd u like the products I LOVEEEE every single thign u got me!! Im gobbled down all the sour patches already =P it was such a bigggg bag too!!! yumyum.. Thank you!! s2

    Gaby is soo smart!! its from Dollarama!! The motives e/s pretty much killed most of my budget LOL! This is when dollarstore saves me, I shop there all the time, specially now that my bank is at -$300 T_T LOL but soon too be okay cuz i got my osap today! =D

    hopefully, next time we do a swap my box will make ur jaw drop =P



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