Lancome Visionaire Mini Review

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Beyond anti-wrinkle,re-create a very beautiful skin that looks smoother,more even and more radiant.
With Visionnaire, skin appears transformed.At the origin of its power is LR 2412-a Lancome first.This exclusive formula helps correct skins appearance: wrinkles and skin imperfections appear reduced,pores look tightened and complexion more even.

I don't know about you but it sounds really nice to me and I want to be proactive with skin care and start at a younger age to fix what I have now I thought maybe this might be for me.

I purchased this at the Bay after reading a ton of reviews and speaking with the girl who worked at the Lancome counter (yes it may be a bias opinion ) and she raved about it. This is my absolute first "high end" skin care product EVER and yes it took me a few weeks to actually let myself splurge this much on this product. I actually waited until I saw the whole deal when you purchase $25 of Lancome products you receive some freebies..mays well get my moneys worth right?
So the price... I feel silly but it was $100!! holy hell that is a lot of money worth of Monsters I could have bought! 

Helps correct winkles,pores and evenness..who doesn't want that?!
It sounds lovely to me and since I was using the sample for 2 weeks I pretty much fell in love with this.
I absolutely love the the packaging, the bottle is plastic so if you drop it it's ok, the turquoise color is one of my favorite colors. As well it is a pump applicator.

So this is just a kind of first impression since I really think you will need to give the product a good month or so to really see results and I am roughly at week 3 so I am not 100% sure of all the benefits.
So far I have noticed such a difference in my skin for smoothness, after applying this lightweight serum my skin feels so smooth and soft. I have so much less oil on my skin now that I am using this as well as Aloe Vera to moisturize afterwards. I have noticed my couple acne scarring has really decreased and that on it's own was worth the money for me since I have such fair skin everything shows.
There is one con I will mention since it was a huge problem with some peoples reviews I have read was the scent. It does have a old lady perfume scent that is stronger if you are sensitive with  scents, I am really not sure why they would have this scented since it was a major turn off for some people.
I do notice the scent but once it is applied it really doesn't linger for long and it doesn't bother me.
I will do a full review if anyone is interested once I have used this for a couple months but I really am happy with this Visionnaire so far!

Here is a couple pictures of what I received for the promo...

I wouldn't have picked this bag out or anything but it is a really nice size to throw everything in for traveling or if you want to save counter space in your bathroom. I think Black would have looked really nice with the gold but it was free so really I can't complain!

 * CREME RADIANCE- Clarifying cream to foam cleanser
-First Impression, I really did like this but it wasn't anything over the top amazing

*CILS BOOSTER XL-Super enhancing mascara base
-First Impression, It really did add length to my lashes, I think high end lash primers are amazing to use!

*HYPNOSE DRAMA-Instant Full Body Volume Mascara
-First Impression, I love the brush and it seems like a decent mascara, I wouldn't actually purchase it but great as a little travel mascara.

*SENSATIONAL EFFECTS EYE SHADOW W/ BLUSH- These are gorgeous colors! This was the only choice left with the promo.
-First Impression, I haven't actually used them yet =/ I swatched them on my hand but they aren't as pigmented as I would have liked but they are still nice.

*HIGH RESOLUTION REFILL 3X- I am not a huge fan of the little jar to dip into to use but it isn't terrible.
-First Impression,it is a fairly thick formula so if you have oily skin I wouldn't think this would help with that, but I think it will be great for winter.

*JUICY TUBES-Fruity Pop. I got this as an extra, I have a friend who works at the Bay and she was talking about the Juicy Tubes and I mentioned I have never tried one so she convinced the girl at the Lancome counter to throw it in =D very sweet of her! 
-First Impression, it's lip gloss and fruity,my fav!!

So that is my Lancome haul, I feel like it was a haul since that is a lot of stuff to try out =D

Have you tried any of these Lancome products?

Oooo and my friend gave me perfume samples as always =)

*Gucci Intense
* D&G 10 La Roue De La Fortune
*Prada Candy
*Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue

So Far I am liking Candy!

Have you tried any of these?

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  1. Holy crap that is expensive! BUT if its as good as it seems to be so far then I guess its worth saving up for- you also got a load of stuff free which kind of evens it out... I hope it works for u tho hun! xx

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  2. Seriously... $100?! That's A LOT! Well at least it works... but still... aww LOL! And you got some great goodies, the Juicy Tubes are my favorite lipglosses ever!

  3. That will last you a long time! Can't wait to see a review in a couple of months!

  4. @Theothersideofcool- I know I know it really was =/ and honestly I think its worth it to splurge on your skin once in a while! Plus the freebies helped out lol

    @Gaby-lol Yes 100$! I felt so stupid telling you guys that but it is THAT expensive =/ Hopefully it will last a while at least.

    @Mercedes- I am thinking so, and if it will help with all the crap it claims to do it is worth it =D

  5. Congratulations on your first high end skincare product Taygan! I think face skincare is sooo important to invest in, if you're gonna invest in any skincare or beauty product...because once someone's face ages, well, there's not much you can do to go back except surgery. It's not like your body, which you can to a lot of the extent, eat healthy and work out to keep your body young looking/ you know what I mean?
    The results you said are similar to my high end skincare of the Estee Lauder Advanced Night serum. I have been using it daily for quite a few months now and I rarely get pimples since...I never had many pimples but I often got two or three month....and my skin is also smoother. I think there are benefits to the serum I'm using for sure.
    You should take pictures of your skin now so you can compare it in a few more months down the road. I would love to see another review on this later on :) I hope it works well for you Taygan.
    Love the makeup bag and extras that came with it!

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