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Mail Time!!

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MAIL!!!!!!!! My favorite posts from everyone, even though mine isn't as exciting as some it was still a really good mail month!
This is over a span of about a week and a half or 2 weeks since I don't get that much mail.(well other then bills of course =( and nobody likes those! )

My JAVABOI Shirts have arrived! Eric (Owner/Creator) twisted my arm and I finally got a couple ;) I am a massive coffee fan and these are really cute so it was worth it! I am currently working on the full post of the shirts but I just thought I would show the really cute packaging! Love it =)

My Blink 182 pre sale package FINALLY made it to my house!! I honestly felt like it wasn't going to show up since it was very difficult to get this since they don't ship to Canada... I will do a post on this too just in case any Blink fans wanna hear the story =D

Peta's cruelty free shopping guide,Chatelaine November issue,sample of Pantene Color care,Sample of Always infinity & sample of Cascade all in one dishwasher detergent.
I am very inspired by reading a few other blogs with the cruelty free products on their blog so I am still trying to slowly switch over, it will take me some time since I am unsure of how I will replace all my evil products with good ones, but I am trying!

I seriously do not remember where I signed up to receive this sample from? But it was pretty cool because the finishing creme is fairly big and will last quite a while.
Samples of:
*Root Awakening Nourishing Moisture Shampoo
*Root Awakening Nourishing Moisture Conditioner
* Root Awakening Strengthening Restoring Smoothing Lotion
*Frizz Ease Creme Serum Overnight Repair
* Frizz Ease Secret Weapon Finishing Creme

What was the last thing you received in the mail other then bills?


This Or That Tag Makeup Tag!

6:48 AM

I was tagged by the lovely Lucy for this tag and I FINALLY am doing it!
For sure check out her blog if you haven't!

Sometimes it's so hard to get things done in a reasonable time =/


Blush or Bronzer? Ahh it's already hard! But I would pick Blush, I can use a self tanner for color and blush is always a nice touch.

Lipgloss or Lipstick? Too easy! Lipgloss!!! =D I own a hundred I swear!

Eye Liner or Mascara? I can NEVER not wear mascara! I think it is the ultimate of everything and never go without it!

Foundation or Concealer? I would pick concealer since I don't wear foundation much but sure have enough imperfections on my face that concealer can hide!

Brushes or Sponges?  Brushes! I tried the whole makeup sponge thingy and I didn't love it.


Long or Short? SHORT! I am not a fan of long nails and I don't think I could be able to do my job if I had long nails in my way!
Acrylic or Natural? I've never had fake nails ever! so I guess natural is my fav.

Brights or Darks? I like both! but I guess maybe more darker colors I prefer.

Flower or no flower? I love flowers but I probably wouldn't wear them on my nails =/


Perfume or body splash? Perfume! I need something that actually lasts and I don't find body sprays last at all on me.

Lotion or Body Butter? I LOVE body butters! I find they work so much better but in summer I am all for lotion.

Body wash or soap? I really dislike bars of soap if this is what they mean!It just reminds me of something my grandma would use or something. I pick body wash for sure.


Jeans or Sweatpants? Really? this is a question? JEANS! I think sweats are for pajamas/cleaning/working out or being sick only.

Long sleeve or short sleeve? Short sleeve unless its winter.

Dresses or skirts? I don't really wear either but I think I would like to wear dresses!

Stripes or Plaid?Stripes!

Flip flops or sandals? I hate listening to people walk in flip flops! I get it when its hot and you need something to just throw on quickly but I don't wear them in public much. I pick sandals.

Hats or Scarfs? I don't wear either =/ Clearly I am not into fashion or know anything about it. I like toques in the winter though! But I do like scarfs, the add a little extra to a simple look.

Studs or Dangley earrings? I JUST got my ears repierced and haven't even changed them yet ( I cant get these ones out lol) but they are hoops, so they are kinda in between studs and long earrings, is that an answer? =)

Cowboy Boots or Riding boots? umm I dislike cowboy boots since I am not country like at all... what are riding boots? I like my Ugg kinda boots (Yes I can see a certain someone cringing at this lol you know who you are!)

Jacket or Hoodie? Jacket! A nice fitted jacket looks so nice!


Curly or straight? Straight

Bun or Pony Tail? messy Bun, I never wear pony tails

Bobby pins or butterfly clips? Bobby pins! I am always buying and loosing them, they are kind of like socks, they just disappear!

Hairspray or Gel? hairspray as long as it isn't the kind that makes your hair crunchy!

Long or short? Some people can totally rock the short hair and it looks amazing but I love long hair on myself.

Light or dark? The darker the better! Dark hair just seems more bold to me then light and suits my style.

Side Swept bangs or full bangs? Side swept! Love them!

Up or Down? I look hideous with my hair up so I pick down!


Rain or Shine? This is hard! I LOVE rain!!! But I lived in Seattle once and it was a little bit much with all the rain =/ so if it's not everyday I pick rain!

Summer or Winter? I dislike summer ONLY because there is nothing to do around here, if I live in BC and had the ocean I would pick Summer for sure. so  I DUNNO!!

Spring or Fall? I hate spring it's so dirty, FALL!

Chocolate or Vanilla? If it's real good expensive chocolate I pick that but if it's a flavor I pick vanilla!

Can I tag all of you who do tags? I know some people don't like to do them so sometimes it's more difficult to tag the people you think might do this...but I think everyone reading this should be TAGGED =D=D=D

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Chritsmas Party Shopping!

10:05 PM

Halloween isn't even here and people are talking about Christmas...well here I am with the rest of the Christmas people but it isn't my fault!
I was actually fairly shocked when I walked passed the coffee area at my work this week there was a notice up stating the Christmas party was in November! NOVEMBER!! I actually have never been to one in the middle of November before but this year I guess will be my first. Now with even less time to shop I need to start looking for something to wear yesterday!

I always look online for ideas of where I should go looking or if I should try to find a good deal online and there was a couple dresses that I fell in love with and wished I would be able to purchase them for this Christmas party but with it being less then a month away I highly doubt they would be here in time.

I did manage to come across some sales on some of the dresses so maybe I will even find one I might be able to use... This is embarrassing I do not have a LBD yes I am one of the only few but I desperately need one! If I find a good price then it's mine =)

Here are a couple that I just fell in love with!



Even if I don't wear them for the party I think they are really cute to just have and wear at another party or event!

What do you think?Would you wear either of these to a Christmas party? Or what would you recommend?

This post was a sponsored post as well the top photograph is from


October Glymm!

1:00 AM


I did receive this last week but didn't have time to do the post yet but I finally am =D
In case you are unfamiliar with Glymm it is a monthly subscription of 4-5 deluxe beauty samples that get delivered right to your door for $10 a month! I am honestly addicted to these and enjoy the monthly surprise! I have had the chance to try so many brands I never have before and received some full size lip glosses or nail polishes in my boxes =) If you are interested you can sign up HERE.

Since it is October of course there was a little bit of Halloween theme in this box. The information card was cute being in orange and black.
I like the quick reference to see the prices of each product just in case I was thinking crazy like hey I wanna buy this! Oh wait it's high end I can't afford that! lol ;)

CAUDALIE|Premier Cru Cream.Full Size Price $150
All skin types benefit from radiance.All skin types benefit from anit-aging.All skin types benefit from firming and nourishment.So whatever your skin type, here's your daily moisturizing indulgence that combines 15 years of research with 3 patents all in a tiny,powerful bottle.

My first impression:This better be magical for $150 =)

LISE WATIER|Lip Kiss Crayon Gloss in Mellon Twist(Full size in this box!). Full Size Price $18
Lightweight,non-sticky,super-shiny lip gloss in a pencil format? Yes please! This full sized crayon is rich in plant extracts,hydrating and nourishing,making it a Lise Watier best seller and beauty blogger fave!

My first impression: Perfect! Nicely pigmented,glides on super smoothly and adds the shine that I love. I just don't like this color =*( I will never wear anything this bright.

 PRINCIPESSA|Bacio Lip Balm (Full size!) Full Size Price $11
As a girl, let's be honest:Silky and kissable lips are imperative to our well being. Principessa understands and as such,offers this full sized lip balm to indulge your lips with vitamin E and shea butter.
My first impression:Very nice vanillaish scent,glossy and makes my lips feel extra soft! For $11 I would consider this.

BLINC|Blinc Mascara. Full Size Price $30
Since 2008, this pioneering formula has been nominated for more awards then we have fingers to count on. Tube your lashes with this innovative and effective mascara that forms tiny, water-resistant tubes around your lashes. They won't run,smudge,clump or flake, we promise!

My first impression: I used this today and I did notice added length to my lashes but there was absolutely no volume to them at all! I have skinny long lashes, I rather have thick long lashes so this might just work as a top coat since I always use multiple mascaras.

Glymm Sweet|Jelly Belly
Just a little bonus to sweeten your day!

I actually like the black ones so this was good! But I think I have had enough Jelly bellys for a while now. I also don't know what to do with the cute jar, any suggestions??

Over all this was a good Glymm, the only thing that was bad was my cat Chicken REALLY wanted to eat the white cut up paper! This whole post I had to make sure the lid was on the box when I was done with it lol.

Have you tried any of these items?


October Luxe Box!

1:00 AM

I got my Luxe Box FINALLY =D 

For anyone just reading this and haven't heard about Loose Button's Luxe box they are a monthly subscription you sign up for and receive 4-5 deluxe beauty samples. You can check out their web site for more information HERE.

October was a little bit different if you were a previous Luxe Box subscriber, when I opened my mail box and saw the package I actually thought hmm what is this?? Then I read the shipping address and realized it was my Luxe Box. It has definitely been redesigned!

I am such a detail oriented person when it really comes down to things I really like or care about and I was very surprised how much effort they put into this month as well as the new design.
Please excuse the broken tissue paper I was too excited to take my pictures before I dug into this!

I was so shocked that they had my name printed on the info card as well as on the sticker! It made everything so personal and made me feel like I was more then just another box. It was a cute idea!(My name is actually spelt Tegan but I spell it Taygan normally). The inside of the box was really cute as well with the black and white little Loose Button logos with the black squiggly paper!
I must say this is my favorite look to any of the boxes, I love black and white together it is very modern and it always looks great.

I adore the new information card or whatever you want to call it. Again the black and white I really like, it looks fancy but nice and clean and easy to read. I did like the picture beside the info though like they used to have but I don't really think with this kind of lay out you would be able to fit everything in.

LISE WATIER| Flash Lift Radiance Vials-Full SizePrice $27
This is officially being launched this month so Luxe Box subscribers are some of the first to get their hands on this product! That's exciting =) 
A concentrate of smoothing agents and moisturizers for a lifting effect and instant radiance.A beauty fix for women of all ages and for any occasion.

KERATASE| Elixir Ultimate-Full Size Price $50
The elixir brings shine,nourishment and deep conditioning to the hair while smoothing the hair fiber,resulting in incredible shine.The multi0use elixir also helps restore strength to the hair and protects it from external aggressors.

ESSIE |Nail Polish in "Topless & BareFoot" Full Sized. Full Size Price $8
Today Essie's nail polish has grown to be one of the industry's most popular professional polish brands.Due to Essie's long-lasting formula,Essie has been worn by many celebrities.
Okay this is really pretty but I would never ever wear this color =/ I kind of wish we were able to let Loose Button know if we prefer lighter or darker colors..this isn't the first one I haven't been able to use.

OLAY PROFESSIONAL PRO-X| Eye Restoration Complex.-Full Size Price $60
This specialized treatment hydrates to restore the area to it's optimum appearance by improving the look of crow's feet. Massaging it in reduces excess fluids to diminish dark circles and puffiness.
I was a little surprised when I saw Olay in my Luxe Box, I didn't ever consider this a high end product but to be honest I did want to try this since I am so worried about getting wrinkles around my eyes!!

LISE WATIER| Plumpissimo Le Gloss-Full Size Price $20
Instantly makes your lips look fuller,sexier,"poutier". Dehydrated Hyaluronic Filling Spheres penetrate small vertical lines and instantly expand upon contact with the natural water in your skin.
So far I haven't noticed and tingling or plumping =/ but it is very pretty!

I was pleased with the new look the Loose Button came up with, I do think it outdoes Glymm in that department. October was a good month, I just wish I could get a mascara and no nail polish!!!!!

If you are interested in signing up with Loose Button you can check out their site HERE or you can always send them a tweet! They are super friendly =) 

What was your favorite item in your month subscription?
Have you had a chance to try any of these products before?

Best TV Shows

What I am loving!

1:00 AM

Okay I watch too much tv.. honestly 90% of the time when I blog I have the tv on...and I think I blog a lot so that's a lot of tv! I have been loving a few series this year and I REALLY think you should check them out!!

Clearly if you know me at all you would know I LOVE anything comedy related. There is nothing better then laughing,it is by far my favorite thing to do. I got into 30 Rock later then I would  have if I gave it a try sooner. It is FREAKIN funny!!!
I LOVE Tina Fey she is a riot. I saw these at Walmart for $15 so I bought seasons 1-4 and watched them all within like 3 weeks.

Breaking Bad is my ALL TIME FAVORITE show I have ever watched! When I hear people say they have never seen it, it seriously shocks me because it is so amazing and I think everyone should watch it!!

Dexter used to be my favorite show until Season 5 happened. Not my fav. BUT I do love it still and season 6 is really good so far.. I really recommend this show as well!

The Big C is probably more of a chick show but it is funny,sad and witty all in one. Sometimes it makes you laugh but then a few minutes later you want to cry or wonder wtf?! I think this show is pretty different then most drama's I have watched and I think it's really worth checking out!

It's always Sunny In Philadelphia is FREAKING funny!!!! You have to enjoy stupid humor and it took me a few episodes to get into it but I am on season 7 and wow it is one of my favorite shows ever!

What is your favorite tv show?



1:00 AM

I found the rest of my empties that I was thinking I forgot in my last empties post!

*Balea Reconstructive Hair Mask Lime Oil- I believe this was around $2 from Shoppers Drug Mart and I had never used it before but I was shocked at how well this worked! This mask is very thick, it was slightly difficult to apply since it was so thick but i LOVE thick hair masks so this was perfect. I expected it to be just like a regular conditioner for the price but I was surprised! My hair was soo soft after and REALLY shiny!! I will for sure purchase this again.

*Slatkin & Co Seaside Escape candle from Bath & Body Works $2- I love this scent! It is different from what I usually buy so it was a nice change.

*Merry Cranberry & Satsuma Home Fragrance Oil from the Body Shop- $7 each. I am in LOVE with Cranberry scents, they make your home smell amazing! I will repurchase this if I can ever find it again =/ The satsuma was alright but I won't be repurchasing it again.

*John Frieda Luxurious Volume Lavish Lift Blow Dry Spray-$7 from Shoppers Drug Mart. I actually didn't like this up until recently. I find it only works when my hair is half dry but it does leave kind of a residue in your hair. I think that is the only reason it worked since my hair is ridiculously soft when its just washed it's so hard to do anything with it. I probably won't repurchase unless it was on a crazy sale for a few dollars.

And that was the rest of my empties! Did you have any?

Armor For Sleep

Older Song I heart!

1:00 AM

Okay ANOTHER music post! Sorry I just REALLY LOVE music and think it's a good thing to share with everyone...and I don't have enough posts for everyday anyways so this is a good one to throw in =)


It's funny how
things work out,
the ones we need
don't know we're there
If I were sand
and you were oceans,
the moon would be
why you're pulled to me

I wake up and think dreams are real
I sleep so I don't have to feel
the truth that you can't ever be
the one person that won't ever forget me

I hope that dreams
come when I die
so we can talk
I won't wake up
I'll ask you how
your life worked out

I'll never know
that I'm just dreaming

I wake up and think dreams are real
I sleep so I don't have to feel
the truth that you can't ever be
the one person that won't ever forget me

Let me sleep some more

Let me sleep some more
Let me sleep some more
Let me sleep some more
Let me sleep some more
Let me sleep some more
Let me sleep some more
Let me sleep some more

What do you think of this one?

Also please let me know if you guys are hating all the music posts??


Crest 3D White Strips

Crest 3D White Strips 2 Hour Express Review

1:00 AM

I was very pleased to get the chance to review Crest 3D White strips 2 hour express from Chick Advisor =D

I have been a teeth whitener for years randomly on and off for years and have used Crest whitening strips in the passed so I thought that I would be super amazed by this line of whitening strips. As well I had watched quite a few Youtube reviews that were positive so I had fairly high hopes.

 This kit is really nice because it comes with 4 whitening treatments so you aren't just forking out a bunch of money for one use, it lasts a year so I think it's really good for the price.
I found these very easy to apply, they are very similar to the other Crest strips but they are slightly thicker and extremely sticky! I didn't realize how sticky they were until I was removing them.

There is only 3 here since I used one!
When applying, start with the bottom strip first, then move to top. Once strips are applied you wait 2 hours.
I did have a few times where I thought they were slipping off but they weren't . The strips were slightly annoying to wear for 2 hours straight but I mean its worth it if you get whiter teeth right?
I was able to drink some water and talk fairly okay while having these on.

Once the time is up, I went to pull the strips off but they were so stuck on my teeth I couldn't just slide them off like the other Crest strips I have used. Which is good so you know they are stuck on for the 2 hour time frame.
I had slight pain in ONE tooth but I didn't think too much of it, I brushed my teeth with Sensodyne tooth paste and I was able to drink room temperature water.

The results were really good! I do not have super yellow teeth to begin with but they needed some freshening up and I was happy with the outcome, I was actually a little shocked at first at how white they were!

So at that point I was happy!

Now for the negative =/

I went to sleep that night, I had used the strips in the evening and went to bed a couple hours after using it, I woke up in the WORST teeth pain in my life! I seriously thought my teeth were going to explode and shatter! I really do not have much sensitivity problems ever, the odd time I have some noticeable sensitivity after too much whitening but never ever ever from one use or this excruciating. I have a good pain tolerance but this was brutal. I didn't sleep at all that night, at around 1 am I found myself googling what to do when you have this problem but nothing ever was found. In the am before work I stopped by Shoppers Drug Mart and purchased some Orjel to temporarily numb any pain I could. This did not take away much pain, my 9 hour work day was the worst day I have ever had from this pain. It has been 25 hours since I have used this and I still have a fair amount of pain.

I will never use this product again, I am going to give the left over away to a friend who likes to whiten her teeth and hope she does not run into this problem.

So I DO NOT recommend this to anyone who has sensitivity issues at ALL!!! Save yourself from this pain, it is not worth it.

If you do not have problems with sensitivity I say go for it! If I had no pain I would purchase this product as well recommend it.  

For anyone with sensitivity issues or someone who isn't wanting to blow a bunch of cash on these I would recommend Plus White, see my Review Here.

What is your favorite whitening system?

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