September & October Empties!

6:00 AM

For some reason I am thinking that I am missing something but i can't quite remember where I put it...there might be a part 2 to this post!
Here are a couple things that I have finished in the past month or so.

 *BIO SILK Thermal Shield-I got this when I purchased my Bio Silk Flat iron as kind of a bonus so I am not sure of the price. This smells very nice. I did like this thermal protectant but I wouldn't purchase this unless it was on a crazy good sale, I didn't find it any better then most of the heat protectants I have used.

 *CLEAN & CLEAN MAKEUP DISSOLVING FOAMING CLEANSER-$6 at Walmart- I really really like this, it is oil free, doesn't irritate my skin, I love how it's foaming, it removes my waterproof mascara. I do have another bottle of this that I got for $3 with a coupon! BUT I know Johnson & Johnson tests on animals so it's really not a good brand to repurchase... I am currently searching for a foaming oil free makeup remover that does not rip out all of my eye lashes! Any suggestions?

*AVEDA PHOMOLLIENT STYLING FOAM- $around 20-Unfortunately this did not work for me =/ I am a huge fan of Aveda and would use their products all the time if they were cheaper and more available in my city but they aren't so it's not something I would purchase often =(

*LIFE WARMING FACE MASK-$2- This was a nice mask, it has quite a few uses in it so it was nice to be able to use it for a few weeks randomly. I wouldn't run to the store to repurchase but if I am feeling like I need a face mask I would probably repurchase if something else didn't spike my interest.

*CLEAN & CLEAR MAKEUP DISSOLVING FACIAL CLEANSING WIPES-$6-again with the damn evil animal testing =*( These are the only makeup wipes I have used that remove my waterproof mascara =/ I haven't tried anything over $8 because I am cheap like that so maybe the more pricey ones do a better job? I am wondering how the Soap & Glory Off your Face makeup wipes are like? Has anyone tried them? I am so tempted to grab them but they are $10 and that seems steep for makeup wipes.

What was your latest empty item?

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  1. Heyy honey, Ive tagged you over on my blog so check it out :) x x

  2. sooo I tried Monster, the green one, it isn't bad :) which other ones would you recommend to try?

    btw I have no blog and I am not tagging people and I am so very happy about it, I love reading YOUR blog tho!!!
    love from Toronto <3

  3. I love face masks but I can't find any nice ones that aren't in the sample pack! :-( I really want to try out the freeman ones! The only face cleanser wipes I was using were the neutrogena ones! Now they're all gone! :-( Oh well. Neutrogena has a makeup remover thats supposedly really good! I don't think they test on animals

  4. Great post, and good job! Olive oil works well for taking off eye makeup :)

  5. Yey for empties! I love warming face masks (:

  6. I love the Clean & Clear makeup wipes! Their my favs :) I also love Monster drinks, ive been drinking them for years. Now everytime I drink one Im gonna think of you :D


  7. Great empties post! :) Wipes... they empty so easily! especially when you wear makeup every day!

  8. I use an eye makeup remover and then wipes because my waterproof liquid liner is not coming off. Have you ever tried baby wipes? I buy the thick sensitive baby wipes and they do a great job and don't break me out.


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