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Luxe Box September

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WOW I JUST got my Luxe box, September 27th, now I had to be one of the last people to receive it! I don't quite know what was going on with Canada Post but I had received 3 other packages in between when other people were getting their Luxe Box and when I actually got it so it didn't quite make sense to me... but on with what this month brought =)

This month the full prices on here are really expensive!!! I find it really fun to test out all these expensive items!

 MOROCCAN OIL | The Original Oil Treatment- $42.00 100 ML
This product is specifically designed for hair that has been damaged by chemical processing and stripped of it's natural moisture and elasticity. Repair luster to sun-ravaged hair with this nutrient rich treatment. The results are instant and outstanding and will leave hair hydrated with a lightweight,silky texture.

I was soooo pleased to receive this! I have always wanted to try it but the price is honestly too high for me, this bottle will last a ridiculously long time =D

SECHE VITE | Top Coat - $35 5ML
Widely acknowledged as the world's finest top coat, Seche Vite is specially formulated to penetrate through nail lacquer to the base coat forming a single solid coating over the nail plate for a much more durable finish. Guaranteed not to yellow while leaving nails silky,stronger and resistant to chipping and peeling.

This sounds fairly nice, I do not currently own a really nice top coat so this is nice.

LAURA MERCIER | Perfecting Water-Rich. $38 200ML
Also known as perfecting water moisture mist, this hydrating fluid temporarily over hydrates skin allowing a deeper penetration of ingredients, moisturizers and serums in further treatments. Contains deep sea water,and ingredient that enhances metabolic reaction within the skin and helps cell renewal. Keep your skin looking soft and supple all day.

This sounds lovely, but how do I spritz it on my face when the container is like this? There is a little hole at the top, so I guess you dab on cotton pad and wipe on face?  

 MEREADESSO | Face + Neck Toning Gel -$120 50 ML
This face + neck toning gel is like dipping your skin in nourishing supplements. With 16 bontanical extracts,7 minerals, a complex of vitamins and enzymes and over 20 different antioxidants, your skin is going to love you for it! Experience a cooling and tightening sensation with a slight twist of citrus.

I was also excited to try this, $120! Wow that is a hefty price tag. I have used this two times so far and my skin actually feels really nice!

Overall, I know there is a lot of up and downs with the whole mystery box, I did enjoy two of the items. This was not my favorite month to be honest. I would REALLY like to see a mascara in one of my Luxe Boxes!

Have you tried any of these? Did you receive a September Luxe box or something similar?

100 pure

September Favorites

6:58 AM

This month was so easy for my monthly favorites that I got this post finished a couple days before the end of the month!
Here is what I have been loving =)

*100% Pure Pot Rouge in Baby Pink
*EOS Lip Balm in Sweet Mint & Summer Fruit
*Prestige Lash Matrix in Black
*Nexxus Luxurious Hydrating Shampoo  Therappe
*Nexxus Luxurious Hydrating Conditioner Humectress
*It's a 10 Miracle Leave in product
As you might have the same problem, now that the temperature is a bit colder, more clouds, darker earlier = worse pictures =( I will have to take some of my pictures inside and they won't look as this one!

100% Pure's Pot Rouge is amazing, creamy light texture, nicely pigmented, easy to apply. Perfect!

As well I highly recommend EOS lip balms, I don't have dry lips but these seriously make your lips crazy soft!

I am liking Prestige Lash Matrix,it seems to be doing the trick so far in getting closer to finding a replacement for L'oreal's mascara's. It gives decent length and the fast drying formula is nice in between coats.

I purchased the Nexxus in the small travel size bottles just to give it a try as well I have way too many other 1L bottles so I thought this would be more appropriate. I am loving it! I have used over half of the bottles and I feel like it really does help with moisturizing your hair. I would recommend this for sure, I will buy the full size product once I use up some of my other bottles.

I was so stoked to FINALLY try it's a 10 leave in product, I couldn't find it anywhere around here then randomly one day I found it in a salon and I had to buy it! I LOVE IT! I will do a full review on it in case you haven't tried it out =D

What were your September favorites?



1:00 AM

I was so lucky this week with a lot of mail for myself!
Wanna check out what I received =D?


I had won my very first blog give away from one of my first blogger friends Stavroula from Drugstore and bargain lover I have been reading her blog for quite a while now and if you aren't you definitely should be! This was a little while ago, I kind of forgot so I was so excited when Stavroula emailed me to tell me she mailed my package! She is one of the sweetest bloggers I have ever met, she even threw in a couple extras of some samples.Thank you so much!!

I really love post cards, and especially ones all the way from Greece, very cool =)
I received:
*Korres Soft Eyeliner Pencil in Light Blue
*Korres Volumising Lash Conditioning & Strengthening Mascara with Abyssinia Oil in Brown
*Dove Perfect Curves Instensive Firming Serum
*Vaseline Intensive Rescue Moisture Locking Cream
*FrezyDerm Energizing Cleanser

I am SUCH a mascara fiend I am very excited to test this one out! As well the Eye liner is GORGEOUS! I will post reviews on these! 
I have never seen the Dove Serum in Canada so I am very excited to test that out as well, Thank you very much Stavroula =D

October's Issue of Chatelaine

I cannot even believe Sarah sent me this!! I had been whining on Twitter a bit how I never could find the EOS lip balms anywhere so Sarah surprised me and shipped me out a couple as well gave me a birthday present!
The card was so cute and it kind of resembles my makeup skills ;) 
what I received:
*Milani Glitzy Glamor Gloss in Glow Girl
*Wet n Wild Color icon in Sweet As Candy
*Wet n Wild Color Icon in Walking on Eggshells
*EOS Lip Balm in Sweet Mint
*EOS Lip Blam in Summer Fruit

Wow spoiled much?! Thank you so fricken much! The colors are exactly what I would pick out as well as the scent for the lip balm, I am in love with them!!

Thank you both so much for everything =D =D

What was your last mail item?


Glymm September Box

1:00 AM

 September's Gymm Box is a world leading beauty and cosmetics website dedicated to making your life more beautiful.  For $10/month, you can order a Glymm Box containing a carefully curated selection of 4-5 deluxe beauty samples delivered directly to your door.  Order your Glymm Box today!

Okay I actually felt like I was cheating on my Luxe Box but I have heard such amazing reviews about Glymm  I had to try it out!

I actually received this before my Luxe Box this still hasn't shown up =/

I absolutely LOVE the box! I am a pink fan and this is gorgeous!

Detailed list & Pricing on all the items...well except for the Mystery surprise item =D

JOHN MASTERS ORGANICS/Blood Orange & Vanilla Body Wash- $25.40
Bet you've never smelled blood orange & vanilla in the same breath! Nothing less than botanical,this all over wash foams to gently remove dirt and leave you feeling clean.

JOHN MASTERS ORGANICS/ Blood Orange & Vanilla Body Milk-$25.40
Delicate and mild,milk thistle,aloe and essentials oils are absorbed quickly and happily to leave your skin replenished,detoxified and nourished in the most organic way.

Blood Orange?! Crazy name lol but it smells pretty nice.

OSCAR DE LA RENTA/ Esprit d'Oscar.- $78
Oscar and daughter Eliza modernize the signature de la Renta scent to capture women of the new era.Bright,citrus,floral and warm scents surround you to relay your chic and sophisticated sides.

VASANTI/Rockies Blush- $15
 This silky smooth coral with subtle flecks of gold and silver will blend flawlessly with your skin giving you a natural radiant glow as you transition from your summer to fall wardrobe.

This picture does not do justice of how pigmented this blush is!! It is so crazy how much color is in here, I love this blush!

Cute Croc Accessory
Let the animal in you come out and play! Reptile-inspired trends graced Autumn's runways and we're making sure you are up to date with your BONUS Croc accessory!

This was my first Glymm box and I was happy with this month, I don't think it was as good as August ( they were sold out when I tried to sign up for August =( boo!)
Honestly the only thing I might purchase would be the VASANTI Blush, the price is reasonable and the color is amazing. Other then that I will use these items but I will be patiently waiting for October Glymm!
Interested in checking Glymm out? Click here to see what it's all about =D

Have you tried any of these products?

Blog Award

Classic Beauty Blog Award

1:33 PM

Classic Beauty Blog Award

I was pleasantly surprised when Kelly tagged me with this award, I haven't seen this one going around until I read it on her blog. Thank you so much Kelly =D
I am newer to Kelly's blog but  I have been really enjoying reading it and I think you should check it out!

This award is to honor those who have written some good posts about beauty products,inner beauty and showing their own beauty within their written words. 
So the rules are: Pass this award on to up to 10 different blogs you love and feel deserve this award,link them to the post and let them know you awarded them.

Okay this was beyond easy, I have a TON of amazing blogs I read always and there is of course more then 10 I would pass this onto, but the tag is 10 so here they are!
In no particular order:

=) =) =)


Aveeno Anti-Fatigue Eye Roller Review

1:00 AM


I was very lucky to get the opportunity to test Aveeno's Active Naturals Anti-Fatigue Eye Roller. out, Thank you ChickAdvisor =D =D

Aveeno's Anti-Fatigue eye roller reduces the look of puffiness and dark circles.

First I will say I have regular bags under my eyes some days, nothing crazy but noticeable so I was very pleased to be able to test this out.This is the first roller ball kind of application I have tried.
The packaging is very cute and the design is great. At first when I opened the lid I wondered why the ball on the end was metal but of course it makes sense, it stays cool to help with the de-puffing!
The scent is a nice floral scent, not too strong and it doesn't linger for those of you that do not like strong scents.

Now for the outcome of this, I applied this under my eyes in the am when my bags are the most puffy. I do not suffer from the dark circles so I can't tell you if it does help with that =/ Once applied to under eyes it was a nice cooling sensation and the eye area felt slightly more firm as if the puffiness was going down.

Overall I do think this slightly helped but did not completely decrease the puffiness under my eyes. It definitely is better then using nothing but I do not find this a complete solution.
I would recommend this to try if you do suffer from large amounts of puffiness but it will not completely erase that.
The price is steep, around $20 but I do think this will last quite a while since it is just a small layer being used as well the product is designed to allow just enough to come out at a time, unlike a squeeze tube or something.
Have you tried this? 
What is your favorite eye roller?

Cruelty Free

Prestige Lash Matrix Mascara Review

1:00 AM

Length,lift and volume

 New spiral technology creates amazing results. Flexible polymer spirals wrap each lash creating breathtaking length,lift and volume.
Special brush sets lashes in place for all day wear without flaking
or clumping. Quick dry and waterproof formula.For removal, polymer spirals release easily with warm water and gentle downward pressure.

 I purchased this last week at Rexall Drug Store for $8.00
The price is reasonable, most decent mascaras are around $7-$10 around here at least.
I think this is my first time ever trying out Prestige mascara,they as well do not test on animals so this is a really good company to purchase products from. 
I love the packaging of this mascara! 
This seems to have everything I am looking for in a mascara, lift,length and volume.

I really like the brush, I am a fan of the bigger not hard plastic bristles like the last one I tested out-Nature Luxe that pokes your eyes every time you use it.
The formula for this mascara is so dry it's crazy! I am currently using my Maybelline Falsies where the formula is so wet that when I tried this I was surprised!
With it being so dry it is much faster to apply a few coats then it is with the Falsies.

I of course purchased the this in Black waterproof.
This is seriously so easy to remove, it says it washes away with water but I still used a bit of eye makeup remover, I don't know how well this would hold up in a really humid location =/

 Sorry the pictures look bad but you can see there is a decent amount of length added with this mascara. My lashes without mascara are non existent... If I took a picture of them bare you wouldn't even see them! ;)


*Fast drying
*No clumping
*Added Length
*Some volume
*Decent pricing
*Didn't flake off during the day
*Easy to remove

*Not as much volume as I hoped for

Would I repurchase? Possibly but I would like to try out a few other Prestige mascara's before I decide if I will stick with this one or another.
Would I recommend? Yes

Have you had a chance to try this mascara out?


Bare Hands-Hand & Cuticle Renewal Scrub Review

1:00 AM

Tangerine & Basil
Hand & Cuticle 
Renewal Scrub

Luxurious, exfoliating sugar scrub eliminates rough patches and dry skin on hands, elbows and cuticles. Tangerine and Basil work to soothe and improve skin texture while natural oils hydrate and nourish leaving hands buttery soft and smooth.  Perfect for use between salon visits or as an in-home manicure system.
  Directions: Massage onto damp hands and elbows. To promote healthy nail growth massage around finger tips and nail base to remove excess cuticles. Rinse completely and follow with Bare Hands White Tea & Licorice Hand Renewal Brightening Balm. 


I found this in Walmart the other day and I had to buy it! I know that the cold months are coming and that is perfect weather for dry skin. I really haven't had any luck finding an scrub that was made for your hands other then Mary Kay's Satin Hands , and honestly that isn't something I can purchase whenever I would like. I know you can use body scrubs for your hands but I always like a really really gritty one for my hands so I thought I would give it a shot!
When I read the description tangerine and basil I didn't think it would smell very good but I actually only notice the tangerine scent and it's really pretty nice actually.
On a scale out of 5 I would say the grittyness is about a 3, it isn't as harsh as I would like but it isn't bad. You can feel the hydrating oils in this while you are rubbing it on your hands.
Once rinsed off I felt my hands were much smoother! I apply a nourishing moisturizer after and my hands feel amazing! 
I paid just under $4.00 for this so the price wasn't too steep as well it states it isn't tested on animals so that is a big plus.
Would I recommend this product? Yes
Would I repurchase?Yes unless I do find something better!
Over all I do think there are better hand scrubs out there such as satin hands but for the price tag difference this is worth it.

What is your favorite hand scrub?


Plus White 5 Minute Speed Whitening System

1:00 AM

I recently had the great opportunity to try and review Plus White 5 Minute Whitening from the lovely Farleyco =D Thank you so much for letting me try this!

Product description
Plus White 5 Minute Speed Whitening Kit. In as little as five minutes, right at home, you can begin to take advantage of the same process dentists use (oxygenating action) to gently but effectively lift away stains. Now with the bleaching power of Plus White, whitening will begin to work with the first application and you will see whiter brighter teeth within days!

This easy-to-use system includes:
*Plus White Tartar Control Pre-Whitener Rinse helps remove plaque to control tartar, enabling the Gel to lift away stains even more effectively.
*Plus White One Step 5 Minute Speed Whitening Gel now with bleaching power for fast, effective whitening and brightening.
*Comfortable Mouthpiece is a double-sided tray that whitens top and bottom teeth at the same time for faster results and better whitening. 
This Kit retails for $15.99
Included in this kit:
*Tartar Control Pre Whitening Rinse-this helps to remove plaque to control tartar,enabling the gel to lift away stains more effectively.
*Mouthpiece- Dentist tested,re-usable mouthpiece ensures complete coverage of the whitening gel to each tooth
*Plus White Gel-Contains enamel safe bleaching ingredient for safe, fast effective whitening.
*Bonus Montagne Jeunesse Peel Off Masque ( I am excited to test this one out! )

It comes with everything you need to get set for white teeth!
This system was really easy to use. 
First you start with the Tartar control pre whitening rinse,you do have to mix this one part tartar control rinse to three parts water. Swish in mouth for 2-3 seconds. It does tell you to rinse your teeth with your tooth brush and water after wards just to make sure you get all of this rinse off your teeth.
Next you squeeze the whitening gel into the mouthpiece. You can fill top&bottom ,only top or only bottom, depending on what you are needing to whiten.
I always fill both top and bottom to ensure all my teeth are getting whitened. 
Insert Mouthpiece,bite down gently and let that sit for 5 minutes.
I usually watch a YouTube video or read a blog post so the time flies by.

Once time is up, rinse mouth several times with cool water as well as rinse tray and air dry.
You can use this system twice daily for two weeks. 
Now I am not 100% sure but I always use this before I brush my teeth, kind of like the strips always tell you to but it didn't tell me either way so I just did it before I would brush my teeth.
So what am I thinking about this?
It was very easy to use, I didn't use the tartar control pre whitening rinse every single time I whitened just because everyone is so rushed always I didn't always have time, I try to use it every second time. Both the gel and rise have a refreshing mint scent and flavor.
The gel is very thick, like vaseline, you know it isn't going to drip all over in your mouth. I actually use a q-tip to spread the gel around the mouthpiece to ensure even coverage.
I honestly didn't mind the taste in my mouth of this product, I have heard people who have complained it was awful but I really didn't notice anything too much.
I did find the mouthpiece more uncomfortable then the whole whitening strips option. There is some excess saliva happening while you are using this but at least it is only for 5 minutes.
The results of this product are honestly amazing! I did not have yellow teeth to begin with but they of course needed a little whitening since I am such a massive coffee fan! I did notice with in a week my teeth were definitely whiter then most of the strips I have tried in the past.

One of the biggest selling points for me of this product was my teeth are not sensitive but whenever I use any of the whitening strips my teeth hurt SO BADLY! Sometimes for a week or so. It is terrible. This product I had NO sensitivity problems, I was shocked! I started using this once a day for a week just because I was nervous about that, then I found everything was good so I bumped it up to 2 times a day a couple times a week.

The major pros of this product I thought were:

*Price is amazing, strips can range anywhere from $40-$70! That is very very pricey.
*Easy to use
*Results within a first few uses
*No sensitivity! 
*A lot of product for the price
* You don't have to buy the kit every time, you can just buy the gel,around $6.99

*Mouthpiece uncomfortable to me, but I could always find a different one to replace it with.

Over all I had a very positive experience with this product, I was slightly ify about it thinking oh yeah this looks like it is going to work. It changed my mind fairly quick after a few uses!
This is very great if you do not want have the money to get your teeth professionally whitened or do not want to fork out the high prices for the whitening strips. 
I also remembered that I had watched Kandee Johnson use this once wayyyy back a long time ago! She seemed to love it!

You can find this product at:

Also available at the following retailers: 

*London Drugs
*Select Loblaws
*Shoppers Drug Mart

Have you had a chance to test this out? Do you Prefer Strips or gels?

Famous Stars and Straps

Famous Stars and Straps Haul

1:00 AM

I FINALLY GOT MY PACKAGE!!! =D =D =D =D This SERIOUSLY made my day!!!!! 

By now most of you that read my blog know I am a MASSIVE Blink 182 fan and of course I LOVE Travis Barker! In case you don't know, he has had a clothing line called Famous Stars and Straps since 1999 and I have been wearing it since about 2000 so about 11 years! Wow that makes old lol.
Blink went on tour and I saw the show at the end of August, I didn't get to meet Travis =,,( But I did see him walking to his tour bus...after a LONG time of waiting by the fence staring in at the tour buses wishing he would come out and give us a hello, he didn't but we managed to meet his nephew and his friend! They were really awesome,they gave us a bunch of Famous Stars and Straps stickers, a discount code for FSAS 50% off and got our tickets signed by Travis!!!!!!! =D =D I am very thankful they were so kind and answered my million questions =) As well the ticket is by far the coolest thing I own so THANK YOU!!!!!!!
I made my order September 1 and it was shipped out by Sept 6th and I got it yesterday the 15th, so pretty decent shipping from United States.
Enough talking, here's what I got!!!!!

Six shirts,my favorite one is the lime green and black checkered one!!!
These shirts where $11-$13.00 Each

I love this belt! It is a guys belt so it is super long but I will cut it and make a cuff bracelet out of the extra belt. -$10
Cute key chain-$3.50

I was super stoked about this as well, they threw in a bunch of stickers =)
I cannot believe they had a 50% Off sale, I was so excited and could have spent a ton more but maybe next time! I know this haul is so different then everyone else's clothing hauls I read but I am fairly causal and love this clothing line =D
You can check out their online store at - 
Do you own any Famous Stars and Straps?

Dane Cook


6:00 AM

I kinda cut my thumb at work yesterday and it's not liking being bent a lot so taking pictures and typing (I am using my left hand! aren't my fav right now!) so a couple of my posts I was working on this week might be a bit delayed.
But I love seeing Funny YouTube videos, so bring them on if you know of any!!
Here are a couple I like...

This is my sense of humor sometimes

I swear my cat Chicken does this to me every night for 8 years!!!!!!!!

haha this one is one of my favorites! I am a MASSIVE Seinfeld fan!!! Jerry comes to my city October 13!!!!! =D =D =D =D I am crazy excited!!!!

haha this is ridiculous! I don't hang out with a lot of girls but the 2 that I do, we are NOT like this!

=D Happy Thursday!!!!!!!!!! Almost the weekend!

What is your favorite YouTube Video??

Burts Bees

Mini Mini Haul from Rexall Drugs

6:00 AM

I have a mini haul... I wish it was a bigger one but it's really not =/

*Self Magazine
*Sally Hansen Nail Nutrition 
*Prestige Lash Matrix Mascara
*NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in French Fries
*Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in Guava
*O.P.I in Black Shatter

What was in your latest mini haul?
Have you tried any of these?

Guest Post

Guest Post!!

6:00 AM

I always get overly excited to do these, but they are so much fun!!
=D =D=D =D


bh Cosmetic's 88 Cool Color Matte Palette

Cover Girl

Cover Girl Nature Luxe Silk Foundation Review

6:00 AM

Okay Okay!!I admit it I said I would NEVER buy a Cover Girl Nature Luxe product again after the total fail of their Mascara and me not getting along. BUT I swear I have a good excuse!
I was watching Saaammage's review on this foundation and it made me so curious! She has really good taste and I find I do tend to like a lot of things she likes so I thought maybe just MAYBE this might be better then I had originally thought.AND it was on sale for $9.99 plus I had a $2 off coupon so eh why not right?
I have never ever really found a foundation that I really liked, I actually don't wear it really ever.....

Redefine luxury with our lightweight feeling silk foundation. Enriched with hints of natural jojoba, rosehip & seal buckthorn extracts. 

Purchased at London Drugs $9.99 - $2 coupon
I think $7.99  is very reasonable since this will last me forever!

The packaging is alright, the same as all the other Nature Luxe products. I like the squeeze tube, a pump would be ideal of course but the price would go up.
I also like the slim packing, easier to store.
Of course glass container types always look nicer but again the price goes up and this can just fit easily in my makeup drawer.

I purchased this in 310-Flax. Second lightest shade =( . They do have a fair amount of shades to offer compared to some of the other foundations I have seen.

You can really smell the cucumber scent and I actually really like it. Not over powering and once applied you don't notice the smell.

Okay I think I take the picture too close because this just makes my hand look all wrinkly and old! lol. But this formula is seriously so light and it blends like a dream!

I find this a little bit more then a light foundation, more towards medium but you really don't notice you have it on. You don't need a ton, it blends so nicely! I don't notice a huge difference in lasting power compared to other drug store foundations I have tried, honestly I find that nothing stays on my face all day even with primer. I would say the lasting power is alright, nothing amazing, nothing terrible.

I would recommend this to anyone looking for a good drug store foundation, I think this does even out skin tones nicely and it can't be any worse then most of the crap on the shelves these days.

Don't forget to order your $2 coupon Here (for Canada.. There is a USA one too I believe but since I don't have an account I couldn't find it)

Have you had a chance to try this foundation?

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