Cover Girl Nature Luxe Mousse Mascara

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Cover Girl's Nature Luxe Mascara Made with a touch of Bee's Wax, with this light weight formula this is able to give your lashes easier lift then most mascara's.
Sounds interesting doesn't it?

"Discover luxurious volume that feels light as air. We took out a select few heavy synthetics and put in a light touch of beeswax - for luxurious lashes that are 20% lighter*. 2X more volume!"

From the packaging, it just looks like another Nature Luxe product.. It's nice but nothing too special.

 This is quite new to Canada, with that comes the price of $10.99. I paid $11 for mascara! Wow what was I thinking? I never ever pay that much but I was very interested to see what this formula might be like.

The brush is a cool green color, and looks very spiky!!

 I think the type of brush helps the mascara from getting all clumpy on the brush


I don't know why but I just find this picture creepy looking lol. This is my attempt to catch the outcome of the mascara..This is 2 coats PLUS It is cheating a little bit, but I put a waterproof top coat of L'oreal's voluminous as I always do no matter what. As well my lashes are curled in this picture. It might look like it's ok mascara but my lashes are decent in length just not volume, which you can see in the picture.

Overall I wouldn't purchase this mascara again.Here are a couple reasons why:

*The brush is so sharp, if you think the L'oreal Million Lashes is a pointy brush, then I wouldn't advise you to use this. I don't find that one to poke me but this one sure did. Bristles are very sharp on the end
*Did not give my lashes ANY volume what so ever.
*Price was too expensive for what the outcome was.

Now for the good parts

*Not clumpy
umm that's all I got =/

This isn't terrible, I have tried way worse before but I think my expectations were a little bit high since it sounded like a different kind of mascara that might do wonders for my lashes.I haven't actually found a Cover Girl mascara that I like, maybe they just don't work with my type of lashes?
I say wait for a sale if you are really interested in trying this.

Would I repurchase? Nope
Would I recommend? No

Have you had a chance to try this yet? Or hear any reviews on it?

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  1. Thank you so much for following me hun! I appreciate it :)

    Your lashes are gorgeous! I think if I had to choose one make up product I would choose mascara all the way! lol I actually had a coupon for this mascara, but as you said even with reg price it's kind of pricey. I wish we had prices like in the states :(


  2. Your eyelashes are lovely! i wish the UK got covergirl! compared to half the mascaras over it it's really affordable! :)
    Lucy xx

  3. Good honest review!! I dont like those brushes either, too hard and sharp!

  4. I think this mascara looks great on you, but maybe you have great lashes to start with? This mascara seems a little disappointing though, I was expecting a special formula because of the name "mousse". I'm sceptical regarding this NatureLuxe line from CoverGirl, I mean, why not go completely natural and stop testing on animals instead?

  5. The mousse aspect seems really interesting, but overall it sounds pretty crappy :)

    You have lovely lashes though!

  6. mousse mascara?? That does sound interesting!! Too bad it wasn't anything special!!

  7. wow those lashes of yours are loooooooong! insane... great post! I just bought one from hard candy its a new one here where I live! lol and tinted lip balm too! the brush is kinda like that one there but is very and i mean very flexable! I was like what the eff is this? ha ha but I've only used it once we will see how this goes! Great post!

  8. @Anita- =) And thank you!
    I think they just look longer since the picture is up close? Because they aren't that lovely lol. I know hey? The states has sooo much more options and such wicked prices! thats great you have a coupon though, maybe you can use it if it ever goes on sale so its even cheaper!

    @LucyyLou-I really had no idea you guys didn't get Cover Girl over there! But guess what? I honestly don't have any clue what the hype is over it.. I could never use another Cover Girl product in my life easily. Especially the mascara.As well I guess I shouldn't complain about the prices...i'm just kind of cheap lol.

    @BeautyMark3d- I don't quite get why they feel little stabby spikes are ok to use around the eye area? I mean come on ppl!

    @Gaby-haha well they are okay, they are kinda long but thin!! As well if I didn't curl them you wouldn't even notice I had any lashes.. I agree, what is the point it is even called a mousse when it seems the same as everything else out there. I would think with all the things Cover Girl is involved with they would be against animal testing, I really hope these big companies shape up soon and stop that. I probably won't purchase anything else from their line...

    @VintageMakeup-Totally!Big disappointment to me!

    @KatXoXo-I know right?They shouldn't have hyped this with the word mousse!

    @TheMissTwist-Haha maybe the camera adds length? ;) Is it crazy spiky too??I actually liked one from Hard Candy I tried, but it mostly got negative reviews =/ I wanna know what you think of it! and thanks =)

  9. I haven't tried this mascara I had a coupon for like 5 dollars off 2 Covergirl Natural products and I couldn't believe how expensive it was. Covergirl is wayy more than it use to be.

    Thanks for the review I def won't be getting this!


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