New Song I am Addicted Too!

7:27 PM

I heard this on my way home from work today-yes I was too lazy to turn on my iPod so I just had the radio on and this song played, I immediately loved it and purchased it on iTunes when I got home. I ALWAYS listen to lyrics when I listen to a song, it can be the lamest song but if the lyrics are good the lyrics are good. I could never ever live without music and this is my newest song I love!
The chorus isn't my fav since it is slow and doesn't really suit the song but the rest of the lyrics I love and can relate too.


"The Day Doesn't Die"

This day doesn't die til.... [9x]
Forgive. Forget. That's a lesson that we haven't learned yet.
We try. We cry. But a day doesn't die til the sun is set.

Uh, yeah, night falls, days come and go
No retreat, stubborn, played the role,
Held a grudge, seen it takes its toll
I guess it proves I still got a way to go
Got to stop being so hard headed and hard nosed
and get rid of the excess cargo, you know
lighten up my carload cuz I keep veeren on back down to her road
Uh ? I've been lied to and cheated on
I've been shit talked, beat down, treated wrong,
and I won't forgive or forget
but I don't want to live with regret
and so I hope I can let go, move on,
try to forgive anybody who did Luke wrong
Yeah, right I can hold hope, hoping it'll do but I don't think I got the will to

Forgive. Forget. That's a lesson that we haven't learned yet.
We try. We cry. But a day doesn't die til the sun is set.

He goes, balls to the walls till I drop
Love what I am, hate what I'm not
I no longer talk or text message
any exgirlfriends or these exbestfriends.
Who left me stress and this neck tension
and who never paid any dues but expect pension
so that's what the friendship is suspended
and if you thought I'd forget guess again.
I don't have it in me. I don't have the discipline

Eye for an eye, the adrenaline is kicking in
Burn me once then it's shame on you
If I let it happen twice than it's shame on me
okay, I get it, this is part of the vicious
cycle we live in so I'm forgivin
still gettin heated with anyone who burns us
I won't hold a grudge but I'm still tryin' to learn to

Forgive. Forget. That's a lesson that we haven't learned yet.
We try. We cry. But a day doesn't die til the sun is set.

The day doesn't die...[5x]

Sometimes I think I'm a rebel
but I'm trying to be the bigger man and never sink to your level
I try to stay subtle in all my neighbours drama
They're tellin the police that I'm growing marijuana
Thanks. Ya lyin' punk bitch ass wipe
Pricks comes and go every day that's life
and truth be told many other episodes occurred
but you ain't worth my time for a full verse
Shit, I forgive I never will

Forget. Forget. That's a lesson that we haven't learned yet.
We try. We cry. But a day doesn't die til the sun is set.

Forgive. Forget. That's a lesson that we haven't learned yet.
We try. We cry. But a day doesn't die til the sun is set. 

Here is a video from YouTube as well if you haven't heard it yet


Whatca think?

Extreme Couponing

Extreme Couponing Tips

2:26 PM

Who hasn't seen TLC's Extreme Couponing?? If you are in Canada or the United States and have cable you probably have seen a preview for this. I have been watching it pretty much whenever I catch it on. I am VERY new to the whole couponing thing so I don't have any major experience just yet. But this is a very interesting thing to do I think. Who doesn't like to save money??
On the show there is some crazy savings some people get, as well as coupon stacking which isn't something Canada allows us to do I believe so we won't have the same kind of savings as the States.
I wouldn't want to have a massive stock pile or anything like that, as well I don't believe in buying a bunch of crap just because it is on sale.
Last night I was YouTubing some Canadian Coupon Tips and here is a video from Erin,who I just found last night so I don't know a lot about her channel just yet.But I  think is worth watching if you are interested in this type of thing:

Today I have kind of searched around on some of the newer sites I hadn't heard of and ordered a bunch of coupons. There is everything from beauty, Food, house hold products,pets to baby things. I have a friend who is having his first baby soon and I ordered him a bunch of coupons for him and the mama to use so they can save a lil bit of $$. Here are some sites you can start off with:

You have to sign up and give them your personal info, so if you aren't 18 or don't feel comfortable doing that then these probably won't be for you. You make accounts then select the coupons you want mailed to you. There are some you are able to print as well so you can have them right now.
If you follow the tips that Erin has provided in her video I think you should be able to save some $$.
What do you think of Couponing? Any tips??


May Favorites 2011

9:18 PM

End OF May.... June here we come and I am not  ready for summer quite yet...

I feel like this is the longest week ever and that I haven't had a chance to blog for so long! There is a crazy lightening storm going on right now with small hail... I hope it doesn't get too bad.

On with the May Favorites!

*OLAY Silk Whimsy Body Lotion-This stuff is a very good scent! It's a light moisturizer with a light fragrance that is great for summer! I picked this up at Walmart in a pack with body wash and a bar of soap for about $8.

*BATISTE Dry Shampoo in Blush- My HG dry shampoo!!

*L'OREAL Paris Studio Indestructible Fixing Spray, I compare this hair spray to Elnett Satin Hairspray that I absolutely Love but hate paying the $$ for. This Spray was under $7 so it is a good runner up product!

*AVON Q110 Moca Latte Eyeshadow Quad, I can't quite remember when I purchased this but I forgot I had it and lately I have been using it often! This was under $10 and the colors are just great neutrals that anyone can use.

*SUN LABORATORIES Self Tanner in Ultra Dark... Summer is coming up right quick and I am in need of some safe color.. This is this dark if you have never actually seen the formula. It is like applying some type of chocolate to your skin! But it works amazingly!

* My LUXE BOX of course =)

*DERMALOGICA- Best micro exfoliate EVER! ( from my May LUXE BOX)

*CHINA GLAZE -Little Drummer Boy (From May LUXE BOX)

 Okay these are just quick randoms....

My Ipad..Expensivest thing I own lol

BEST VITAMIN EVER!! tastes like candy!!

M&M's Pretzels, SO GOOD!!!

My lil sis's Kitty, my second Niece...HOSS she is a doll, i absolutely love her =)

So cute I might steal her one day ;)
And this is my Big Nephew Acoustic! He is my lil sis's as well, he is super sweet as well and he loves everyone!

Cute little begging face =)

That is my May Favorites...What are some of yours??


Dermalogica Review

5:01 PM

This is from my May Luxe Box,my favorite item that came in this months box!This is Dermalogica's daily microfoliant 13 g bottle .

It comes in like a baby powder container

"This unique Rice-based enzyme powder microfoliates dulling debris and instantly leaves skin noticeably smoother and brighter. Contains no artificial fragrance or color."

This stuff is amazing! I have been using it everyday since I got it and love it. You wet your face, pour a little bit into your wet hands so it is like a paste and rub it on your face. It is super gentle, you can use it everyday and it makes your skin CRAZY soft after.  

Would I recommend this: YES
Would I Purchase the full size? YES (If I had the $$ - It is around $50 for the 75 g bottle) 
I have been looking around on their web site and they look like they have some nice products, you can browse those Here if you like.

Have you had a chance to try this?


Batiste Dry Shampoo Review

3:11 PM

Okay I am very shocked by my thoughts on this product. I have tried numerous dry shampoo's and always went back to my baby powder 90% of the time.  I would still pick washing my hair over using a dry shampoo but I don't like to wash it everyday due to the damage and loss of color when I would wash daily. As well sometimes You need a break from all that blow drying and heat to your hair!
My over all thoughts on this product- AMAZING. This is by far the best dry shampoo that I have tested and I actually will purchase this product over and over... If I can ever find it in stock at my Shoppers Drug Mart.

My Favorite of the 3 different kinds would be the BLUSH, I really liked this scent the best. It is like a soft rose type of smell,very good and the best I have tried in the dry shampoo scents.

The next one, was the TROPICAL one, this is popular scent too, it just reminds me of summer and sun screen or something like that. It is my second favorite scent wise.

The Last one is in ORIGINAL and I don't really know how to describe this scent, it's alright but nothing too yummy about this smell.

All of these worked the same, I have tested them all out for the passed 6 days and REALLY liked them. It's the same as any other shampoo, just shake the can and spray in short bursts, rub into the roots and comb out. 

*Best smell I have ever had in a dry shampoo
*It felt cool on your head so it felt refreshing
*Easy to Comb out (not much gray looking hair after)
*Did not leave any film or residue in my hair
*Didn't Leave a film all over my whole bathroom like other dry shampoos have
* I could actually wear my hair down after I did use this product
*Good Spray Nozzle
* Good price

* Leaves my black hair Slightly gray/white color (Need to try the colored dry shampoo)
* Will not replace washing hair

Would I recommend? YES
Would I buy this product? YES

* This is my honest review and I am surprised I could ever enjoy a dry shampoo as much as I did this one.
I also wanted to say I did get to try these samples out from FARLEYCO.CA who distribute Batiste dry shampoo products and their customer service was phenomenal! They are super quick to answer any questions you might have and very very nice! =)

You can see my other dry shampoo reviews HERE & HERE

Have you tried any of these? What was your favorite dry shampoo?

Luxe Box

Luxe Box May 2011

7:10 PM

YAY FINALLY MY LUXE BOX IS HERE!!!!I feel like I am one of the last people in Canada to receive this! Okay maybe I am exaggerating but it felt so long! I had to stay clear of twitter tweets of others who had received theirs as I wanted to be a surprise, so if you have got yours yet or aren't interested

in products then go to the next post ;)

The Package is great because it is small enough to be dropped in your mail box! No having to go to the post office and wait in line. I was very happy to come home after my LONG not so great Tuesday. And mail 2 days in a row..that is a first for me!
Chicken was also excited again....

I love the simple but pretty packaging! They have changed their logo, what do you think?
The ribbon is really cute, my cats will enjoy that later =/


I signed up for 3 months,just because I knew I would want to try more then 1 month but wasn't sure if I wanted to splurge for the full year so I went with one. Since I signed up for 3 months they gave me a full size China Glaze this month! Here is what else I got...

* DERMALOGICA | Daily Microfoliant
* CHINA GLAZE | Little Drummer Boy 
*CONSONANT BODY | Organic Olive Oil Body Soap
*ELIZABETH GRANT | Biocollasis Complex Day Serum

I am quite pleased with this month,I am pretty easy going so I probably would be happy with anything but I really like skin care products and am excited to try these out. I absolutely LOVE the nail polish color, totally a color I would purchase. I would have liked to see maybe a mascara or perfume or a lip gloss sample maybe instead of the body soap just because I haven't used a bar of soap since I was a kid, but hey maybe it will be good? And IF not there is always next month! =)

On a side note I wanted to say how wonderful the staff was at the company to deal with, I haven't had a ton of experience with needing to contact a company for many things but they make a point to answering any email/tweet or any info I have ever questioned from them so that is really a nice bonus!

Did you try out Loose Button's Luxe Box yet? What did you think of my May samples?



8:12 PM

I don't order much online since it can be pretty expensive with shipping costs so when I get something in the mail I think it's pretty exciting!
I actually got a lucky opportunity to test out a couple products from FARLEYCO.CA who distribute Batiste dry shampoo products and they just arrived in the mail...YAYYY =)
Here is my mail =)

ok Chicken was pretty excited as well

These 3 are their 50 ml on the go sized dry shampoo's. These are in ORIGINAL,BLUSH and TROPICAL and just from smelling them they smell really good! I actually like the small travel size so they are easy to bring anywhere. I am sure these little ones don't last too long but hopefully they will get the job done!
 "Batiste Dry Shampoo quickly refreshes and revitalizes greasy dull and lifeless hair between washes.Quick and convenient to use, Batiste leaves hair feeling clean, fragrant and full of body" Sounds great hey?
This is my first time trying these products and have heard many good things about them so I am excited to try! I will test them out this week and do a full review on how they are...


Helping Others

6:41 PM

The past I would say 5-7 days now we have had some CRAZY CRAZY WIND like I swear if you were under 50lbs you would fly away. It's like you go out side and your breath gets taken away because it is so strong. Very crappy.
From this wind there has been a terrible disaster in the province I live in, in the city of Slave lake. Flames have destroyed half of the homes while the ground is still smoldering. In a single day these fires have grown so much they are taking over 22,000 hectares, completely damaged homes,businesses and everything else in its way. 7000 homes have had to be evacuated last night. There is a multiplex another town away that are helping these poor families while they can figure out what to do. There is tons of companies and people who are generous enough to donate in this time of need.
Today some of us at my work gather up a bit of money from as many people who could afford to donate and we came up with $250 and bought bottled water,tooth brushes, tooth paste, shampoo,soap, pet food and a couple other things. (I have a short lunch break so I didn't get to go on the shopping trip =(   ) So the girls who went and got the supplies took them to a radio station here and they are taking everything our city is donating out to these people. 
There are around 116 other fires across our province still going, people are loosing their homes,their things and much more. I could not imagine going through that and I am so sorry to anyone who has gone through a natural disaster or anything like this.
Every little bit helps and if you are able to donate even $10 it seriously helps.  I know we can't all save everyone but we can certainly try right?

This is slightly off topic but one good thing that happened today.... There is a Relay For Life going on in my city on June 3rd and if you don't know what that is it is an event the Canadian Cancer Society gives you and your community the opportunity to celebrate cancer survivors, remember and honour loved ones lost to cancer and fight back against all cancers.

 You can have teams and fundraise for this event, or just come to walk some laps and celebrate the survivors and remember love ones who have been affected by this terrible terrible disease. I have been involved in this for a few years now, it is a walk around a track that is 7pm-7am so its quite long, they have a wonderful survivor's dinner and then the survivor lap at 7pm which always makes me cry! And last year when they lit the luminaries they spelt hope with them and outlined the track as well.(I will take pictures this year too!)They have movies in the middle of the night in the hall there for the kids who tough it out as well as a big breakfast for everyone in the morning.
So back to my good news, my work has donated the funds for my team to get sweaters made with our team name on it! The Pink Ladies (Kind of lame but hey..) These sweaters are around $25 for us to have them and there are 11 of us on the team so that's a pretty cool donation..some of you might be thinking why wouldn't you use that money to go towards donations and not just on clothes for you guys...Well my work is donating to this foundation and when you sign up as a team you usually get shirts made and since it's always cold in early June we got sweaters this year. 
This is such a wonderful event and I strongly advise everyone to join in their cities Relay for life, you can donate money or time. I know there are lots of things to donate to now a days but unfortunately this disgusting disease ruins a lot of people and it is so tragic. So any help you can offer is always wonderful.
Anyways that is my long story of the day....


REDKEN Extreme Cat Review

5:27 PM

Damaged hair? Over dyed? Too Much Heat? This is a product you might want to try if you have any of those problems. 

I bought this almost a month ago and I must say i FRICKEN LOVE IT. 
This is a protein reconstructing treatment for distressed hair. I have been using deep conditioner for EVER and I guess I just didn't realize that maybe the problem isn't just the outside of my hair it might be the inside of my hair... This CAT treatment works to help repair the hair on the inside, while deep conditioners work on the outside. I think this is great to use a couple times a week as well as a deep conditioner to get your hair healthy.

After the first time I used this i seriously noticed a difference in how soft and how much body my hair had. It was so soft that I actually had to put some extra product to give it some texture. I have been using this on a regular basis and I have had a couple compliments on how shiny my hair looks. This product also states it will help with body and shine so I think it has been due to this product. 
The cons of this product are the price. $22 for this tiny bottle is a lot of money but we will see how long it lasts. 
This is soo hard to spray when your hands are wet and you are trying to spray this all over your hair in the shower. They need to redesign the bottle.

Have you tried this product or any other protein treatments?

cat it water dish

CAT IT Water Dish Review

4:55 PM


*****OK UPDATE*****

I went back to Petland to return this and was just talking with the lady there about how i was slightly disappointed as it leaked all over.... I explained to her the story and blahh blahh. I showed her the piece that I was thinking was causing this and she said she actually has this bowl and this wasn't the first return- the tabs were broken right off! So she swapped it for another one and assured me that this should fix the problem. I took it home cleaned it all out and tested it... IT WORKED! 2 days later the water is still in the bowl =) so I just had one with a broken part!
Now I would recommend this product because it actually does what it says. My cats were a little hesitant with drinking out of it at first but now they are getting the hang of it.

Saturday always seems like a good day for shopping and since today is Saturday it was a good shopping day!
BUT I couldn't find anything,whenever I really want to go shopping I can never ever find anything. I found a couple tank tops, a ring, some socks and a couple of little things for my niece! hah nothing too exciting. 
I stopped by Petland and thought I would pick up a new water dish for my kitties and I always buy them the running water fountains because they really like drinking from the tap so it's kind of the same deal. They didn't have the kind I previously bought but they had a different kind so I thought I would give it a try....

CAT IT'S Fresh & Clear Drinking Fountain

So the idea is the water just continuously flows kind of fountain like as it filters and keeps it cold.
I was excited once I got it all washed and set up, the cats were interested. Their old bowl broke a couple weeks ago so they wanted a new one (yes my cats are high maintenance). I plugged it in and was just going to test it out when water LEAKED EVERYWHERE! The whole fricken thing was pooling everywhere all over my counter. I cleaned it up took it apart and tested it again. The same thing happened! So needless to say I did not try it a third time... It's going back to Petland tomorrow! I was pretty disappointed for $45(so expensive I know, but i had a gift card) that this thing couldn't even hold the water in side it. 
I would not recommend this to anyone, the design is nice but it only makes sense that the water will pour out since the base is not completely sealed.

I hope that wasn't too boring but maybe just maybe I have a reader who is a cat lover? =)

Being Positive

The Secret

8:37 PM

Okay so you might think I am lame, or not even read this BUT it is another SECRET post... I just like to do these every once in a while to remind myself to think positively. Too much negative happens in our lives and its easy to focus on that instead of the more positive things.

My phone has been taking some really crappy pictures lately so I whipped out the old camera and decided to test it out.. doesn't look so great hey?
I am re reading the Secret to Money chapter because that one is always the best one to read when you feel like you are needing just a little bit more. I downloaded the check that they have on their web site that they tell you to fill out and put it somewhere where you will see it everyday and visualize the money coming in. I actually printed the check off and made everyone fill it out at and a good way to get side tracked ;)

You can go to this LINK and fill out your check! I was trying to not be too greedy and thought I would just wish for $100,000 to come my way ;) How fricken amazing would that be??
What would you do if you suddenly had a $100,000 come your way?
Now after the hard work of deciding how much money you would like to think your way, you can practice these couple steps to help make it be a reality.

*Feeling Happy now is the fastest way to bring money into your life.
*Give Money in order to bring more of it into your Life. When you are generous with money and feel good about sharing it, you are saying "I have plenty".
AND my fav ones:

*Visualize checks in the mail.
*Tip the balance of your thoughts t wealth. Think wealth.

You can read my other SECRET Post HERE



Best Self Tanners

8:59 PM

Golden SAFE tan skin, YES PLEASE!

2011 is prime time for safe  Sun practice.I haven't tried them all but I have spent my fair share of $$ testing out self tanners trying to find one that doesn't leave me orange or smelling like burning gross toxic waste smell.. yes some of them actually smell THAT bad ;)


 *The lighting was terrible as I took the pictures too late in the evening =/ So I will update them with a picture of how DARK this lotion is. It seriously looks like chocolate when you pump it out. This kind of was alarming the first time I opened it up I was like WTF it's going to be crazy dark... But I was pleasantly surprised.
*This has a very dark color to help guide you apply the product. You can actually see where you are putting it and I find that actually helps me with less missed areas.
*When you do apply this you will want to exfoliate of course first, then you will do section by section (wearing Gloves if you want, I always do) to prevent uneven streaky looking tan.
*You can wear gloves to help with the orange palms as this does stain your skin (obviously) or sometimes if I am just doing touch ups or just my face I immediately wash my hands when I am finished.
*Also when I ordered this I read and read and read reviews on this, But I couldn't find any YouTube video's on this product! There was one quick on by KANDEE but that was all I could find so I kind of just chanced it and it worked out fairly well. In the directions with this product it does tell you to exfoliate, apply and wait at least 3 hours for the color to fully develop then rinse off. You will notice you are fairly tanned if you have fair skin like me and that color will be going down the drain but that's ok it is just the extra color "guide" washing off.
*This product has a really good smell, it is a cherry almond smell, none of that crazy horrible fake tan smell so that is a HUGE bonus with me!!!
*The price was alright. I ordered online and I bought the Ultra Dark Tanning Set, With the exfoliate, Self Tanner and The Maintainer I paid around $60 plus shipping plus boarder taxes so in the end it was around $100...which is quite a bit but they do have a lot of sales and right now that set is on for $40 so that's fairly decent.
* I am super fair so I did get the ULTRA DARK which might be a little much for some people,so if you accidentally bought the really dark stuff and you find it too intense, mix it with a lotion! I use this product all year round on my face & neck area mixed with a lotion to keep it more natural.
 * The site you can check out for more info/pricing/ordering - SUNLABS SITE
*Now this is never ever going to replace the real nice glow you get from the sun, I don't think there ever will be a replacement..It isn't a miracle product..BUT this is going to save your health and keep you from premature aging. Too many people are unaware of the risks of skin cancer out there and it is really something to think about. =(
Well that felt like a novel... I still have more info in my head but I am not sure if you have stopped reading yet ;)

The next product is not a self tanner but I think it does fall into the same category.
This is L'OREAL's SUBLIME BRONZE ONE DAY tinted Gel. I have heard mixed reviews with this product so if you have a change to give this a test try on your arm I would say do it...but if you want to live on the edge a little just fricken buy it ;)

* This is a cheap EASY way to achieve a quick bronzed glow. I use this as something to "vamp" up my tan or my pale skin =) I will use this if I am in a hurry and don't want to look like a glow in the dark white pasty china doll..Not that there is anything wrong with that because most of the year that's what I do look like. A little quick color is easy and nice to have.
* This is literally one day wear, it washes off with soap and water. I use this on my arms and legs, it says it is for face but I don't overly want to test it on my face =/
*The price was rather expensive for 200 ml but I did get it on sale from Shoppers Drug Mart for around $10. I did buy this last summer and still have half of the bottle left.. I am not too sure how long it lasts for but it seems ok still.
*Not a miracle working product but if you are looking for something quick and easy and don't mind washing it down the drain then its great.
*The smell is ok,not good not too bad
*This product also applys dark, there is no waiting time for it. Just apply and go.
*No orange hands as it does wash off with soap!

Lastly Is OLAY'S YOUCH OF SUN .This is for anyone who is looking for a gradual tan or to use all year long for a light glow to their skin.

*This is such a slight gradual tan that it is fairly easy to apply without too much mess up's. This is a light color so you can miss spots as you cannot see where you are applying it. But it is such a slight color that it is easy to exfoliate or reapply in an area to try to fix it.
*There is a slight fake tan smell, one of the better lotion ones that I have ran into. But not a good smell by any means.
*This is affordable I believe I got this for under $8. I have heard it made some people break out when used on their face but I had no problems using this on my face.
*It can leave streaky orange marks in between your fingers if you do not wash your hands well after you use.

*** BEST ADVICE for fake tanning:
*Do not take crazy hot showers or baths as they will fade fade fade all your hard work!

I did a couple of  bad self tanners/lotions earlier on my blog you can check them out HERE  And HERE.

If you have any questions about these products let me know!

What are your favorite safe tan products?

Mary Kay

Mary Kay Satin Hands Review

1:07 PM

I am absolutely in love with this product and I would repurchase it again and again...
Mary Kay's Satin Hands is by far the best hand treatment I have ever used. It leaves your hands ridiculously soft and smelling good.
I was an automotive detailer for years and my hands were always feeling gross (even thought I wore gloves at work) and really dry. I was always searching for a product to make them feel nice again.

I bought this from a Mary Kay sales representative in my city for around $50....Yes it is EXPENSIVE. She was at my friends house and we were trying out some new make up and things and she had this and let me give it a try. I have only purchased this set 2 times as it is REALLY pricey but honestly it is worth it every year to splurge.
I have been using this sparingly over this year, I would use it every couple days if it wasn't so expensive.
In this set It comes with the EXTRA EMOLLIENT NIGHT CREAM, SATIN SMOOTHIE HAND SCRUB, and the HAND CREAM. The sales representative told me to put the night cream all over my hands,then use the scrub, rinse and use the hand cream and WOW does it work!
Using the thick kind of Vaseline like night cream first kind of acts like a barrier to hold in moisture. I find using these products in that order works really well.
There are different kinds you can purchase from Mary Kay if you are not big on the smell. This one is the peach scent I believe and I really like the smell! You can check out some of the other Satin Hand Kinds HERE if you are interested.

Have you tried Satin Hands or any other hand treatment that you have loved??

Garnier Fructis

Products I regret buying

7:39 PM

Here is another post of products that didn't do much for me and I would not recommend to anyone really.

First is the Revlon Color Stay liquid Eye Pen in Blackest Black

I am always wanting to try Dolly Wink's felt tip eye liner but that would mean I would have to order online and I didn't want to do that. When I saw this at London Drugs I was sold! But now I am thinking this isn't so great.
It isn't a terrible product but I don't find it very pigmented and that is my problem. I have fair skin and even this doesn't look too dark on my skin and this is the darkest color you can get. It is easy to apply and the lasting power was pretty much a normal day but the light coloring just doesn't cut I for me.

This was pretty pricey for my likings, I did pay $10.99 so I was hoping for better quality then what I got.

The next two products I have are in the same category... Face wipes! I have been trying to test out brands that are on sale to see if there is anything I like better then my Clean & Clear ones I always use, these two weren't even comparable.

First is the Say Yes To Cucumbers, this was the travel pack for under $3 so it's not much of a loss anyways. I found these too weak for my water proof mascara and didn't fully take off my make up. This wasn't terrible but it wasn't anything much to talk about. The smell is pleasant and the towelettes seem like. They are organic or something as I did feel them breaking apart easily. I would not buy this product again.

Next is the Garnier skin naturals. This has grape water and vitamin e. This vitamin enriched cloths are supposed to removed make up but they don't! After I had "removed" my eye make up I had to do it again with a real makeup removing cloth. I used two cloths and still had mascara all over my eyes. These might be ok if you do not wear makeup and just need to clean off your skin, but for makeup lovers this is not your best pick. Also felt these cloths were really dry and the package was closed do they must not have much moisture. I did blow almost $8 for this and i will never repurchase.

** I am not sure if this is a new product or just new to Canada but this kind just didn't remove make up, their other ones might be better but not this one. My Clean & Clear removes all my water proof mascara in one cloth so they are really good.

That is all that I have for now... Have you tried any of these products or had anything similar to these that you did or didn't like?

I am testing this out on my iPad so if this doesn't post as well that's why. I am using a new app to post this and it's not quite as easy as I have hoped. If you have any suggestions please let me know!

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