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9:04 PM

I don't know why,maybe it is because I am focusing on it but the month of March doesn't seem that lucky.My job is super crappy and stressful and some people around me have been having too many crappy things happen in a row and it really sucks.
I am not saying that anything bad or negative is brought on by your thinking,life happens and it can be really bad and really good. I just think there is a better way to deal with some situations with different thinking. It won't work for everything in life i'm sure but I think it will help.
This might be ridiculous to some people but I have read the secret many times and every time I actually attempt to use it in my life it makes it more positive and happy. I am a realist and I see it like it is so maybe some people find me more negative than I should be. BUT I see both sides of every situation...
I am not that great at writing things as you can probably see from the blog but I am trying =)
The secret isn't some weird energy universe thing that some people I hear say,or talk bad about it.It is a positive way of thinking and what is wrong with that??

This isn't a lecture or some kind of cult like thinking. It is just a way to be positive and think that good things will come to you and people in your life!  It is law of attraction. You think good things and good things come to you.You think bad things and bad things come to you.

I tend to follow this way of thinking for shorter periods of time and I get lazy or distracted and stop then I try again and again and again.
SOOO I am trying again! who is with me?

Do you ever notice when you have a bad day everything goes wrong and you get angry or upset all day long? It's because you are thinking negative things and not changing it to positive.
I don't actually have a major success story just yet, hopefully one day I will. But I do know that when I attempt to think that good things will come my way or happen it helps.I have been trying to work on my winning the lottery theory and it isn't working yet..I will not give up!

A couple things to give a try if you are interested in this:

-To attract money focus on wealth.It is impossible to bring more money into your life when you focus on the lack of it

-To use the law of attraction to your advantage,make a habitual way of being,not just a one-time event.

-The creative process helps you create what you want in 3 simple steps:ask,believe,and receive.

What do you think??
What works for you?

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  1. Oww thanks for your comment <3 Thanks for following, girl!

    I generally think that the month of March has been quite the shit for most people -__-" At least most of the people I know - including me personally. We should just skip directly to June and FINE weather : D WOO!

  2. @Line Moerch YEAHH lets just erase it then skip to June!! sounds great to me :) thank you so much for checking out my blog :)

  3. I love The Secret I have not read The Power yet.

    I agree I think whether or not we attract good things to us, it won't hurt to think positively and be happy.

    If we start the day off thinking today is gonna be a bad day, then we notice all the bad things to make the day really bad hehe


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