*ProDucTs I RegRet BuYinG*

8:51 PM

I am always liking to know products all the YouTube Guru's and pretty much everyone i know like and dislike. I have a few dislikes that I would like to share with you so you don't waste your money!

Like most people I was looking for a solution where I could wash my hair every other day so I wouldn't dry it out or fade the color so much, I had tried a couple dry shampoo products before but never found to much positive's from them. I watched a couple reviews on the TRESemme Fresh start and thought I would give it a try. This was pretty terrible, I have dark hair so this left my hair a grayish color which is just not cute and just left a gross residue in my hair. It would have been better to just leave my dirty greasy hair alone and i would never ever buy this product. It might work with a lighter hair color or maybe it you have thicker hair (My hair is fairly fine so this did nothing for me)

The next Product I had high hopes for but NOPE it didn't work for me =/  This is the Big Sexy Hair Root Pump Plus Volumizing Mousse. This product wasn't terrible but it wasn't anything special.. It basically did nothing no matter how much or little i used it just didn't help in anyway. And it was pricey.

I was looking for a cheap shampoo & conditioner and I found the Live Clean Argon Oil, cruelty free product. I thought this looked great and the smell was not to bad either, I do find it a bit strong but a vanilla smell to it really did nothing but make my hair flat and lifeless. It was reasonably priced so it wasn't a total loss. I wouldn't recommend this for fine hair.

I am not trying to Dis this line because I am sure it is a good line but I just didn't find this helped my hair either. This leave in conditioner I actually only used three times and didn't even bother trying it any more then that as it made a gross residue in my already flat crappy hair! It weighed it down and I didn't find it protective.. I much prefer the CHI silk Infusion. You really only need a tiny little bit of this as the product does go far, it might be better for curly thicker hair but for this straight haired girl it was thumbs down =(

Okay this product I was so sad and its not a TOTAL regret but I have had it for quite some time and honestly I will never finish the bottle... This is the Everyday Gradual Tan by St. Tropez, which i hear such good things about this company and don't want to be hated on for this but the smell is so terrible I just couldn't handle using it. I could smell it all day long. I tried just using it before bed as it is a light foam but the smell is so off putting and results not great I just gave up. I did pay a lot for this, had to pay for shipping to Canada so that kind of makes me want to use it, but i won't. I definitely would try a different self tanner from St. Tropez just not this one...

Last Product.. Nivea's Happy Time sold me watching those girls on the commercial looking so happy with pretty skin... haha BUT I was not so happy using this. The smell is a strong Orangey smell-not the good kind of orange smell either. This is not moisturizing or anything fancy. It feels like you put it on and it just sits on top of your skin. Needless to say this full bottle will be hanging out under my sink until i can find a home for it, or toss it in the trash! would not ever repurchase.

IS there any products anyone has tried and hated?

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  1. Oh the tresemme fresh start shake it up really really good.. you need to do it every time you use it or else you get that gray residue in your hair! :-)

  2. I totally agree with you on the Tresemme dry shampoo, i bought it a while ago thinking it was gonna be a good product, yea right! I didnt even notice a difference lol. Defeinitly a regret. i actually have a lot of those now that I think about it. lol



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