April 2013 Empties

1:30 AM

I have the biggest pile of empties I have had in a long time so there will another post soon!

*SIMPLE Smoothing Facial Toner
This was a product I found too close to water for me, I think it would probably work okay with super sensitive skin but for my combo skin this wasn't the best fit with me.
Would I repurchase? Negative. 

*VICHY Normaderm
I bought this on a whim when it was on sale and I was pretty happy with this moisturizer, while it didn't fix my imperfections it did moisturize nicely without a greasy residue. 
Would I repurchase? Yes if the price was good.

*VICTORIA SECRET Pretty & Pure All Over Body Mist
Flipping LOVE this scent. Fruity and girly, my favorite.
Would I repurchase? YES!

*CLEAN&CLEAR Deep Cleaning Astringent 
I seriously don't know why I always buy this but I remember my older sister buying it when I was young and for some reason I always buy it since lol. I don't even know if Astringent is the same as a toner but I always seem to use this.
Would I repurchase? Apparently because I have for years.

*JERGENS Ultra Care Moisturizer
This seems like my go to lotion when I am on the hunt at my nearest drug store, I can't say I notice an amazing difference in my skin after using it but the consistency is a bit thicker and I do find it makes my skin feel nice and soft.
Would I repurchase? Yes 

*BATH & BODY WORKS Peppermint Mini Candle
YUM! This is one of my favorite scents from B&BW I guess it smells like candy canes or gum but I love it!
Would I repurchase? Yes!

* THE BODY SHOP Coconut Body Butter
Who doesn't love this stuff? It smells absolutely amazing! I think this is way too overpriced but if you catch it on a sale it's worth it.
Would I repurchase? Only if the deal was super good, I don't find this give me any better moisture then my Vaseline Body Butter which is WAY cheaper.

*BATISTE Coloured Dry Shampoo-Black
My LOVE! I seriously need Batiste in my life and wish I could find the coloured dry shampoo around here. I found this once at Winners and I purchased 2 bottles and it was over 2 years ago I think. I have been using this sparingly and finally just used the last of it =(
Would I repurchase? In a heart beat!

*L'OREAL Voluminous Power Collagen
Ahh L'oreal I know how evil you are but yet you are my go to mascara brand. This mascara plumps up my thin lashes and makes them noticeable.
Would I repurchase?Sadly yes.

Those are all the empties I could gather together today, i'm so unorganized it's ridiculous.

What are your latest empties?

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  1. So many empties :D

    I love Body shop as well, and yeah it's way too overpriced :/

    Hope you had a great weekend


    1. I seriously have a ton more, I have been not buying ANYTHING lately and making myself use my RIDICULOUS stash of everything I have lol

  2. Ahhh I love fruity smells so I guess this Victoria's Secret mist smells amazing! I still have to try my TBS Coconut Body Butter too but I agree with you, this stuff is definitely overpriced! I know Batiste coloured shampoos are pretty hard to find, I use mine super sparingly too! I hated that L'Oréal mascara though, just did NOTHING for my lashes ):

    1. They smell sooo good like you want to eat them! lol.
      They are SO HARD to find! I was watching a youtube video of a girl from Aussie and she was using a Batiste one that smelled like coconuts, man I wish I could find that one!!
      Ah crap really =( mascara is SUCH a hit and miss!!

  3. You always comment on the things I have, then I come to your blog and see this! I see stuff I haven't ever tried and I thought I had tried it all hehe.


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