November Favorites

6:18 AM

I kind of did a favorites earlier this month because I was so in love with some newer products but I still have a few others I have been using this month that I think are worth sharing!
Some of them are older that I have been using more since I forget about them all sometimes, and some are new.

*Wet n Wild Color Icon "NUTTY"
I have had this as a favorite before and I think I will again, it is so inexpensive and pigmented, I really like these shadows!
*Wet n Wild Color Icon "BRULEE"
This I had recently picked up, I have seen it on a ton of blogs and have been meaning to purchase it for a while.It goes nicely with Nutty
*Marcelle Soothing Cleansing Water
This is the current makeup remover I have been using and it's really nice! My skin feels clean and no residue or oily feeling after using.
*Josie Maran Argan Oil
I have had ehhh thoughts about this product, at least with my hair. I did purchase it months and months ago and with the hefty price tag I needed to start using it again other wise it is a big waste of money. I am currently using it on my hands and wow they are super soft! I am liking this more for skin then for my hair.

*Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil "Milk"
Who hasn't seen this before? I am so late on having it but I seriously love using it after I apply my primer just to hold shadow in place or for more of a bright color on my lid. I used this for my Xmas party look and it stayed on until the am very nicely!

*Marcelle Power Volume Mascara "Black"
This mascara really does give me volume and length, I am liking it a lot lately but I still have to layer with a waterproof on top to make it look like I have nice lashes =/ I don't know how anyone with crappy eye lashes can just use one mascara, it really doesn't work for me!

*Philosophy "Raspberry Sorbet"
<3 this!!!!  This is a bit thicker/sticky so if you don't like that kind you need to stay away from it-for some reason I like when its thick, I feel like it  stays on longer but not so great when your hair sticks in it.

My hair is getting pretty long and I am in need of deep conditioners more then ever with the crappy cold. Here is the 2 I have been using the most.

I just throw this mostly on my ends before I go to bed once or twice a week and wash my hair in the am and wow it is crazy soft! I think this stuff really works.

*Macadamia Deep Repair Masque
I LOVE this masque! Honestly if I was rich I would use this all the time! But a full size jar of this is too expensive so I have just purchased this little packet and I can get a few uses out of it. This is a must try for sure!

What were your favorites?

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  1. Great faves!
    NYX Jumbo pencils are awesome!!
    The Philosophy lipgloss looks like a gorgeous color <3

  2. OOOOooooo nice favs! I really like my jumbo pencil too! But if i'm not careful then it creases :-( but I love it make colors more vibrant. I need to do a favs post on the makeup remover that you asked about :-)

  3. I love the philosophy lipgloss!! I have one in watermelon daiquiri and it tastes and smells soo good. Thanks for posting!

  4. Ahhh I've been meaning to pick up Nutty for sooooo long but I just can't bring me to buy it as I have so many eyeshadows already, it's crazy!

    I'm glad you love the Cleansing Water and the Marcelle mascara! This is my HG makeup remover, I will never buy anything else! As for the mascara, I've only heard great things about nit, I can't wait to try it!

  5. Hi Taygan!
    Ooo you make me wanna try the LaCoupe Over night Repair Miracle Masque and the Macadamia Deep Repair Masque. But do you feel that your HG Joico K-Pak conditioner is just as good as these two products?
    I've heard some great things about Josie Maran's line including the argan oil one. I'm glad it's worked out well for your skin so it's not wasted.
    I never really layered my mascara even though I have crappy lashes LOL I'm so addicted to fake lashes now that I refuse to go without them! I only wear one coat of mascara now because of my falsies ;) So I guess fake lashes are definitely one of my favourites!
    There's not really any new products I'm loving a lot since I don't experiment with too many new products. But I recently tried the Sally Hansel Nail Effects and I'm loving them! They wear really well with very minimal chipping and they have some really nice patterns so that's probably my newest favourite.

  6. Wet n Wild is truly amazing :) We don´t have Nutty and Brulee over here but I have picked up Kitten and Penny (I think thats the name of them) Kitten is a purple with gold(ish) shimmer and Penny is a coppery orange :) Really beautiful both of them :)
    I need to try and find the Macadamia products over here.. My hair is getting rather long too and I need something that will take care of it cause even though I love the cold a lot, my hair doesnt ;)
    I really wish that we could by jumbo pencils by NYX over here but unfortunately we can´t. Ive heard so many great things about them :)
    take care sweetie

  7. OOOh everything looks awesome!! i was debating between a NYX jumbo pencil in "milk" or "cottage cheese" and I chose cottage cheese because it was more shimmery and sheer. i love it so much!! I usually use it as a highlight for my inner corner or brow bone :D

  8. @Nora- I know they are so handy and have really decent color section too!
    That lip gloss is my fav color right now too, its so nice!

    @MissTwist- I hear it can crease by quite a few ppl =(
    Yes post a review about it!!

    @Wendy- omg Now I want that lip gloss! Sounds delicious!!

    @Gaby- You need nutty lady lol. I want to see your shadow collection! You should do a post on all your makeup I bet its a good collection!
    I hope you like the mascara too when you try it!

    @Karen-Honestly I would pick the Macadamia over the K-pak conditioner but the price is so steep I probably will never buy the full size product, if you have London Drugs see if you can find that little sample package, it's such a nice product!
    I always LOVE your lashes in your pictures! I wish I could apply them easily and I would wear them a ton I bet.
    The nail effects look really fun!

    @Shortylegsbeauty- Those do sound really nice! WnW has really good products and don't get as much hype as they should!
    Yes try to find the Macadamia if you can!

    @Cerina- Cottage cheese is super nice too! I might have to try that next... I like the names of their products,all the food names haha


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