No I will NOT put these down!

6:28 AM

I have been using these like crazy since the day I got them and I just thought I would share my new loves!!

*Annabelle LE GLOSS in Baby Doll
*Annabelle LE GLOSS in Missy Miss

*PINK Sweet & Flirty
PINK Pretty & Pure

I know these are really old perfumes but I don't have a Victoria Secret in my city and I recently went to a mall out town with a Victoria Secret and fell in LOVE with these scents!!They are light and sweet/fruity my fav!
The glosses are new to me as well, and I seriously use them like 8 times a day! They are such gorgeous colors but not too pigmented on your lips as well do stay on since they have a SLIGHT thicker feel to them.
What is the latest favorite you have?

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  1. Oooh the perfume sounds good.

    I always wear lipgloss or MAC's lip conditioner, day in day out, slightly addicted.

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING x

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  2. I love the perfumes I have had them both myself. I think my sister stole one of them hehe because I don't know where they are :) I don't know where to buy Annabelle but they look gorgeous!

  3. I think I prefer thicker lipglosses because I feel they last longer on me through the day. Glad you like them, the pink one looks gorgeous!

  4. Sweet and fruity perfumes are the best :) If you have a Body Shop store near you, go and have a sniff at their Pomegranate&Raspberry body, room and linen spritz.. its my all time favorite perfume :) Its amazing :)
    Those glosses are really pretty.. especially the peachy one :) Lovely shade :)
    Take care hun

  5. The glosses sound awesome, but I'm not sure where to find that brand. I haven't been into a VS in sooo long but I've always loved their smelly goods lol. Nice faves! xoxo

  6. I wish we had a VS here! :(
    Thankyou for all the lovely comments again and good luck with my comps :D


  7. Haha you're too cute Taygan! The Annabelle lipgloss in Baby Doll looks totally up my alley! :) My favourite pink lipstick right now is MAC Angel. I always have it in my purse LOL
    Omigosh, Calgary doesn't have a Victoria Secret?!!! We have a few around Toronto.
    One of my favourite perfumes actually came from Victoria Secret as well but they freaking discontinued it a few years ago :( It was a vanilla scented one and it was the most amazzzzzing vanilla scent ever. I don't know why companies discontinue products that are so good! Grrr....but since them my favourite perfumes are Armani Code, Jimmy Choo, Chanel Coco Madamemoiselle, Stella (in the purple bottle) and Womanity by Mugler. I rotate between those ones :) I'm into perfumes just like you are. It's always nice to smell great x

  8. @Uglyduckling- I really have never got the chance to try out Mac's lip products but maybe one day I will be able to treat myself to some =)

    @MrsMakeup- =D They are so fricken yummy smelling!!! steal it back!!!! I think it might only be sold in Canada.. I actually can't find these lip glosses in my city ;,(

    @Gaby- I agree, I also kinda like a slightly sticky one too lol. I was so happy when I got your package =) love it all!!

    @Shortylegsbeauty- I totally agree. omg I havent smelt that yet but I will try to go to the mall this wk!!! Sounds so good!
    Yes they are very pretty glosses =)

    @Joann- I dont think they are around in the US but I could be wrong. I know I never go there its so over priced!!!

    @LuccyLou- Aw I wish you did too! Do you have La Senza?? you are welcome =D and thank you!

    @Karen-Ahh I wanna try that one from Mac!!! I just cant bring myself to paying the price, if I was rich I certainly would but I am far from that lol.
    I REALLY hate that as well when something is discontinued =( I am going to write those down and check them out and see if I will ever be able to afford them lol. I totally agree, I always have perfume on! I wanna smell nice!

  9. I've never actually picked up or tried any of the VS perfumes! I always hear great things about a ton of them!

  10. Those Victoria Secret perfumes are my favorite too, I can't find anything that smells quite like them. Their so sweet and girly without being overwhelming! those glosses look so pretty :)


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