LaCoupe Overnight Repair Review

3:56 PM

LaCoupe Overnight Repair Miracle Masque

I spotted this when I was at Shoppers Drug Mart Earlier this week and I have been using it since the night I bought it. This is my first over night hair repair I have ever tried and I am happy with the results! I threw out my receipt but this was just under $10. This bottle is 150 g /5oz.

*Deeply Nourishes For visibly healthier hair
*Transforms Damaged frizzy and over processed hair
*Style Fusion Technology

*Has a nice pump for easy despence
*Will not stain your pillow case
*Decently priced
*Absorbs Quickly

There isn't a lot to this bottle but it is pretty thick so I think it should last a while.
So you just apply this to your dry hair before bed and wash your hair in the am. I usually actually apply a deep conditioner to my hair before I go to bed like once a week, then braid it and wash it out in the morning. This was soo much better then using a deep conditioner, it absorbed so quickly and felt like it was actually going into my hair to help repair it. The smell isn't amazing but it's alright.
I noticed the first time I used this how much softer and shinier my hair was the next day. I will for sure be repurchasing this and I would recommend this.

What is your favorite over night repair?

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  1. I've never tried anything like this, but this sounds nice!

  2. Hi TEA! Very interesting review.....I have used a few products from LaCoupe overtime and at one point I was in love with their texturizer when my hair was shorter (not the greatest with my long hair now). I think I've only tried overnight hair conditioner and that was years ago when John Freida came out with their overnight hair serum - I also got it from Shoppers Drug Mart :P Yay for another fellow Canadian blogger :) But it didn't work all that great so I didn't repurchase it at the time. Now that you mentioned it I might pick this up as I have just been relying on regular hair conditioner and some deep conditioners in the shower but none overnight.

  3. i've never thought to try anything like this, but i think i might, don't know if they sell this in england, i've never seen it, but i'm going to keep my eyes out for it!

    thanks for the review :)

  4. I used the Frizz Ease overnight serum but it didnt require being washed out it didn't make my hair greasy so I had 2nd day hair hehe

  5. @Vintagemakeup- if you have dry or damaged hair you should for sure try this if you can!

    @Karen-Yay for Canadian bloggers! I seriously could go to shoppers everyday, they have a decent variety of products too so you can always try new things out. I did hear good things about their texturizer and it sounds great for shorter hair!

    @Charlotte- there hopefully is something like this in England, if you ever find anything like it do a review I would love to know what you think of it! Thank you for checking out my review :)

    @mrsmakeup-oh yeah I remember when you bought that! That's so neat you don't have to wash it out, I MUST try it one day!! :)


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