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I dunno about you guys but switching jobs sure can put a damper on the spending part in life. I recently got a "promotion" but a massive pay cut which makes no sense so I might need to quit that job asap so I can pay my bills since my photography isn't bringing in much income these days =0

Enough blabbing right! Here is my random favourites I have that aren't new but some aren't old….. need to use up some major products in the next few months…..

*ANNABELLE Biggy Bronzer 
*SEDONA LACE Large Angled Contour Brush
*ECOTOOLS Skin Perfecting Brush
*MAYBELLINE Clean Express Makeup Removing Wipes
*NICOLE Drying Drops - Why the hell didn't anyone tell me about these before?!?!?!?!?!
* SALLY HANSON XTREME WEAR Nail Color in Pacific Blue
*My 2 favourite rose rings my sister got for me from her amazing city in British Columbia….so jealous.
*BATISTE XXL VOLUME-seriously like my third can and this stuff goes a long way. LOVE IT!

I heart all these products and use them almost daily oh wait! I forgot my ULTIMATE FAVORITE

My XTREME LASHES. Seriously feel like I can't live without them, makes life SO much easier not having to wear mascara! You can get ready in like 2 minutes other then drying your hair its just amazing to me. I originally got them as a gift for being the maid of honour in the recent wedding I was in but I did end up getting a fill and man I am so sad I won't be able to do that again unless I get another job asap. I want to do a review, but I feel like all my blog is reviews since I really am not interesting and don't have much in this brain to share lol so I don't wanna over load the couple of people who read this with just reviews ;)

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend, What is your most recent favourites? old or new… and have you tried any of these before?

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  1. Ah, love Batiste. I still need to get that XXL volume one!! Oooh I think I need that L'Occitane dry hand cream too!


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