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You know I totally enjoy reading people's post about all the crap they buy =D So here is a couple random things I have bought throughout the past couple weeks.

Okay ever since I read Gaby's post about her body butter she had recently bought I was thinking OMG I WANT SOME TOO =D 
Oddly enough I don't actually think I have ever bought a full size body butter, I think I had been given a couple small ones throughout my life for a gift and thought when I saw this ahh what the hell I am buying it!
Well I lucked out, I had scratched a scratch and save thingy in the store and received 50% off my purchase So I got the Coconut body butter for $9 instead of $18
& the Holiday Cranberry Body Butter for $1! YES ONE FLIPPING DOLLAR!! lol That is the cheapest I think I have ever bought anything from there... There was a sale going on if you spent $35 you could get the cranberry body butter for a dollar and since I was buying a couple gifts there I spend $38 after the 40% off . I was pretty happy.
I am really quite in love with the coconut body butter, I love cranberry but I am not gonna lie I some how just smell alcohol or something with the cranberry one lol. It's okay but it just has something that links my mind to think of drinking! Damn I bought my mother the cranberry gift set =/ hopefully I am the only one who thinks that it smells a bit off!

Exotic ( I seriously swear it used to be called Exotica but some how the a has disappeared since my last bottle..does anyone know if I am crazy or what?)  This is my favorite burning oil ever! It's fruity and makes my house smell delicious! 

*MACADAMIA DEEP REPAIR MASK - this is my second lil pack and holy crap love it!!!
*GIOVANNI  Natural Mousse Air-turbo Charged
*MONTAGNE JEUNESSE ICE CRYSTAL Exfoliating and Cleansing Facial

I saved the best for last....

I was very hesitant for a LONG time to purchase a styling wand(is that what you even call it??) but I finally did when I found it on sale at beautychoice.com for around $100. Yes that is expensive and not something I was overly happy to purchase but I believe it was around $160 so I thought what the heck.... and I LOVE IT!!!! I will do a review on this(unless no one is interested :,( lol ) and show you everything it comes with and why it's so cool...

I am actually really liking everything so far....what is the latest of random things you have purchased?

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  1. I love The Body Shop but I haven't been there in quite a while.

    I'm DYING to get my hands on the Maybelline Baby Lips. I can't find them anywhere!

  2. ohh nice a $1!! thats awesome! good finds there girly! I just got a curling wand for christmas... I haven't used it yet. we shall see how that goes

  3. I recently purchased... chocolate! haha wanted to have a clothing shopping but didn't get the opportunity yet! Anyway, great haul!


  4. Great stuff! Ohhhh coconut body butter...I need that! I love coconut stuff. I wanna know how you like the face masks! I see you got the same brand just different mask as I had(Montagne Jeunesse)

  5. I have yet to go into my Body Shop! I received a body butter for Christmas from VS, and I want more--I hear all the time that The Body Shop body butters are the best!

    I also want to try the Macadamia Hair mask--but it's so expensive!

  6. Nice! I LOVE The Body Shop's stuff! I would definitely love to see a review of the hair wand too! And the snowmobiling was amazing! It was my first time and we had to rent one unfortunately!

  7. Ooooh The Body Shop body butters! Did I buy the coconut one? I can't remember! Well if it's for dry or very dry skin, I bought it! You know why I didn't get the cranberry one? Because I could tell it would smell like an alcholic drink... which I'm sad that you reported I was right! Well at least if it works! I'm glad you got them on sale!

    The Maybelline Baby Lips look interesting, a little like the Revlon lip butters but I'd rather get the Revlon ones, they seem more moisturizing but I can't find them around here ARGH!

  8. Omggg cerinafoot me the cranberry butter, my sis got me baby lips and my BFF got me a curling wand too omg such a coincidence ^^


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