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I recently purchased a couple Items that I had been wanting to try for quite a while now and I am happy I finally have gotten to try them!!!! Here is my first impressions of the 3 items...

I have seen Saaammage talk about this eye makeup remover a million times and I am ALWAYS lusting to try it!!! Since it isn't sold in Canada it is a littler harder to try. FINALLY I have it =D =D =D I have only used this a couple times since I had got it so I don't know 100% sure how I feel about it but it is really nice. It seriously feels like you are using water since it is not oily at all-which I LOVE. I hate using anything oily on my eyes, I don't like the residue that is left on my skin. This does the job pretty well for taking off waterproof mascara. No stinging either which is also something everyone hates! I love the look of the bottle but I am soo used to using my foaming makeup remover from Clean&Clear that it was harder to get used to such a watery formula.  I am not 100% Sure if Sonia Kashuk doesn't test on animals, I didn't find them on the PETA list but some other sites claimed they don't but I won't be getting too attached to this since it isn't in my country.. I don't think so at least?

Giovanni Shampoo& Conditioner -$9 each
I had watched a video from Beauty Savvy and I had been REALLY REALLY wanting to try these after that. I had googled it and wasn't sure on where to find them since she had purchased hers at an American store. BUT I was at Walmart last week and I saw them next to the Burts Bee's and I was like OMG I HAVE to purchase these!!
So I just picked out the root 66 shampoo.Max volume & 50:50 Balanced hair remoisturizer for normal to dry hair.
The good things with these are:
*Enriched with Certified Organic Botanicals
*No Animal by-products
*Cruelty free
How does that not sound great for your hair? I think if you have damaged or fine hair it really does matter what you are washing and conditioning your hair with. I know these might be considered drug store but they are healthy for your hair and don't have all the gunk that some other brands might.
I was happy to find a decently priced cruelty free shampoo&conditioner that has decent ingredients in them =)
These are lightly scented and I really like the bottles, the price might be expensive since I like to buy the 1L bottles from a salon since really you pay $30 or so and it lasts like a year so why wouldn't you go for those rather then small drug store bottles?
I did notice my hair seemed really soft after I rinsed the conditioner out, sometimes my hair just feels blahh until its dry but it felt extra soft. I don't know how great the shampoo is for colored hair because I did see some color going down the drain =( but I will just have to wait to see how long the color lasts while using these products.

Here is Beauty Savvy's Video if you are interested in seeing what she thought of the products:

Have you tried either of these products?

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  1. I've wanting to try the Giovanni stuff since I saw Beauty Savvy's video on it, too! I'm holding off for a bit because I NEED to finish what I have first (I've got too many).

  2. Oh nice those all sound really nice. Have you tried looking at ebay for sonia kashuk items? I hope the giovanni stuff doesn't strip your color... so many bloggers are buying/featuring products that are cruelty free... thats awesome. I tend to forget about things like that just because my top concern is.. is this going to work for me. my guilty guilty hair product is a l'oreal hair product and a few other products! I don't want to contradict myself. I still eat meat, drink milk, eat eggs. I probably won't ever stop :-P

  3. Looking forward to a further review! I really want to try the shampoo :)

  4. Think Sonia Kashmir do test on animals :S... I got their concealer fromm friend n on the back it said tested on animals.. Not sure if all the products do or not but I assume if product is tested then they would test the rest as well?



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