New Song I am Addicted Too!!

6:00 AM

My latest song addiction by Angels and Airwaves "Anxiety"


Anxiety, don't pressure us

Faster, I dream in speeds of ashes
My heart it beats and crashes
I'm running from the truth
Cause it fucks with my mind

Waiting, we're silly, we're so reckless
The city it's so heartless
A bottle full of crude
That washed up in the tide
Don't pressure us, anxiety
I'm a passenger
So serious, anxiety
Just a passenger

Handsome and calloused, young believers
Hiding, plotting schemers
And rotting out like fruit
That was left here to die

Talking, playing after hours
Time is bending outward
I’m falling to my knees
To crawl home safe inside

Don't pressure us, anxiety
I'm a passenger
So dangerous, anxiety
Just a passenger

iF any of you don't know AVA Is Tom Delonges Band from Blink 182! =D =D

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  1. @HeyMyNameIsMatt- =D I thought you'd agree!

    @VintageMakeup-Yay you like! =D

  2. love Angels and Airwaves. Have them on my phone.
    They are always good on a bad day at work and you don't want to listen to anyone lol


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