Mail Time!!

1:00 AM

MAIL!!!!!!!! My favorite posts from everyone, even though mine isn't as exciting as some it was still a really good mail month!
This is over a span of about a week and a half or 2 weeks since I don't get that much mail.(well other then bills of course =( and nobody likes those! )

My JAVABOI Shirts have arrived! Eric (Owner/Creator) twisted my arm and I finally got a couple ;) I am a massive coffee fan and these are really cute so it was worth it! I am currently working on the full post of the shirts but I just thought I would show the really cute packaging! Love it =)

My Blink 182 pre sale package FINALLY made it to my house!! I honestly felt like it wasn't going to show up since it was very difficult to get this since they don't ship to Canada... I will do a post on this too just in case any Blink fans wanna hear the story =D

Peta's cruelty free shopping guide,Chatelaine November issue,sample of Pantene Color care,Sample of Always infinity & sample of Cascade all in one dishwasher detergent.
I am very inspired by reading a few other blogs with the cruelty free products on their blog so I am still trying to slowly switch over, it will take me some time since I am unsure of how I will replace all my evil products with good ones, but I am trying!

I seriously do not remember where I signed up to receive this sample from? But it was pretty cool because the finishing creme is fairly big and will last quite a while.
Samples of:
*Root Awakening Nourishing Moisture Shampoo
*Root Awakening Nourishing Moisture Conditioner
* Root Awakening Strengthening Restoring Smoothing Lotion
*Frizz Ease Creme Serum Overnight Repair
* Frizz Ease Secret Weapon Finishing Creme

What was the last thing you received in the mail other then bills?

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  1. yay! that's awesome that you got finally got your package! :-)

  2. Nice haul!! I LOVE getting samples in the mail! My last package was a Juicy Couture makeup bag I got from eBay. It's just always so exciting coming home to a package!

  3. Aw what a lot of lovely mail! I got some great mail today, some makeup I won in a competition recently. Your samples all look great, I hope u have fun trying them all out! xx
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  4. Oh so you're on team Javaboi too now? He didn't bug me in a while, yey! Can' wait to see which shirts you ordered, and I though he sent you coffee from the packaging LOL!

    Yey, PETA's cruelty-free guide! I know it's hard to find a cruelty-free alternative that really workd for everything, especially things like teeth whitening products, hair dye, etc. Even with those guides and Internet resources, sometimes I'm stuck!

  5. I don't really get any mail other than bills.. sad I know
    It might have been to my birthday (july) that I got a package :)

  6. Great mail! & it's great that you're going cruelty free :)

  7. I received some nail wraps Friday, I featured them on my latest post :D I love them!
    Lucy xx

  8. @Themisstwist- =D I know it seemed to take forever!!

    @Habbott2- I know hey? I LOVE coming home to check my mail and find good things in there!! ooo Juicy Couture bag would be nice=)

    @Theothersideofcool- I agree! Wahoo thats great you won some makeup =)

    @Gaby- LOL I think he was one of the first few people to talk to me on twitter so I had too!
    I agree. It's very frustrating especially when you see the americans with all the things they can get their hands on!!

    @Osxg33kgirl- lol aww that is sad I agree but I usually only get bills too. Maybe you will get a Monster package one day=D

    @Vintagemakeup- I am really trying.. I won't be 100% Cruelty free but I will see what I can weed out. It's really hard =/

    @LucyyLou- Wahoo those are fun!


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