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Being a product junkie, most of you know what I am talking about, you always have the risk of buying things that totally sucked or just didn't work for you.Here are just a couple that I could toss in the trash and not care =/

*Nair Shower Power hair removal cream.Sadly I was disappointed in this product, It smelled unbearable to me for the lack of it actually working. I left it on for longer then stated and once I rinsed it off I still had the hair on my legs =( I have no tried it again and wouldn't recommend this one.. I have been reading some reviews on other products they have so I might give something else a shot.
*Neutrogena microdermabrasion system-I was very disappointed in this thing, it was around $40 and it felt like it was doing nothing for my skin as well the little pads it came with felt like there was no product on them and I actually had to use my cleansers with it. I would never recommend this. I would recommend the Olay professional Pro X instead of this if you are needing a cheaper alternative to the Clarisonic.
*Almay Clear Complexion Pressed Powder-I luckily got this from the clearance bin at Shoppers Drug Mart for under $5.. This is a very chalky type powder that just wasn't for me. It doesn't even apply well because it is so dry,its even hard to get on the pad it comes with.This is for sure made for very oily skin and might work well for you if you are needing something to tone that down a bit.
*Maybelline One by One Mascara-ehhh this really didn't do anything for my lashes not to mention it was all clumpy and gross after a few weeks. Did not make my lashes look longer or thicker so I will not repurchase this =/
*Garnier Fructis Extreme Hold Hair Spray-I think I got this for under $2 at Dollarama and I see why it was there.. It isn't extreme hold it should be called no hold as it was like spraying the weakest hairspray ever! I am glad It was so cheap and I wouldn't buy it again

That's pretty much all I got to say about these, I hope if you have tried them you had better luck then me...what is the latest worst product you have purchased?

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  1. I hate Nair and Veet..they both smell like rotten eggs and they make my skin sooo red and bumpy and irritated :( ahhh!! I stick to shaving my legs lol!

    Maybelline keeps on making mascara after mascara after mascara.. I think they should hold off for a little while haha. My favorite that they've made is the Collossal Volume mascara.. I love that one! :D
    Sorry about your purchases going wrong..Luckily most of them were from sale bins if that makes you feel any better lol ;P

  2. Hmm I haven't purchased much makeup lately so nothing new comes to mind, but I will say I find a lot of e.l.f products disappointing, but then again they're only a dollar :)

  3. I was just complaining about how awful the Nair wax strips are, too. I haven't tried this Neutrogena system, but I hated their wave one. I'll avoid this one too!

  4. I've never been a fan of depilatory shower cream but since I've tried Veet's newest hair removal cream, I'm sold! I think it's because of the little "tool" that comes with the product, it's like a spatula that you use to remove the cream and the hair comes off with it. It works really well for them but I agree with you, the smell is still awful ):

  5. I hate the nair products! they all seriously smell like a sailor's butthole, plus they do nothing to remove the hairs I'd rather just shave. The Maybelline one by one didn't work for me either, same thing it was cumply and gross after like a week and a half :/

  6. @Cerina-Lol it does smell like rotten eggs or burning skin! Sickening! I agree, Maybelline is making so many, they need to focus on quality not quantit-when they make a good one its a good one!

    @VintageMakeup-Hey you can't go to wrong with blowing a dollar lol. Its so crazy you guys get it for a dollar! We have to pay like $3 plus shipping in Canada. =/

    @prettyinthedesert-Good to know, I will stay away from the wax strips! I think this Neutrogena system is the same as wave but has a handle,hunk of junk!

    @Gaby- Honestly after your review, I am sold on trying it out! Next time I see it I will grab it, the tool probably really does help to remove the excess thats almost burnt off or whatever. I haven't really tried anything from Veet but I am excited to try that!

    @Kysbel-Lol Sailors butthole! haha!! I agree, it didn't remove any of my hair. annoying.What is with that mascara anyways, a few ppl have told me it got so clumpy =/


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