August Randoms

August Randoms

6:00 AM

My Awesome Skull Ice Cubes!

 My Birthday cake!
 So true!
 My <3
 Much needed in the heat!
 BBQ With Friends

 Awesome Monster shirt!
Tiny lil frog I found!
Strawberry Margaretta
Veggie Burger with fries at Chilies-This was amazing btw!!
 Blink 182 Tour buses

Stickers they were handing out at the show

I needed a new Famous sticker so this was awesome =)

TRAVIS BARKER'S AUTOGRAPH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D =D =D =D
I need to do something cool with this,frame it maybe? Any ideas?

Calvin Klein

August Favorites

6:00 AM


I didn't have too many new products for August, I actually tried to use some older things I haven't used in a while and here is what I found myself using most.

Mac Satin Taupe Eye Shadow
This is my all time favorite eye shadow I have ever used! The color is amazing!

Too Faced La Vie En Rose Blush 
I have had this blush for over a year and I hardly put a dent in it!
These guys test their products on celebrities not animals =D

Elf Luscious Liquid LipStick-Baby Lips
Mary Kay-Eyesicles  eye color-Vanilla

From my August Luxe Box

Calvin Klein Forbidden Euphoria

That was really everything I found myself loving in August.

What was your August favorites?

Hard Candy

Hard Candy's Split Personality Eye Shadow Duo Review

6:00 AM

Hard Candy's Split Personality 
Eye Shadow Duo
in Confused

 Dual ended eye color wand contains easy to apply cream to powder shadow on both sides. Each shade matches your moods perfectly!

Confused-$7 at Walmart

Confused Gold Left and Confused Coco Right

The applicator end's aren't super ideal but maybe I will learn to master this tool? I didn't have a gold color like this so I was happy to have one.

I have been playing around with this just a little bit this week and I haven't quite mastered a look I find worthy to post on here so no eye picture yet =/

I was really curious about this product because I thought hey it's new and 2 shadows in one might be useful.

I think this is a bit tricky....


*Hard to apply, I don't think I could use this as a full on shadow, maybe just on top of a shadow or maybe under my bottom lashes, I'm not really too sure
*Super overly priced
*Not great on it's own
*Applicator is so flimsy it is slightly awkward
*Pigmentation is alright, not terrible not good


*Nice colors

I don't think I would recommend this product, it's not terrible but it really isn't anything I think I would ever repurchase or really use too often. Hard Candy has some major hits and misses. This just left my  mood confused!

quick meal

My in a hurry Meal!

6:00 AM

It was so hot last weekend, this was are official summer weekend and I was not letting my boyfriend turn on the oven and cook his carcass meals so I made him eat something I like to eat.

This is just a quick easy kind of healthy meal when you don't have much time or don't want to spend time cooking!

What I used:
*Aylmer Accents Tomatoes with Italian seasonings
*Bean Medley 
*Oxo Beef flavoring
*Soy Sauce
*Sesame seed oil

Sometimes I use wild rice,brown rice, add vegetables or whatever I am feeling like.. This time was when I needed to go grocery shopping so I didn't have much in it! 

It tastes better then it looks btw!

What is your in a hurry meal like?



6:00 AM

Happy Friday!!! I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!!

I know I will, BLINK IS TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=D=D=D=D=D


Walmart/Shoppers Drug Mart Mini Haul

6:00 AM

I made my Boyfriend come out with me this weekend to grab a couple things, I am going to attempt to make a peppermint body scrub, if I can ever find peppermint extract! I got a little side tracked and picked up a couple things while on my hunt.

*September's issue of Cosmopolitan-$5
*Lemon Ginger Caffeine Free Herbal Tea (Recommended by Cerina)-$4
*Hard Candy-Split Personality Eye Shadow Duo- $6
*Neon Food Coloring-$3 (I will use a drop or two in my scrub!)

Then I decided I would try to see if Shoppers Drug Mart would have anything since I read online you can find peppermint extract at Walmart but no luck so I thought maybe Shoppers might have something like that in the food section? Maybe that was just dumb lol but I thought I would look anyway. Well I sure didn't find it =(  BUT they did have Monster 4 packs on sale for $6.99!! They vary from $8.99-11.99 so I bought 3 packs! I would have bought more but the bf said 3 was enough lol.

And that was my haul =)

Cruelty Free

Montagnes Jeunesse Review

6:00 AM

I was very kindly sent a couple of Montagnes Jeunesse products a couple weeks ago from a very sweet PR Lady at to review and I finally got the chance to use them and get an idea of how they are!

Montagne Jeunesse Cool Eyes Anti-wrinkle

Montagne Jeunesse Anti Wrinkle Cool Eyes. These are great - try these clever little patches to help reduce fine lines, sagging skin and crows' feet. Your skin appears tighter, firmer and younger. Chill in the fridge.

All Montagne Jeunesse products are Vegetarian Society approved, Not Tested on Animals and Cruelty Free (BUAV Approved)

 So I don't have wrinkles just yet (knock on wood) but I am getting passed my early twenties =( and I like to be proactive with skin care and anti aging products. I think I am paranoid or something since a lady I used to work with told me my eyes looked old lol, so I felt maybe I needed to use something?
I am thrilled these are BUAV approved, cruetly free =D

First put them in the fridge for about an hour to make sure they are nice and cold
Then you remove one set of the cool eyes from pouch
Apply one patch under each eye and press down firmly to ensure it sticks
Leave on for 30-50 minutes for best results
Reseal pouch and put back in fridge ready for next use.

They reminded me of the black football players have under their eyes when they play lol.

 You can see there are 2 pairs in the packaging.
Also I didn't realize at first that there is a plastic backing on you do remove after you apply to face. I was thinking at first ohh no they don't stick at all,but they do once the backing is gone.

sorry for the messy lashes! It was 29 outside today and my mascara was melting!

Once these were on under my eyes the cool felt really nice on my face. It does feel like it is tightening the skin around the eyes. It felt weird wearing them for 50 minutes but I toughed it out! I actually think I did apply them backwards, after I looked at the package again but I don't think it really matters what end is on what part of eye.

After I did remove my cool eyes the skin did feel slightly tighter around the eye area. I know I can't really say it took away my wrinkles because I don't have any but maybe if I do use this in the future I will find it does help. I do think this was a nice little treatment to use and I will for sure use this again.  I would recommend this to anyone who does like to use face masks or any kind of eye treatments. These sell for around $3.99 which is good because you do get 2 uses out of one package.This is a good affordable and cruelty free option!

Next is my Montagne Jeunesse  Lip Healing Balm with Aloe and Spearmint
I am a total lip gloss/balm junkie. I can never go without, I always have a bunch in my purse,car,house just everywhere! So I was very happy to try this out.

With 100% natural Beeswax our ‘Healing Balm' moisturizing lip balm is completely free from nasty petroleum jelly. With almost 100% natural ingredients - and the tiny proportion that aren’t natural yet... we’re working on them!
  Moisturizing100% Natural beeswax, crushed spearmint and moisturizing Aloe Vera!
No Petroleum Jelly! 

 First off I love the smell of this! It smells like spearmint and is 99.1% natural...That has to be good for your lips!
I don't have dry lips (probably because I am always applying lip balm or gloss)But I have been using this daily and loving it! 
It does have a fairly thin formula, I do like them a little thicker. I feel it stays on better thicker but that doesn't bother me that much. My lips feel smooth and soft after using this!
I can't speak for someone with dry lips but I do think this is great for anyone who needs a decent lip balm and likes natural products!
I would recommend this and I think I will pick up another one once I use this one up. They are around $4.99 and available Here. I haven't seen them in stores just yet but maybe in the future they will be in stores?
I tried to take a picture of the bottom of the packing on the back but my camera wouldn't pick up a clear shot but I liked what they wrote:
We're vegetarian and animals are our friends-that's why we don't bash bunnies or add bits of animals.
It sounds so terrible to me thinking people add bits of animals?!And the other terrible things they do. SICK and MEAN. I am so happy this company is affordable and cruelty free!

What is your favorite Montagne Jeunesse product?


My Crazy Veet Giveaway Winnings!

6:00 AM

If you didn't read my  post the other day, I won Gabys Veet Giveaway and it arrive very quickly in such an awesome basket =D
I feel like a broken record but I really am pumped I won this! Who wouldn't be?
There is a lot of great stuff in this massive basket...
 When I saw the box I was thinking holy crap why is the box sooo massive?? Shipping must have been so expensive =/
My kitties were very interested in what was inside.
 I don't know why but I didn't actually think they would ship it so nicely wrapped like in the picture on the blog...but they did! It looks so nice!!

Lots of wonderful stuff to try!

 A nice white Veet towel

This would be great as a beach bag! Too bad there isn't any near by =(

 *Easy Grip Ready to use Wax Strips-With Vitamin E & Almond-Sensitive Formula(20 Strips & 4 Perfect Finish Wipes)
*Suprem'Essence Easy Grip Ready to Use Wax Strips with velvet rose fragrance & Essential Oils (36 Wax Strips & 4 Perfect Finish Wipes)
*Easy To use Wax Strips-Normal to Dry Skin-Aloe Vera and Lotus Fragrance (20 Wax Strips & 4 Perfect Finishing Wipes)
All of these are leg and Bikini wax strips. I cannot believe how many they sent!I can't wait to review these.

These are what I am most interested in trying since Gaby had a pretty good review of a positive experience with them, maybe I will too!

*Suprem'Essence Hair Removal Cream
*Sensitive Formula Hair Removal Cream with Aloe 
* Dry Skin Formula Hair Removal Gel Cream,Shea Butter & Lily Fragrance
That is my loot =D
Thanks so much to Veet (Even though they will never read this lol) and Gaby for hosting this!!

Have you ever tried any of these products?

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