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I have mentioned this in the past but maybe it was when I had like one person reading my blog ;)
I like watching tv shows too much.. I am always really excited when a new season is starting of shows I like and these two you should really check out!!

The Big C- No one I know really is watching this and they are into the second season and I think more people should give it a try. It is kind of sad if you have had anyone in your life have cancer but it is supposed to be funny too. Cathy is diagnosed with melanoma and doesn't have a lot of options to help cure/ or prolong her life. She is positive and strong. I really like this show!

 My next is my favoritest show EVER!!! Breaking Bad will be starting Season 4 on July 17 and I am excited!!! When my friend first told me about it I wasn't all that excited to watch it but by the first episode I was hooked. Walter is a chemist teacher who is diagnosed with Lung cancer.. he also doesn't  have a lot of options with treatment, has a child and a baby on the way so he needs to make money for his family so when he is gone they aren't screwed. He starts to cook meth and sells it.. It seriously is such a good show with lots of different things happening in it that will keep you interested. I have watched all three seasons like 5 times. Love it!!

 Have you watched either of these shows? What are your favorite shows right now?

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  1. I love breaking bad! haha its so funny... I just remember this one part where jesse gave his crack buddies a hit of the blue stuff and one guy jumped up and was like "river dance woooooo" haha too funny! I haven't watched the big c though. I have started watching the season of true blood. omg i love it! :-)

  2. i've never watched or heard of these shows, but i definitely wan't to do my little research and check them out!

  3. LOVE, Breaking Bad it's a great show. I haven't ever seen The Big C but I use to watch Weeds all the time and they are suppose to be on after each other I think heheh so maybe I will give it a shot :)

  4. I've never watched either of those shows, but the Cancer one sounds interesting. :D I don't usually watch TV but when I do, it's Family Guy, or Americas Got Talent, and Jerry Springer haha! Oh, and Oprah but she's gone now lol.

  5. @Themisstwist- haha, Jesse is my fav!.. I haven't seen true blood, or any vampire thing but I hear it's really good.

    @Dirtontherocks- you totally should they are pretty fricken good :)

    @Mrsmakeup-I haven't fully watched Weeds just parts of episodes but I hear it's really good..maybe I will check that out.

    @Cerina- haha I caught Springer today since I had the day off, always trashy shows on day time tv that are entertaining! I used to love family guy but haven't seen it in forever!

  6. Hi Tea! Omigosh you're gonna wonder about me but I don't have cable TV (my decision). I only watch TV if I visit my parents place and when I do, it's National geographic of some sort or just a documentary ;) So now you're not surprised when I say I haven't heard of either of these two shows. But the plots sound a bit similar with the cancer of the main character and then living a life trying to deal with the situation. I can see how it's interesting!

  7. Omg I love weeds too! I don't have cable or satellite either we download everything we want to watch through utorrent and I get all the new tv episodes from I'm starting to watch Gilmore Girls from start to finish! :-) I feel like such a blog stalker coming back and commenting again! haha but I know that you respond to comments haha

  8. @Karen- hey you are smart to not have tv!! It is a time waster and a $$ waster! lol. I'm not gonna lie I do like tv but it is smarter to not have it.. plus then you can do more productive things =)

    @Themisstwist-I love eztv!!! such a wicked site. lol be a blog stalker =) I love comments!! That's what it is here for =)


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