WalMart MinI HaUl

7:46 PM

I ran into  Walmart quickly to pick up a couple things for the Relay for Life and I mostly just got crap I didn't need =/ but here it is!

*ORGANIX's Coconut Oil-$7
*CLEAN&CLEAR makeup remover wipes-$6
*MAYBELLINE'S Falsies Flared-$7
*HARD CANDY'S Glamoflauge-$6
*HARD CANDY'S Fox in a Box-$6

Fox in a Box

HARD CANDY-Glamoflauge in light
Maybellin's Falsies Flared
ORGANIX-Coconut Milk
Sweet Pea candle-$5

This candle isn't comparable to the Bath & Body Works by any means but for $5 it does its job!
I have never tried any of these products before other than the Clean&Clear makeup remover cloths so I am excited to test out some new stuff.

What was your latest things you bought that you didn't need?

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  1. Thats too funny I just posted on your comment on my page and I was right about the package for the wipes hehe..anyways

    LOVE your haul, I love both the Hard Candy items you bought.I also love the ORGANIX products I use the Coconut oil and leave in conditioner it makes my hair smell so yummy!

  2. Oh you got the new Falsies! Not quite sure what the difference is with the previous one (I yet have to try the Black Drama) but the packaging sure looks pretty! The Falsies is one of my favorite mascara(:

  3. @mrsmakeup- haha how did you know? ;) and omg the coconut smells amazing!!!

    @Gaby- This one is suppose to lift the lashes to flare out...the brush is a bit different then the falsies one but I love it!! My eye lashes look crazy long today from this stuff! Try it out for sure when you can.

  4. The fox in a box bronzed/blusher looks really good! :D

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