Tattoos Ink it up!

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I absolutely love these posts!! I have been wanting to do one for a while since I practically love everything on this site and every post I have seen with pictures from WEHEARTIT .
I wish I could be covered in tattoos! Some people cringe when I say that or think why would anyone want to do that? WELL let me tell you :) if you get good tattoos that are done nicely then they look good right? If you aren't 100% comfortable in your skin and you feel more confident with beautiful art work on it then why wouldn't you want too? I have always said the thing I like the most about myself (appearance wise) is my tattoos and I feel much better with them on me then I would just makes me feel like me.

So here are a few of my favorite WEHEARTIT tattoo pictures.

Fan of inking up your body or keeping it bare?


JuNe RaNdOms

7:48 PM

 June has been RAIN RAIN RAIN RAIN RAIN.. I do like Rain but it just reminded me when I lived in Seattle and I didn't overly like the rain every day. 
This post is just some random June pictures... 

June should be good long boarding weather but this year so far it has really sucked! Boots was testing my board out.
Chicken looks ridiculous, I couldn't get a decent picture of him

Chillin in the messy closet

I was in the Relay for Life this year and it RAINED most of the night (it's 7pm-7am walk) I'm not gonna lie it sucked, it was so freaking cold I had my mits and toque on! My team ended up raising over $5000!! so that was really awesome!!

Monster supply for the Relay for Life.. I surprisingly only drank 1! I brought some for my team that's why I have soo many

It rained so much that I couldn't get a good shot of the luminaries once they were lit but here is what I have. Some previous years they have laid some of the luminaries on the ground to spell HOPE but this year they had them around the path and on this sign.

On of my favorite summer drinks!
I'm pretty much know as the Monster rep of my city... I can convert anyone who likes other energy drinks into liking Monster! My one friend at work was so addicted to Red Bull until I started there... now his mirror is covered with the stickers.. I thought it looked kinda neat.( he has a cab on his truck so he can't see out of his mirror anyway)

My First Red Velvet cookie thingy from Star Bucks SOOO GOOD!!!!

This is my weird sense of humor but I found it funny to walk through the parking lot at Walmart and see a pair of shoes lol

My Awesome Hem job with staples!
Awesome Monster bike!

My Job seriously has the LONGEST DAYS EVER!!!! but I only have 7 more days there...

Just a random Pic of my stars if you can see them..

That was my June Randoms... I don't usually take pictures of people to put on my blog, not a lot of people know I have a blog so I can't really put them up on here so they are just random things that I seem to be taking pictures of lol.

What was your favorite June memory that you caught on camera?

Bath And Body Works

BaTh & BoDy WorKs HAUL!!!

6:16 PM

If you are addicted to Bath and Body Works and have a little bit of cash I suggest you go there NOW! They have this crazy sale 50%-75% off signature collection items...You can check out there site HERE to see what kinda stuff they have. 
HOLY CRAP I seriously could have bought the whole store! I was watching a Youtube video and I can't remember who's it was but they had a Bath and Body Works haul and she had the Cotton Candy 3 wick candle so I had to see if they were in Canada yet. I am in love with Cotton Candy anything so I was thrilled to see them there!!!! And they smell AMAZING!!! OMG! I am burning one right now and I never ever want it to run  out!

Everything here was on sale Except the Sweet Pea Perfume on the end.. that was full price. 
In total for everything else I spend just under $75..which I guess it sounds like a lot once I type it out but it was honestly worth it. I wouldn't have went crazy and bought all this if it wasn't all half off...

*3 Wick Slatkin & Co Candles  2 in Cotton Candy. 1 in Lilac Blossom. Sale Price: $11.25 Regular Price :$22.50
* 1 Wick Slatkin & Co Candles. 1 in Dark Kiss and 1 in Pineapple Orchid. Sale Price: $ 6.25 Regular Price: $12.50
* Cooling Mist in Deep Aqua. Sale Price$ 3.50 Regular Price $14.00
* Triple Moisture Body Cream in Vanilla Berry. Sale Price: $6.25. Regular Price: $12.50
*Intense Moisture Body Butter in Sweet Pea- Sale Price $5.00. Regular Price $6.00
*Home Fragrance Oil in Sweet Pea. Sale Price $4.00. Regular Price $7.50
*Body Cream in Enchanted Orchid.Sale Price $6.25. Regular Price $12.50
*Anti-Bacterial Deep Cleansing Hand Soap in Twisted Peppermint (my fav!) Sale Price $1.38. Regular Price $5.50
Lastly My Full Price purchase was:
*Sweet Pea Perfume for $34-I thought it was $24 and didn't realize it until I got home, that is a little bit expensive and I probably wouldn't have purchased it if I double checked the price.

Nap TIme! Chicken was tired from playing in the shopping bags and clawing the paper that they wrapped the candles in =)

What is your favorite Bath and Body Works Item? OR something Similar to that store if you do not have one in your country?

Hair Dye

L'oreal Sublime Mousse Review

8:47 PM


This is my second foam hair dye I have tried and I think this is such a good product for anyone who wants a quick easy coloring. L'oreal sublime mousse is usually under $10.00 at most drug stores, I had a $4 off coupon from click here to get coupon ( if you are in Canada) and I used my coupon while this was on sale at Walmart for around $8 so I got it for like $4, can't go wrong with that price!

The color selection isn't amazing, its fairly basic but I assume they will come out with more colors eventually.  I got the color 20- PURE BLACK.

 The box includes the usual,plus the pump. You just attach the pump onto the developer bottle and kind of swing in the bottle back and not shake! Until everything is mixed.

Total time is under 40 minutes. I applied this foam to my hair in under 5 minutes. People with thicker longer hair I would guess it would take around 10. It is SO QUICK. 30 minute developing time isn't too bad either. 

The consistency of this dye foam isn't very thick, but it isn't watery if that makes any sense. It doesn't drip once it is applied but if  I had tilted my hand it would have fell right off.

When I am dying my hair I always make sure to put a layer of Vaseline around my hair line and on my ears so I don't have black color all over. As well wear an old shirt in case you spill anything. 
This was seriously so easy to use, squeeze dye into hand and put onto hair. Rub into roots then ends and you are done. No sectioning (maybe if you have really thick hair) no combing, just quick and easy.

*Easy to use
*Full coverage
*Natural looking
*The smell isn't crazy horrible like the nice n easy foam dye
*Good price

*Lasting power isn't as wonderful as some other dye's i've used
*Color selection isn't huge
*Conditioner isn't very moisturizing

I would recommend this product as well as repurchase it. I find this fairly similar to the Clairol nice n easy foam dye. You can see my other review Here.

What are your thoughts on the foam dyes that are out there? Found any really good ones?



8:31 PM

Who's feeling glum lately? I know that sounds weird with the sun starting to shine and all the summer fun that should be starting. BUT sometimes life gets in the way with that fun and it just leaves you feeling down or blahh.
I have been struggling a little bit with some things in my life the past couple months and it seems to hit me harder the last couple weeks so I am trying to find things to get me thinking positively and laughing... one of my favorite things to do!
Other then talking with your best friend...sometimes they can only listen to you for so many hours in a row ;) I often listen/watch stand up comedy. I absolutely LOVE Dane Cook! Some of his older stuff just makes me laugh and tends to steer my mood in a better direction. Here are a couple of his bits that I find freakin funny...

This last one is probably my favorite one.. I couldn't find a good video since it is so old but it's really fricken funny!!

Whenever my head is going in circles thinking and thinking I usually can't just sit there I have to do something to occupy my mind so I will have a good run and blast my iPod, clean my house like crazy, talk to a good friend,blog!..or the worst one, eat my face off with bad bad food!!!
What are some things you do if you are feeling glum to pick up your mood??



7:38 PM


I have read a couple of these hitting pan and empty kind of posts on some blogs and I really liked it so I thought I would do one myself!
I have been trying to use up everything I have had laying around for the past year. I need to get rid of my stock pile of stuff one way or another...

*got2b-Guardian Angel
*Guarnier Frutis -Body Boost Spray
*L'oreal - Volume Mousse
*Biore-warming anti-blackhead cream cleanser
*L'oreal-Voluminous Million
*L'oreal Elnett

*Jergens-Ulta Care
*Secret-Body Mist in Vanilla Chai
*Batiste-Dry Shampoo Original
*Paul Mitchell- Super Skinny Serum
*Olay Quench-Active Hydration

That is as far as I have gotten this month, I will try to keep on using what I can...the more I can use the better, then I can get new stuff ;)
I am actually pretty happy I am using up things that are just taking up space or that were close to being empty but I never finished up.

What are the latest things you have used up?


LaCoupe Overnight Repair Review

3:56 PM

LaCoupe Overnight Repair Miracle Masque

I spotted this when I was at Shoppers Drug Mart Earlier this week and I have been using it since the night I bought it. This is my first over night hair repair I have ever tried and I am happy with the results! I threw out my receipt but this was just under $10. This bottle is 150 g /5oz.

*Deeply Nourishes For visibly healthier hair
*Transforms Damaged frizzy and over processed hair
*Style Fusion Technology

*Has a nice pump for easy despence
*Will not stain your pillow case
*Decently priced
*Absorbs Quickly

There isn't a lot to this bottle but it is pretty thick so I think it should last a while.
So you just apply this to your dry hair before bed and wash your hair in the am. I usually actually apply a deep conditioner to my hair before I go to bed like once a week, then braid it and wash it out in the morning. This was soo much better then using a deep conditioner, it absorbed so quickly and felt like it was actually going into my hair to help repair it. The smell isn't amazing but it's alright.
I noticed the first time I used this how much softer and shinier my hair was the next day. I will for sure be repurchasing this and I would recommend this.

What is your favorite over night repair?

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