BUyiNg RAmPagE? I ThiNk NoT!

10:41 PM

For the past 456367 hours I have had the luxury of having the in laws stay with me! Wahoooooo! ;) super super fun and time is just flying by! I haven't even noticed that I haven't got to do any of my normal things I would usually blogging..


I totally have noticed, and it hasn't been 456367 hours, only 6 days but it fricken feels like it!!! BUT if you ever for some crazy reason find out that I have a blog and are reading this I am having a dandy time with you guys staying with us ;) lol.

Needless to say I have made more attempts to go out and do a little window shopping then heading straight home after work, here are a couple things that I have picked up...

Love the Olay Total Effects daily moisturizer. This is my second bottle of this stuff and I really like it. I am not gonna lie it is fricken expensive, regularly anywhere from $22 all the way to $27 if you get it from shoppers! Yikes. This was on sale at Wally World for $17-which is insane yes but I am a little crazy lately so it makes sense ;)

Clean & Clear Deep Cleaning Astringent, this one is my fav when it is on sale =) I paid $5.99 for this sucker.

GARNIER Skin Care Naturals, this pack of 20 was $8. This is my first time trying these out so hopefully they are alright.

And Lastly I have heard mixed reviews on this product but since it was on sale for the travel size $2.99 I thought I would try it. 
SAY YES TO CUCUMBERS soothing facial towelettes.

Have you tried any of these??

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