BUyiNg RAmPagE? I ThiNk NoT!

10:41 PM

For the past 456367 hours I have had the luxury of having the in laws stay with me! Wahoooooo! ;) super super fun and time is just flying by! I haven't even noticed that I haven't got to do any of my normal things I would usually blogging..


I totally have noticed, and it hasn't been 456367 hours, only 6 days but it fricken feels like it!!! BUT if you ever for some crazy reason find out that I have a blog and are reading this I am having a dandy time with you guys staying with us ;) lol.

Needless to say I have made more attempts to go out and do a little window shopping then heading straight home after work, here are a couple things that I have picked up...

Love the Olay Total Effects daily moisturizer. This is my second bottle of this stuff and I really like it. I am not gonna lie it is fricken expensive, regularly anywhere from $22 all the way to $27 if you get it from shoppers! Yikes. This was on sale at Wally World for $17-which is insane yes but I am a little crazy lately so it makes sense ;)

Clean & Clear Deep Cleaning Astringent, this one is my fav when it is on sale =) I paid $5.99 for this sucker.

GARNIER Skin Care Naturals, this pack of 20 was $8. This is my first time trying these out so hopefully they are alright.

And Lastly I have heard mixed reviews on this product but since it was on sale for the travel size $2.99 I thought I would try it. 
SAY YES TO CUCUMBERS soothing facial towelettes.

Have you tried any of these??

Hair Scrub

REDKEN Refining Sea Polish Review

9:56 PM


I have only used this once and I used it sparingly as the sample I got probably has 2 uses in it but I am not too sold on this.
Okay just in case you have never seen this product it is REDKEN'S Refining Sea Polish- "Gentle exfoliant, enriched with pumice, removes impurities and refines the hair's surface leaving it smooth and shiny." (From the web site) BUT I have to disagree on that one! I have only tried this once and I didn't like it. It felt like I was literally rubbing sand in my hair, I was kind of worried that I was going to shred my already fragile hair with this stuff! Even though the packaging states it is for ALL hair types-I think not.
This "gentle" Exfoliant is pretty fine,not like an actual face scrub or anything like that, you probably can tell in the picture how fine the grain is.

After you have rubbed this in your hair, you are to rinse and condition. This did rinse out easy and it didn't get stuck like you think maybe sand would. I did use a deep conditioner after just in case this did any harm to my hair.
So Over all honestly I only used it once as I do have fine hair and I don't really think this is a product for anyone with fine or really damaged hair as it does exfoilate the hair a bit, it doesn't like rip your hair open but I think this would be more suitable for maybe thick hair. I didn't find my hair any shinier either and since my hair is so dark I think I would be able to notice a difference. It did have a pleasant smell like the rest of the products in this line but that is basically all I can say about it.
I will probably never use this again and I am glad I got to try a free sample of it.
I think if your salon has the little packet samples defiantly give it a try and let me know how it is!

Face Wash

Olay Professional Pro X

9:45 PM

I have wanted to try this ever since I had watched one of my Fav YouTube girls, MrKongsMom Aka Melanie Do a review for this product. Now this is a cheaper wanna be Clarisonic . I don't have a Sephora around me so I am not as temped as I might be if I had one near by to pick up one. I have wanted a Clarisonic for a long time but I honestly don't want to spend the $200ish for this product. I want too but I just will not let myself,maybe one day! If you are unfamiliar with this product you can check it out here. It looks amazing! 

But this post is not about that it is about the Olay Professional Pro X . 

Okay please ignore the terrible picture, apparently my eyes are more tired then I thought!! but I was just so excited to get this I had to do this quick post. So this is the same kinda idea as the Clarisonic with cleaning your face with the smaller brush and really getting in there to get out all the dirt and oil.. I just used this quickly and wholy crap does my face feel frickn soft! I am going to use it a couple more times and then do a review to see if the results stay like this. You know when you get something and test it out the first few times and its awesome then all of a sudden it does nothing? well I hope this is not the case!

As I kind of mentioned at the beginning of the post I learned about this Product from Melanie and I was just anxious to get it!! I would comment on her videos saying how I couldn't find it in Canada yet and how I really wanted it and now I found it  =) This was pricey... $29.99 BUT if it continues to make my skin feel like clean and soft afterward it is totally worth it! 
 And since I do not make YT videos I think you should check out Melanie's Video if you are wanting to try this product:

Just another quick note, if you are into watching any YouTube Guru's I suggest taking a look at her Channel, She is such a sweetheart, she will answer any question you have for her and her videos are really informative so she is really awesome to watch.Check it out if you are are trying to find some new people to get hooked on =) MrKongsMom's Channel  <3<3<3
Thank you for reading =) And let me know if anyone has tried this product and if you would like me to do a full review??


Bath And Body Works

April Favorites

9:04 PM

APRIL IS OVERRRRR-well almost. I swear as you get older time freakin flys by and everything is on a time crunch to fit everything in! 
So with the end of April almost here, here is where I blew some of my $$$ =)

I cannot believe this is my first product, and I have had it in my blow before when I did my mascara review but I wasn't a major fan..well I finished that tube and on to the second one. This month I am really liking the MAYBELLINE FALSIES in blackest black of course. The only thing I am not a fan of is I find it so  wet, so it takes longer to dry of course.

I have used LIP SMACKERS my whole life, I swear I was born with lip gloss in my hands! I have tried every flavor out there! I actually didn't buy it for a little white since I like the Bath & Body Works lip glosses just as much. But sometimes I like to pick these up. This one is peach and if you like the candy fuzzy peaches you will love its, it smells amaaaaaaaaaaazing!!So Amazing I secretly want to eat it!! but then I remember hey this is lip gloss not food, you will eat fuzzy peaches instead ! =)

Drug Store Eye shadow! COVER GIRL isn't my favorite drug store product in anyway shape or form but I do like some of their shadow's. I am a fan of anything brown or any neutral's really. This is Cover Girl's Shimmering Sands trio shadow. This is a great cheaply priced shadow for everyday colors. I believe this was under $8.

Bath & Body Works!!As per usual =) DARK KISS is my new obsession and this is their body lotion with vitamin e, jojoba & shea butter to help keep your skin not only smelling good but looking good.

Need something yummy smelling for your house? I decided to try the mini candle from BATH & BODY WORKS in Seaside Escape. This is different then what I regularly pick and I love it, it is a seaside smell  ;), its very pretty! I might even have to buy the full size when they have a sale again.

And that is my April Fav's, what were yours this month??


REDKEN Natures Rescue Shampoo Review

8:07 PM

I am in love with this already! I haven't bought a cleansing shampoo for quite some time and I don't really know why I haven't but I haven't . I have only used this shampoo twice, I will probably only use it once a week from now on since it is a cleansing shampoo that basically de-gunks your hair. After I blow dried my hair it was crazy soft and felt so light. I did notice a bit more volume because I had gotten rid of all the crap that has been building up on my hair.
This is a sulfate paraben free shampoo so it isn't going to foam up like crazy when it is in your hair, it did foam up but I always think the more it foams the more it is cleaning and I think I tend to use too much but oh welllll. I did notice more dye washing out of my hair then my other shampoo-that's why I would only use this once a week. I think this is worth the money as the bottle will probably last me a really long time.

Have you tried this yet?

Thank You


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20 Followers =) YAY!!! that might sound little but It is a LOT for this lil lame blog!

Thank you so much to anyone who is following my blog and if you are actually reading it! OR commenting! =) OR if you actually like this blog!! ;) Thank you!

Makes my day <3

Hair Exfoliant

RedKen Products

9:42 PM


I got to leave work early on Thursday and I decided I should go check out the mall near by and see if I can find anything...I couldn't find a thing so I decided to head into the hair salon there and see if there was any new products and here is what I am testing out:

*NATURE'S RESCUE* Refreshing Detox Shampoo for all hair types
Sulfate-free cleanser washes away daily stress by helping eliminate impurities,pollution and build up. This has moisturizing aloe and soy protein to help protect hair..
I haven't tested this out but I will tomorrow and do a review if anyone is wondering what it is like. This was pricey- $15.99 and the bottle isn't that big. 200 ml so it better be good!

Okay this is so weird, or so I thought it was super weird when I saw Amarixe's channel . This is a hair scrub type thing . A scrub for your hair?What! This is supposed to gently exfoliate hair,remove impurities and refine the surface of the hair leaving it smooth and shiny. I don't know exactly what I think of this just yet as I haven't used it yet. I got a sample packet of it and will give it a try.


Here is Allison's video as well if you haven't seen it yet!

And the last REDKEN product I bought yesterday is the *EXTREME CAT* Protein reconstructing treatment for distressed hair
The girl at the salon said she swears by this and said she uses it all the time so I hope she is right!
 CAT protein reconstructing treatment reconditions distressed hair. It provides combability,body and shine to help prevent further damage. I haven't used this yet either but I will give it a try tomorrow.This was also very expensive in my opinion $22 but I am hoping it will help my crappy weak hair.

Have you tried anything from REDKEN's new Nature's Rescue Line?

Dry Shampoo

got2b Rockin'it Dry Shampoo Review

7:51 PM

I was introduced to this product by my favoriest blogger friend - The Miss Twist aka Shawna This is got2b’s rockin’ it encore fresh dry shampoo... This was on sale at Shoppers Drug Mart ( I seem to go there a lot lately =/  ) for $5.99. This product has some pros & cons.

This is the product you can skip a day of washing a still keep your hair from looking like it.

I will start with the negative because I am just like that!
-Smells like Lemon Pledge... if you don't want to smell like a coffee table then you might not like this! ;)
- Leaves your hair a slight discolouration if you have dark hair and spray too much on it
- Lots of over spray with this sucker.. I had a light powder all over my bathroom...seriously I had to clean the counters and my iPod dock after I first used this
-If you have crazy fine hair like me =( this might give you a little bit of build up

Ok so that wasn't so bad was it??

The pro's of this product are:
-When on sale a great price
-Does soak up the oil
-Makes hair feel a bit cleaner
-Gives your hair a slight bit of texture if you need a quick fix on your roots when its crazy soft before styling
-Makes your hair smell like you have coffee table cleaner head aka Pledge (hey some ppl might like that?) hah.. it actually doesn't last that long and if you don't have a good sense of smell you probably won't even notice =)

Ok I have one more thing to say about it and I don't know which category it would fall into... This sprays crazy powerful, so you MUST spray in short bursts, over a bath tub or in a shower I suggest so you don't have a light powdery substance all over your bathroom. Also use a bore bristle brush and it will help brush the light color out of your hair... I first used a comb and that just made my hair look greyish.. 
I think this is a decent product for under $10 . I think I would prefer to use baby powder but this wasn't a total waste of money.
Since I wrote this review I have tested out a few more dry shampoo's and have found my HD dry shampoo!!! Batiste! You can check out my review for the regular Batiste dry shampoo HERE and the Batiste for Dark hair HERE. I HIGHLY recommend this dry shampoo!

Have you tried got2b or any other dry shampoo you liked or not?


Quo - PuMp Up ThE VoluMe MaScarA ReVieW

7:25 PM

Miss Mascara Junkie tries another drug store brand.....

This is my first Quo mascara I have ever bought. Quo Pump Up The Volume Mascara. This is a brand that Shoppers Drug Mart Sells in Canada-Honestly I don't know where else you are able to purchase this line but lately it has been getting better and better....

Originally this was $15 at Shoppers but on sale for $9.99 so I thought I would give it a try.

This is in the color Black (creative hey? ) I love the packaging I think it's super cute and the tube is pretty big-12g -so I think it might last a little longer then some other brands. So $10 really wasn't too bad for the size.

I tried to take before and after pictures but it's really hard since I just use my iPhone to take all my pictures I couldn't get a good shot on my own. I have pretty lame lashes that are super fine but ok length. I  still have a hard time finding a mascara I really love. The brush is fat and pretty big but it isn't one of those massive brushes that you can't even get to go through your lashes. I think it is almost a perfect size if you like larger brushes.

My phone couldn't capture the brush very well sorry =/

I still use a top coat on top of my water proof L'oreal Voluminuous mascara- I think I will forever since it is the best mascara EVER. But all in all I would suggest giving this a try if you are looking to change up your mascara.... but I still am on the hunt for my perfect mascara.

Have you tried this one out yet?



7:38 PM

I went to chapters today and despite the creepy guy standing on my back practically in the line up I did find a couple things.. I either find everything or nothing in that store today I found 2 things that I really like!!

*YOU BEING BEAUTIFUL by- Michael Roizen & Mehmet Oz-I have read this before- I borrowed my sister's copy and have always eyed at Chapters when I go in there but it is $33! Well today they had some kind of deal on it and it was on sale for $9.99 + 10% off so I go it for like $8! I was pretty excited for that.This is a book everyone should own I think, it has things for inner and outer beauty that you should learn. It is a great book and I am looking forward to reading it again!

 *Does anyone have this problem? I NEVER sleep properly..even if I get 5 or 6 or 7 hours of sleep if I am lucky and even when I get up I feel like I haven't slept in years lol. I am ALWAYS tired, it's super annoying. But I have seen this before and wanted it but thought nooo it's a waste of money but this time i just said what the hell why not. This was $18 =( But I find it kind of amusing.. this is a journal for passing the time when insomnia strikes.. The second I try to sleep my brain is like heyyy lets think and keep you awake.. Maybe this will help? who knows..

Here is a page from the book to kinda show you what it looks like..

Have you found any good books lately?

Birch Box

Loose Button

7:06 PM

Have you heard of Birch Box before? I only heard about it maybe 4 months ago and I fell in love with the idea... I did a quick blog post about it previously but I think no one was reading this at that point lol but I will quickly tell you in case you have never heard of it before. You can sign up with this company for around $10 a month and receive up to 5 high end beauty samples and you can get this service for just a 1 time trial or sign up for a year, kinda whatever you like. Long story short I wanted to get this because you can test out the products without buying a full size one and save some $$ - Now the bad part is they do not ship to Canada! I have contacted them twice to see if they have changed that but up to this point they have to many boarder issues and i don't see it being resolved anytime soon.
I had commented on MissGlamorazzi 's video and someone had commented back saying to check out Loose Button since it is a Canadian kind of Birch Box. So I went to the site and it looked pretty cool...I had signed up to receive and invitation since this isn't fully launched just yet but I never signed up... 
I was reading Productrater 's  Loose Button Box that she had blogged about and decided I should sign up. 
So now I wait! Their web site said they would be sending the next box out on May 9th so I have a ways to go. I signed up for 3 months, just to give it a shot and it was $32. Hopefully it will be worth the money. I love ordering things online and getting the package in the mail so I think it will be worth it!The box they package it in is really cute too. I will blog about it when I get it!
Do you have Loose Button or Birch Box?

Bath And Body Works

New Products!

4:25 PM

I have a couple new products I am testing and so far so good... here they are :

 * CLEAN&CLEAR Makeup dissolving foaming cleanser. I have been using a lot of clean&clear products lately and liking them. I can't remember who had this in their YouTube video but when I saw the video I knew I had to try this since I do like their eye make up remover. This was $5.99 at Zellers and it is just a foamy makeup removing cleanser. It removes my waterproof mascara so that's all I really care about.

*The next is HARD CANDY'S SHEER ENVY Tinted Moisturizer in color fair.
This is a great product for light coverage, I don't like to have a bunch of foundation on most of the time and this is a good way to even your skin out without much on. I do find it looks a little shiny once it goes on but it does dry matte. I use a little bit of powder after I apply this to even out any shine. This was around $7 at Walmart

*I would try a new mascara every fricken day if i could and I haven't tried much from Physicians Formula but This Organic Wear caught my eye and I thought i would try it. This is a natural mascara without extra added crap.This is free of harsh chemicals,synthetic preservatives, parabens,fibers and dyes. It claims there is no clumping with this kind of formula. I have used this twice now since I bought it and I am not too sure how i like it.

This is the brush.. It is pretty short and fat so it is hard to get in the corners of the eye and I found it hard on the lower lash line . It has the rubbery bristles on the wand.

The picture isn't the best but I couldn't get my phone to focus really well but you get the idea.This is a fairly Matte black, the color is Ultra black but it doesn't give me jumbo lashes like the package says =/

*Lastly is Bath & Body Works DARK KISS triple moisturizing shower cream. Love this scent.. MY Mama actually bought me this too.. and I love it, it is super thick and leaves your skin feeling soft with such a nice scent =)

Do you have any new products you have recently bought that you are loving?

Auuie 3 minute Miracle


3:35 PM

OKAY so the winner that I pick from the 2 AUSSIE products would for sure be the 3 minute Miracle..
This was $3.99 at Zellers (wanna be crappy Target) and it is well worth the money, if you are looking for an inexpensive deep conditioner and like the coconut smell this is something you will enjoy. It has a really easy to use bottle, ( not that regular bottles are difficult but) you just squeeze the bottle and it comes out of the end,no removing the cap, not pumps so I think that's handy. The smell wasn't too strong but I could smell it in my hair through out the day faintly, but was not over powering at all. This did not weigh my lame fine hair down either.
When my hair feels really dry like lately I put the conditioner in my hair after I get my hair wet, then i wait a few minutes then I shampoo and apply the conditioner to my ends again. That might sound like a lot of steps or more product but my hair is crazy soft after and I don't do that every time.
I would for sure repurchase this again-if I can find it. Why I didn't just buy 2 I have no idea ;) next time!

Aussie 3 min Miracle

ThiS Vs ThAt!... Part 1!

9:44 PM

This VS that?  Which one did I like Better?

**Big Sexy Hair Blow Dry Voluminizing Gel VS *TRESemme 24 Hour Body?

* I would definitely have to say The Tresemme 24 hour body wins. This is a 1/3 of the price, give you a little bit of volume and has a very good fruit smell.Big Sexy hair lets me down once more =( didn't do squat to my hair =(

** L'OREAL Studio indestructible Mouse VS TRESemme's 24 hour body mouse?

* I have been using L'oreal's mouse's for a while now and always liked them but this time I am going to have to go with the TRESemme one. It doesn't give me anything big for volume but it helps with my flat lameo hair! The smell is fruity like the gel one and i love it!

** GOSH rescuse me! Repair'n Shine Serum VS PAUL MITCHELL Super Skinny serum?

* I have always been a fan of super skinny so that is my winner! This product is pretty amazing as it  helps with drying your hair faster then using nothing.But I always am on the look out for something cheaper and comparable. I am really liking Gosh products right now so this would be my second pick for hair serum that doesn't break the bank.

**got2B Rockin it Dry Shampoo VS Johnson's Baby Powder- yes that's right baby powder! ?

**Okay so I am going to be doing a full review on the dry shampoo so this is a slightly different comparison.. I pick the baby powder for an anytime need to soak up oil for a dry shampoo since it doesn't give you any extra texture to your hair like dry shampoo does.The easiest way to do this for the dark haired girls is put some in your hands-over a sink and rub them together and run your hands through the roots. You can directly put on your hair but I do use a shine spray after if there is too much powder and my hair is lookin a little bit white ;)But I will do a review later and tell you what is or isn't good with the dry shampoo if you are interested?

Last one for right now.. I will be having a part 2 soon!

OKAY SO THIS IS THE EXCITING ONE FOR ME!!!!!I have been looking and looking for months and months and feels like a year but I am not too sure how long. I finally found it in Vegas but I was on the strip and didn't want to walk around with shampoo and I thought Canada would get it one day... and they have it in my city now!!

**AUSSIE 3 Minute Miracle deeep conditioner VS AUSSIE 3 Minute Miracle Smoothing Treatment?

*I remember I was so pumped when I found the 3 min. Smoothing conditioner and I tweeted @saaammage because she had had it in one of her give away's and she tweeted me something back like oh no mine has the blue font on it and its for deeep conditioning . So I took another look at it and was like NOOOO and it didn't have the wonderful coconut smell it had a gross cough syrup smell ( which I have always told my mom when I was super young that cough syrup smells like a dead dog ) soooo when my nose smells that it ain't good lol. BUT I FINALLY found the right one!!! I looked and looked and looked and finally =) SO i am going to try it out tomorrow morning and tell you the answer =) with a review if anyone would like!

I also want to mention in my This VS that that Saaammage is one of the only 3 YouTube Guru's who actually ever spoke with me...she will tweet back to any questions you need help with in the beauty department. She is a total sweetheart!!!! So follow her if you like cool smart FUNNY, shes super funny and the girl can do make up like you wouldn't believe!! you must check her Youtube out!! I posted the links wayyyy back on other posts when no one was following me so here is her link just in case you wanna check it out. Saaammage <3<3<3 =)

Thank you for checking this post out =) and if you have any questions let me know.
Have you tried any of these? what did you think??


Reese Star Brownie Recipe

8:35 PM

I am not by any means a health eater but I wish I was... I probably only bake like 5 times a year and this is one of my favorite things to bake. This was my first time using the star cookie cutter's so they kind of turned out funny looking. So no laughing! ;)

I debated putting this on my blog for probably a month because they looked pretty funny but why the heck not .. they still tasted amazing.

I used the BETTY CROCKER Chocolate Chunk brownie mix because it is quicker when you don't have a lot of time to start from scratch. REESE peanut butter cups, and I was going to use the BETTY CROCKER French Vanilla icing but I ending up not this time... AND the MOST IMPORTANT PART... STAR COOKIE CUTTERS =) Or any shape you like! I am a little bit in love with stars so that's of course what I picked.

pls pls do NOT make this is u have peanut allergy!

Okay here is the easy Part! Now you huck it all into a bowl =) Mix it together. 
Next I use a lot of REESE'S, probably 3 packs, Put them in a microwaveable bowl and microwave them until they are all melted. 
Then I mix it in the bowl with all the other stuff... Bake ( I usually under bake by a couple min. so they are super soft) and Here is the finished product...

Okay WAIT  A MIN. BEFORE YOU LAUGH.... I didn't realize how uncrafty I was until I started to try to cut the brownies out. Ummm it didn't go so well.. I think I needed to let them cool more but I was just so excited for star brownies that I couldn't wait!

What do you think? They taste better then they look!! And that is all my baking for probably the entire year!
What is your Fav thing to bake?

Make Up FOR Ever

WiSh LiSt!!

9:11 AM

I've seen wish list's on other blogs and it looks fun to write about some things you are wishing to purchase one day!

My biggest thing on my wish list would have to be the URBAN DECAY NAKED palette.. I CANNOT find this anywhere, I have looked in 3 different cities and been checking & for almost a year now and it is sold out everywhere!!! I really don't know how anyone even gets these but it sure seems like ever guru on YouTube has it.

Photo from :

My next wish is for a set of Sigma brushes. I was checking out there site last night and was hoping I could afford to get a set this month...but maybe next month!

Photo from:

I really like the pink and the blue brushes, It would be hard to decide the color! But this looks like a wicked set of brushes for someone who isn't too great with make up just yet =/

My Last wish is MAKE UP FOREVER HD High Definition Foundation. This is $40! So unless it drops by like $30 I am not buying it! Most of the reviews I have read are great and worth the money but I just cannot justify spending that much on my measly income. But  it looks and sounds amazing!

Photo from:

What is on your wish list?

Aussie Hair Spray

Worst Products I have purchased

6:49 PM

Over the past little while I have ran into quite a few ehhh products. They aren't horrible but they aren't great either. Here are my so so products that I would never repurchase...


First product that wasn't so hot is the GARNIER FRUCTIS Deep Repair Mask.This mask says the Nutritive micro oils repair and condition damaged hair.The AHA strengthen the core of the fiber in 1 minute! well this is kind of a soupy mask and while the description sounds great, and the smell is great it really did nothing for my hair =/

BIG SEXY HAIR- This picture is kind of bad sorry but I did make myself use this bottle as I rather not waste the product. I got the set of shampoo and conditioner on sale hoping this would provide me with the volume it claims to give you. This really was ehh. Didn't give me any kind of body to my hair or really much of anything.

HERBAL ESSENCES long term relationship-This is is shampoo & Conditioner that is supposed to strengthen hair against breakage and split ends. Well I still had breakage and split ends, didn't help my hair in the least.Herbal essences has let me down pretty much always. I know some people like this line but for someone with problem hair, it wasn't for me. I love the smell of pretty much all their shampoo but that was all I loved.

HERBAL ESSENCES BODY ENVY-The only thing you will be envious is helmet head this hair spray provides. Want matted sticky hard hair?? Well then this is going to be great for you ;) looking for something with hold but movement? This will not help you out.

AUSSIE AUSSOME VOLUME- This is EXTREME HOLD, This sucker was SO STRONG that I only used a couple spray's twice and you know with hair spray the excess goes on your bathroom counter?Well this was so much effort scrubbing it off I couldn't even use it again. How these crazy strong holding hair sprays give volume is beyond me. This is my second Aussie product and it wasn't worth the couple $.

SUNSILK Anti Flat weightless volumizing creme
- This was under $3 at the time I bought it so at least I didn't waste a bunch on it.DID NOTHING at all. It didn't weigh my hair down but it didn't give it any volume.Pretty much useless.

LIVING PROOF FULL THICKENING CREAM- I wanted this to be so amazing so badly! I watched the video on their web site and read tons of good reviews but it just didn't work with my crappy lifeless hair! This is supposed to be body boosting with natural movement for all hair types. Well I guess it just doesn't work on crappy hair types because this sure didn't! I ordered it online too so I paid even more $ with shipping. This TINY 53ml was just over $20 with shipping. =( 

LACOUPE VOLUME texture & Root Lift was nothing amazing. This is supposed to plump up your volume with a blend of proteins and botanical extracts to make hair thicker and softer. Ehh. Really didn't notice any difference. And it says it will not make your hair gummy...maybe not gummy but oily if you spray too much.

Too much stuff yet?? My bathroom cupboard agrees there is a tad too much..

GOT2B FAT-TASTIC -  This Thickening Mousse is supposed to give you body and blahh blahh blahh. I find got2b I either love it or hate it. This I would but on the hate list as it really didn't do anything for me.

Have you tried any of these?


I have super fair skin, and since I love really like dark hair on me , I sometimes get rude comments of how fair I am. So I try the lotions & tanners to help with that. Unfortunately these ones sucked!

JERGENS Natural Glow & NIVEA Summer Touch-These Smell AWFUL!! I feel like these smell like burning skin with cleaner mixed ( no i really don't know what that actually smells like!) but it is just TERRIBLE!! Some people might be able to stomach the smell but i really can't. The results are so minimal that it isn't worth it.

MYSTIC TAN-Tanning Spray for body & Face. I thought hey this would be a great product to try and the girl at Sephora had all these good things to say about this one... Well maybe if you have a lot of practice with the whole spray tan but attempting to get an even looking tan by yourself not great. If you hold this in one spot for too long it isn't good either. I got away with doing this on my legs but it did turn a tiny bit orangey. Not worth the expensive price tag.. I couldn't find the price on Sephora's web page.. I believe it was around $30.

NIVEA My Silhouette is a gel cream with bio slim complex. This is supposed to help with a more defined silhouette. I didn't notice anything with this product... It has a good smell but that was about it.This was around $10 so pretty expensive for nothing special.

AVON-SKIN SO SOFT. I really love this line by Avon and usually find it is moisturizing but these 2 products really weren't anything great. Just 2 body washes I use when I run out of a good one until I get to a store!

Still reading? Anyone bored yet?? This is the LAST ONE!! 

ST IVES-Renew Collagen Elastin has 100% natural moisturizers and is supposed to help with skin's elasticity. I like St. Ives for a moisturizer usually but this one wasn't anything special.

Have you tried any of these and felt the same way? 
What are your ehhh products??

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