DruG StoRe HaUl

4:59 PM

I went to London Drugs to do a little shopping since there are a lot of sales right now ( I cannot resist a good deal!) and this is what i came home with...

Redken is one of my most favorite line for hair care,this kind is the color extend line. I usually am to cheap to buy this product often but it was on sale for $21.00 so I couldn't pass that up, I did only get the conditioner since i do have some of the shampoo left over from last time.I am not exactly sure but i believe I have paid almost $40.00 for a liter before so $21 was cheap!

The next product I got is the TRESemme 24 hour body spray gel. I haven't read any reviews on this particular product but I did watch a video from ForeverYours0727 this morning and she had used this product and her hair looked awesome. You can check out here video HERE . Since it was on sale for $3.99 I thought i would test it out.

SCRUBBBB! I am always trying to find a good body scrub and this is such a wicked product! I love it! This is my second  body scrubber I have purchased and i love it. It actually kind of hurts the first time you use it, its very scrubby but once you used it a couple times you don't notice it. It makes your skin so soft its great. This was a little pricey for me but you don't have to replace it too often, it was $5.99.

Practically ever beauty guru on YouTube talks of this face brush, I have heard you can find them at the Body Shop but I haven't actually found any in my city. I have never used this product before but always heard good things so I am going to test it out! It was $5.49.

Another hair product, surprise surprise. I think i spend most of my money at the drug store on different hair products. I saw a commercial for this mask last night and thought i may's well try this one, i have yet to find a hair deep conditioner that i actually find helps repair my hair.This one says it has pro-keratine and ceramide that hopefully help strengthen your hair? This  mask was $6.99.

 I love the Herbacin hand cream so i picked up a lip balm to test out this kind. It was a little pricey for me but hopefully it will be worth the $3.99.

Fructis hairspray is nothing to special to me but it work's alright. I got the Ultra Strong hold, its not as strong as it sounds. if you spray farther away from your hair it doesn't make it all crunchy and gross and it was on sale for $2.99 so that's a good price.

I was watching Fleur De Force yesterday and I saw she had picked up this Maybelline Volum'Express mascara -being the mascara junkie I am I needed to get it and test it out. It was only $6.99.  I haven't watched any reviews yet but if its great I will do a review of this product.(if anyone actually reads this blog! ;)

I am the absolute worst when it comes to finding a foundation, I can never get the color right or how much coverage i need. I don't usually wear it either but I just need to test out some until I find the right one. This was on sale for $4.49 so no biggie if it doesn't work out.

LAST PRODUCT, I did a double take when I saw this sitting on the shelf! I never thought i would be so determine to find and Aussie product but I have been looking for Months for this and been watching everyone on YouTube raving about this cheap deep conditioner that actually works. I was excited to find it so i grabbed it and left.. I realize now that I already bought it that it isn't the same kind everyone has been talking about =/  It doesn't have a very nice scent to it but if it will help condition my hair then I am sold for $3.99.

And that is all for my drug store haul! Has anyone tried any of these products before?

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  1. Maybelline one by one was ok..after a month though mine got unbearably clumpy D:

  2. @Kysbel-mine did the same thing! I wasn't happy with it either...not worth buying!


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