Annabelle BigShow Lip Lacquer Review

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I was extra stoked to receive this in the mail from Annabelle Cosmetics. I truly do love their products not only because they are Canadian & do not test on animals but the quality is fantastic! I find myself reaching for them anytime I am out shopping for something new and probably unneeded LOL but we all do that!

Not going to lie I carefully tore this box open super excited to get in here! To my surprise there was 6 BigShow Lip Lacquers!!! FUN!

Can we just take a moment to look at this beautifulness
I am a lipglossaholic and don’t do the lipstick thing but this was so PERFECT! Colour and gloss!!
I was very stoked to try these out as the colours are exactly what I would purchase as well as I used never had a lip lacquer before so I was very cat like curious to see how this product worked!
I instantly fell in love with it, goes on smooth with nice pigmented colour with a delicious smell.
I find this a long wearing colour as far as I know, but I also like to reapply my lip products throughout the day.

Sorry not the best swatches!

-Adore Simply
-Love Fiercely
-Hypnotize Deeply
-Caress Tenderly
-Kiss Sweetly
-Enchant Romantically

GORGEOUS colours!! I heart my pinks so these were very pretty . I was trying to decide what my favourite one is and I think for regular use I would use Adore Simply more but my Favourite would have to be Kiss Sweetly! Light shimmer lasting high impact pigments, no stickiness and smells so GOOD!!! Fruity scents, my Favourite!!

I have been playing with these for the last week and a hafish, and a little goes a long way, I can’t get enough.
Absolutely love the packaging of this product, the scent is so nice, the lasting power is perfect and the colours are just as fun as they are conventional!

Would I recommend? You bet!!!! Would I purchase? HECK YES!

I can honestly say there are no cons. If you aren’t a fan of some shimmer then a couple may not be the colour for you but there are enough to choose from you will find your match! Or I just dare you to test out the shimmer, you might be surprised if you layer it with more of just a plain gloss.

Which colour would you like to try??

Find more about Annabelle’s products,

Batiste Empties

12:01 AM

I have been using Batiste for a few years now, I was a hard core lover of their product but always disliked the white cast it would leave in my dark hair. I realized using it before bed made the white cast not even there in the am. Since I am blonde/pink/purple now I think I have found my colors! I FRIGGING LOVEEEEEEE this product and cannot get enough! I go through bottles of this and love the fact I only have to wash my hair a couple times a week.

Seriously addicted, if you haven’t tried this yet, you have too!!! The smell is incredible as well as the XXL Volume works wonders!

Which one is your favorite?

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