ANNABELLE Biggy Zebra Bronzing Powder Review

1:30 AM

Bronzer is such a hit and miss with me that I actually stopped trying to find the perfect one since I felt that was just a dream.You all know the orange or dirt looking kind oh to well and it can be so frustrating to find one that works for you. It has to be just right! I was stoked to get the chance to review Annabelle Biggy Zebra Bronzing Powder in Haute Gold.

Bigger Size!Get Sun-kissed radiant skin in seconds!The powder contains 3 perfectly coordinated shades and a soft texture in harmonious of bronze and gold to create a natural glow of summertime tan.All the glow you want without the damaging effects of the sun. Paraben Free, Fragrance free,Gluten Free.Hypo-allergenic and dermatologist tested.

Love the over size of this product, it's perfect for the bigger body brushes to blend down your neck and chest if you are looking for an even all over glow.

The colors blend perfectly together to create a beautiful bronzed look. Not only do you miss the muddy orange look but it awakens my white as snow like complexion without it being too harsh or too intense. This product is nicely blendable and brings a great glow to my skin.

There is a slight shimmer in this bronzer but it is fairly subtle. 

You can pile this up as well to make a more intense bronzer for contouring or just keep it simple for an extra glow.

I have been playing around with this product for the past couple weeks and I am very pleased to be able to recommend this as well as use it on a daily basis!

Annabelle is a Canadian company that does not test on animals! That is one of the nicest things most people love to hear.A little nice, a little naughty and lots of style! They have been a part of Groupe Marcelle since 1999. To learn more about new products, info on the company as well all the social media and blog click HERE!

What is your favorite Annabelle product?

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