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April 2013 Empties

1:30 AM

I have the biggest pile of empties I have had in a long time so there will another post soon!

*SIMPLE Smoothing Facial Toner
This was a product I found too close to water for me, I think it would probably work okay with super sensitive skin but for my combo skin this wasn't the best fit with me.
Would I repurchase? Negative. 

*VICHY Normaderm
I bought this on a whim when it was on sale and I was pretty happy with this moisturizer, while it didn't fix my imperfections it did moisturize nicely without a greasy residue. 
Would I repurchase? Yes if the price was good.

*VICTORIA SECRET Pretty & Pure All Over Body Mist
Flipping LOVE this scent. Fruity and girly, my favorite.
Would I repurchase? YES!

*CLEAN&CLEAR Deep Cleaning Astringent 
I seriously don't know why I always buy this but I remember my older sister buying it when I was young and for some reason I always buy it since lol. I don't even know if Astringent is the same as a toner but I always seem to use this.
Would I repurchase? Apparently because I have for years.

*JERGENS Ultra Care Moisturizer
This seems like my go to lotion when I am on the hunt at my nearest drug store, I can't say I notice an amazing difference in my skin after using it but the consistency is a bit thicker and I do find it makes my skin feel nice and soft.
Would I repurchase? Yes 

*BATH & BODY WORKS Peppermint Mini Candle
YUM! This is one of my favorite scents from B&BW I guess it smells like candy canes or gum but I love it!
Would I repurchase? Yes!

* THE BODY SHOP Coconut Body Butter
Who doesn't love this stuff? It smells absolutely amazing! I think this is way too overpriced but if you catch it on a sale it's worth it.
Would I repurchase? Only if the deal was super good, I don't find this give me any better moisture then my Vaseline Body Butter which is WAY cheaper.

*BATISTE Coloured Dry Shampoo-Black
My LOVE! I seriously need Batiste in my life and wish I could find the coloured dry shampoo around here. I found this once at Winners and I purchased 2 bottles and it was over 2 years ago I think. I have been using this sparingly and finally just used the last of it =(
Would I repurchase? In a heart beat!

*L'OREAL Voluminous Power Collagen
Ahh L'oreal I know how evil you are but yet you are my go to mascara brand. This mascara plumps up my thin lashes and makes them noticeable.
Would I repurchase?Sadly yes.

Those are all the empties I could gather together today, i'm so unorganized it's ridiculous.

What are your latest empties?


Batiste Dry Shampoo XXL Volume Review

1:30 AM

I know I get to excited sometimes but I was like really excited for this. I have fine hair and that means it falls flat so the chance to review any thing that could help my crappy hair I would walk miles to try lol. I was very kindly sent this from FarleyCo to see what kind of big hair trouble I could get myself into. And let me tell you I had some big hair wow!

"Batiste XXL Volume Brings you the legendary revitalising benefits of Batiste Dry Shampoo with ultimate volumising power. From dull limp hair to big bouncy locks in an instant.
Batiste Dry Shampoo banishes oily roots,giving dull,lifeless hair the makeover it needs without water. A quick burst revitalises hair,adds body and texture and leaves it feeling fresh too. No need to worry about skipping a shampoo."

The nozzle is great, like most hairspray nozzles. It works perfectly.

I second guessed this product after I had it in my hands, I was thinking well it really it's probably just a dry shampoo with a new label. HA! no that's not the case at all. I fell in love with this product and I no longer need to use hair spray after I back comb my hair since this just holds everything in place.

I did have an interesting go the first time I used this. I sprayed my hair like I usually would with any other dry shampoo and when I went to brush out the excess my hair was pretty knotted up. If you use too much of this product you will create such an issue if you try to brush your hair out later(if you back comb). I usually always try to comb out any back combing I do or I end up with such matted hair after the shower.

You seriously need a small amount with this, which means the bottle will last such a long time.

The annoying white that dry shampoo leaves in your hair. It does blend away pretty good so I can't complain too much.

On the left I just kind of rubbed it into my hair with my fingers and on the right I have brushed it in. Really you can hardly tell my hair isn't super black after this. But I do recommend with darker hair to not use it on the top layer, just underneath so if there is some color lightening look it won't be effected since it's underneath.

I think this is perfect for fine hair since my problem is nothing stays in my hair, it's so soft and straight that even hairspray doesn't seem to last unless it's the make your hair crunchy kind which I can't stand.
I use a lot of the hair powders so I can have added texture in my straight hair but this is going to replace that since the price is much cheaper and way easier to use.


*Gives some serious volume
*Acts as a dry shampoo & volume maker!
*Pleasant scent
*Nice packaging
*Good price
*Adds amazing texture
*Quick & Easy


*My ultimate con of 90% of the dry shampoo world is the color! I just want black! Too much dry shampoo can make your hair have the dull grey color if you have dark hair. Perfect for blondes.
*Can give too much texture if your not careful

I will for sure purchase this product. I really find Batiste Dry Shampoo products different then all the other dry shampoos I have tried. They really make your hair feel clean and refreshed. I think this product would work well with all hair types and I say give it a try if you are looking for a cheaper alternatives to the volumizing hair powders or need mega volume.

You can purchase Batiste Dry Shampoo XXL Volume at

You can also check out Farleyco at the following sites:



Bass Buds Review

1:30 AM

Bass Buds $85.00

BassBuds Features
  • Intergrated Microphone with Call/MP3 Controller
  • Answer/End Call Control
  • Play/ Pause your MP3 Player
  • Skip Forwards and Backwards through your music
  • Activate voice control commands.
  • Compatible with all Smart Phones
  • Crystal-clear HD audio via the Advanced Crystaltronics Sound Technology
  • Precision-cut, high quality, light-weight and balanced aluminium housing
  • Anti-Tangle, durable, double-wrapped cable
  • FREE Stylish and Protective Storage Bag
  • FREE Black, White and Memory Foam Earbuds in 3 sizes
  • Gold-plated 3.5mm audio jack for optimum connectivity
  • One of the largest earphone colour ranges in the world!
  • Choose from our Classics Collection or 2012 Fashion Collection

Each set comes with this BassBuds box, with 6 sizes of silicon ear buds, 3 pairs of black memory foam earbuds, a bag to carry the earbuds in, instructions and a certificate of authenticity.

     If you are addicted to music like I am reading those specs might sell you alone on this product.

I have bought tons and tons of ear buds, from brands like Apple,Sony,Panasonic,Skull Candy and many more. I have always been disappointed when they would only last me a short while.
I have seen these ear buds through a friend of mine and when she got them I was thinking wow those are quite the pricy pair of headphones!Which I believe she has used for almost a year now and they are still working perfectly. I just thought well I will stick to my Skull Candy ones since I am sure they are just as good. Minus the SWAROVSKI ® ELEMENTS.

Boy was I wrong!
I go through too many head phones since I work in a loud shop I listen to music way too loud I am sure and blow the speaker or since I usually use my iPod Touch the cord gets bent at the end and the wires eventually break so only one side ends up working or something annoying like that.

I purchased the Platinum set from their Classic Collection

LOVE the skip/pause button. Seriously won't ever purchase a set without this again.

I thought these diamond looking buds would be a tad flashy for me but I honestly don't even notice the "bling" anymore.

*Pretty good sound quality
*Microphone & Pause/Skip button included
*Lots of different styles to choose from
*High Quality
*No tangle cord
*Gold Plated jack
*12 Month Warranty
*Do not hurt my ears and I wear them for almost 9 hours a day 

*The end of the jack.. I prefer the L shaped end since they tend to just break at the end if my iPod is in my pocket.
*A bit expensive
* I don't care for the microphone part of this since it's clearly near your head.. I would remove it if I could!
*They also should have moved the skip button further down on the cord since it's just under your chest and you look super weird pressing above your stomach when the cord is under your clothes lol

I did purchase these headphones through a Groupon offer so they were around $25 + $5 shipping. That's a damn good deal compared to the $85 they regularly cost. I would purchase these for $85 now knowing how amazing they actually are. I would highly recommend these ear buds for sure!

What brand is your favorite ear buds??

Alternative to hair Dye

Splat Hair Chalk Review

1:30 AM

"Simply beautiful pastel colors,Splat Hair Chalk is a beautiful way to add pastel color highlights to your hair. The chalk slides on dry and instantly adds just the right touch of color."
I recently got the chance to review Splat Hair Chalk from FarleyCo and I was realllly excited to give this product a go. I have had black hair for a few years now and have looked into adding bright color to it but the whole bleaching process isn't for me and hate that there wasn't as easy option that I had found for temporary hair color.

 Dusty Rose is perfect pink to add to any hair color.

Silver Moon is a gorgeous pastel blue, the picture is darker then the actual color sorry for my off lighting.

 I liked the idea of the pastel colors since it is a bit different then dyes I have seen around

OKAY now for the good stuff!!!

This was freakin awesome, I really had doubts that it would be so simple and actually last in my hair for a day let alone an hour. The color is pastel so of course it's a bit lighter so I needed to build this up on my black hair. I used two different hair sprays and had pretty much the same result with each. So what you do is take a section of hair spray with hairspray then use the compact and press against hair with your thumb and slide down the hair, repeat as much as you like! Then lightly spritz with hairspray to seal it in and you are good to go! You can style as you regularly would.

Now this is chalk so it washes out easy. If you are stuck in the rain you might have a mess. I wouldn't suggest wearing white while you are applying this to your hair. Also if you are planning on leaning your head on things all day then maybe don't chalk up the hair that day.

 Silver Moon

 Dusty Rose

Dusty Rose & Silver Moon braided together.

I quite enjoy the pastel colors since they just kind of blend into your hair without a huge loud vibrant color. You can also build up the color to be more intense if you like.I think they are really pretty and quite fun to use.

When finished you are left with a little chalky mess, what I did was laid a towel down on my bathroom counter so there really was no cleanup.

Beautiful colors
Works as promised
Good price for product, you'll get a lot of uses out of it
Easy peasy to use
Works on light or dark hair
Much cheaper then dying hair
Great for kids too

A little tiny bit messy
Hard to get the root of the hair but there is a little sponge you can use if you like
Not a huge fan of the shimmer in the chalk, I think they should be more matte but it's nothing crazy

umm that's all I could come up with so that's pretty good.

Here is a video from Farelyco using Midnight Blue

I would recommend this product to everyone and anyone who is bored with their hair color but doesn't want to make the commitment of color dyes or can't because of their job. I think this is such a fun product to just change your look up a bit. I'm so beyond sick of my look style hair cut and I am in need for change... I think this is one thing that will help me get one of those changed =)

Which colour do you like best??

You can also check out Farleyco at the following sites:



Real Techniques Travel Essentials Brushes Review

1:30 AM

YEAH! That is really exciting to me. I had never used Real Techniques brushes but I see them all over YouTube and I jumped at the chance to review these brushes. I love Pixiwoo so I was damn excited to try these out. FarelyCo was kind enough to let me review the On location Travel Essentials.


Real Techniques brushes are ultra plush,synthetic taklon bristles are hand cut and 100% cruelty free and extended aluminum handles are light and easy to use. 

The quality immediately is noticed when you open this up. They are really sleek looking and I was very impressed that these weren't more of an expensive brush because they look and feel like they should be.

I LOVE this case. Easily turns into a stand with extra spots for more brushes. Super convenient! The brushes actually do stand up on their own on a flat surface but for some reason mine kept falling over when I tried to take the picture, maybe my counter isn't level :o

 Multi Task Brush : For effortless application of powder,blush and bronzer.

  Love This brush! These synthetic bristles are super super soft, I had read reviews online in the past and heard they are soft but they are pretty damn soft.. I even am liking these better then my Ecotools brushes which I didn't think I would!

Essential Foundation Brush: build flawless custom coverage with liquid foundation or concealer. 

I am not much of a foundation wearing kind of girl but I did give this a go and from a newbie for foundation brushes this was really nice. I did prefer using it for concealer even though it is a tiny bit big to me at first when I started using it as concealer but its great for under eye concealing!

Domed Shadow Brush: tapered design smoothly shades and defines eyes

sorry for all the weird lighting! I am having some issues with that lately =(

 I was also in love with this brush. I found this fit nicely in my crease and blended my shadows nicely. I will for sure be reaching for this brush often.

They look amazing! I love things that look nice and actually end up being as nice as they look.
No shedding- I HATE when brushes shed everywhere.
Great case for travel
Very reasonably priced

I don't have enough brushes! lol. Need to buy some more!

I would highly recommend these brushes to anyone just starting off in make up or even anyone with a huge brush collection. You can never have enough brushes and these will fit nicely into your collection! You can purchase these brushes at for $23.99,well worth it especially if forking out around $100 for Sedona Lace or Sigma isn't an option.

You can also check out Farleyco at the following sites if you are interested!


blogger pisses me off


1:30 AM

Image from

After reading the title I am sure you can imagine what this post just might be about.....

Here are my main reasons Blogger pisses me off.

EVERY single time I am in the mood to do a couple posts or a post with way too many pictures Blogger uploads EVERY single freaking picture upside down or backwards,every way but the right way. It is beyond annoying! Why the heck doesn't Blogger have a freaking rotate option?? It's really not that high tech,like seriously you need to invest in that! The only way I know how to get my photo uploaded correctly when it is messing up like that is to rotate it in my folder on my computer and re upload it. Stupid.

Blogger ALWAYS changes the number of followers I have.Clearly at this point in the game I have barely anyone actually reading this so when I am logged in and previewing a post and the number is switching back and forth from 14 to 15 to 14 I know something isn't right. I highly doubt someone is following then unfollowing then following just to piss me off lol.

The Blogger app. Wow. If I knew how to program an app I would update that shit so it actually worked properly on my iPad or iPhone. Ridiculous! In my opinion it is really non useable. Anyone else?

Labels. I removed my blog and then put it back up but ever since then ALL my labels from my previous post do not work. I removed the search my blog widget from my blog since none of the damn old labels even work. What the hell???

OH I have a good one. When I actually had followers and my posts never showed up on anyone's reading list. That always made me angry but now I guess since no one knows I am alive it doesn't matter as much lol.

OK last one. Scheduled posts. Seriously. This pisses me off when I do have one set up to be scheduled for a certain time or day and it doesn't even post. I am frantically trying to use my phone at work to post my post and it's just not as easy as if the schedule post worked everytime!

Does anyone else have these problems? I am impatient so these really bug me some days...

Have you ever had any other issues from Blogger or am I just the only one who is hated by blogger?

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