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Wait a freakin minute is anyone even still roaming around on this blog still? Looks like ghosts ville to me.

Well if you ARE here I Thank you! =D I have been having some pretty crappy health problems and have kind of away from the online world, except for instagram my addiction!!! If you don't have it get it!!!! And even a little Twitter now.

Needless to say I haven't been blogging or even really reading blogs. It's just sooo crazy to be away from all you guys for so long and I really miss everyone! Thank you to those who have noticed my vanishing act and for your kind words =) I swear I have been starting to read some blogs and I if I dont comment a lot Im sorry! I just need to try to get through them all but know I love all your blogs and will do the best I can!
What am I doing here?
Well I had literally 15 minutes tonight since everyday I have Chiropractic care and physio starting Thursday too and working full time I dont have much time anymore in between the pain but I just wanted to hop on the blog for a minute and show you my quick crap I didn't need to buy haul =D It's sooo weird I feel like a stranger out in the world of shopping now since its kinda been almost 3 months =( but here's what I have!

Nourishing color foam
I have wanted to try this for a couple weeks and since I am so lazy with hair dye foam is my fav. I hope it doesn't smell too funky. I'll let you guys know if anyone wants a review on it.
Anti-Imperfections Tri-Active
Miracle BB Cream! In Light/Medium
OMG I LOVE BB creams and cannot find the Marcelle one anywhere so I had to try this and so far I like!Maybe just a touch too dark for miss ghost white here :(
*LIP SMACKERS Sprite Lip Gloss =)
That's my Mini Haul and hopefully I get a view or 2 still ;)

Tired any of these? Love,Hate? No thoughts?

Okay that's it I am out!

Miss ya guys!

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  1. Awww im sorry to hear your having some health issues :( I hope you feel better soon hunni. Im the same, if I cant get online for whatever reason I feel sooo outta it, its great to have you back :):) I have the Garnier BB cream and I really liked it x x

    1. Thanks lady. It's hard to get online sometimes.... but I think it's ok to randomly post! I liked it too but it is a tad greasy to me =/

  2. I hope you manage to get your hands on the Marcelle BB Cream soon, it blows Garniers out of the water!

    1. I got it finally! I totally agree! Except my pump doesnt work anymore (didnt last long) so thats a pain but it is much better

  3. I feel bad because sometimes I don't keep up with everyone either but I try! I hope you feel better soon, being in pain is shitty. I want to try the garnier bb cream :)

    1. I hear ya, you cant keep up with everyone but it is nice to hear from everyone once in a while lol. Thanks, I hope I do too. =(
      It is decent for sure but the Marcelle one is way better, I don't think it is available in the USA though.

  4. Hi Taygan! It's so nice to see you make an update here and I'm sure many of your readers miss you (I do!!!) but I'm really sorry to hear about your health. I hope with your chiropractic care and physio that you'll be back to great health 100% in no time :)
    I haven't experimented with other hair colour brands except for Feria since it always gives me good colour results. Plus Feria gives me more than enough colour formula to cover my long hair - I worry with some other brands I may have to get two or I'll run out mid way :S
    I don't think I've tried any Vichy products before but I have thought about it!
    I didn't know Marcelle has a BB Cream. It seems like so many brands are coming out with them! I had to google what is a BB cream...sounds like a tinted moisturizer/foundation with some benefits towards your skin?? The only BB cream I've tried is the new Estee Lauder one and the coverage is very nice....I want to try out a couple of more samples before buying it though just to make sure it's long wearing :)

    1. Thanks so much Karen, me freakin too!!!
      I know sometimes you really don't have enough dye so you don't want to try other things and end up having to buy 2 boxes!
      Yes that is exactly what it is, I wanted to try Estee Lauders but it's too expensive. You should test out Marcelle's next time you are at Shoppers and see what you thing. I don't know if it lasts allll day but it's fairly decent.

  5. Let me know what you think abou that BB Cream. I keep hearing its bad but I would like another BB cream to use on clients.

    1. Hey! I think it's okkkk if you are picky and used to nice foundations I am sure it is not comparable but for a basic girl like me its decent!

  6. how did you like that bb cream i bought it to but don't like the scent and i feel it to greasy.

    1. I know the scent is pretty strong!! and I feel it was greasy as well! The Marcelle one is wayyyyy better!

  7. Ive missed you sweetie
    I was so worried that something had happened :(
    How are you doing... whats been going on??

    Im also curious about what you think about that BB cream :)
    Take care sweetie
    Get better soon

    1. hey lady, well thank you, I am just kinda at a stand still with my health...not really sure whats going on. Hopefully nothing major,just neck/spine issues =(
      I loved the Marcelle BB cream, but if you can't get it then I would suggest the Garnier one, its a tad greasy but it's better then drug store foundation to me just because i am pretty basic with that.
      How have you been?

  8. Hey girlie sorry to hear you aren't feeling well! I hate that I cannot find drugstore BB creams that are palest pale like myself heheh

  9. Yeyyy glad you're back on the blog! Hope your health will be better soon, it sucks ):

    I recently started hearing about Garnier Nutrisse Mousse, it looks interesting but since I've had a bad experience with L'Oreal mousse hair dye, I'll skip it. Hope it works well for you though since you like mousse hair dye! I'm thinking of going lighter soon and I can't wait to try that new Marc Anthony product that you just spray on your hair then flat iron or blow dry and it lightens your hair! Crazy! I'm also interested in Revlon Frost & Glow (at least, we have this hair dye here!)

    I received 7-days samples of Vichy Normaderm a while ago through Facebook but I wasn't impressed at all. Hope it works better for you though!

    Also, I don't know if you knew, but you have captchas on, you could easily switch from captchas to comment moderation, just saying as I'm trying to get the word out as much as I can as many people aren't even aware that they have captchas on their blog!


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