February Favorites

7:05 AM

My February has been super lame so far, kind of a shitty month for life...but it will only get better. So my February Favorites are super tiny since I haven't really been playing around with anything.

 *BENEFIT Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner in Farenheit Fab.
I received this from my January Luxe Box , I didn't do a post about it because I was so mad they shipped it to another address and it took me a while to even receive this box and by the time I got it I just didn't feel like posting it =/ BUT this stuff is amazing! Gorgeous golden shimmery color, that really goes with almost everything. I have been wanting a golden color for a while and this was perfect!

*ELF Blush in Mellow Mauve
I freakin love this color, I think it is really pretty and is a little different then the pinky colors I regularly would use. And for Elf's super cheap prices how can you not love it?

*DIANE LAI Soothe Moisturizing cream. 
HOLY CRAP my hands are super dry lately and this is my favorite moisturizer to help fix that problem. I love that this product is all natural and has a really light scent, as well it does not leave the gross greasy silicon feeling on your hands that some can leave behind.

*LANCOME Hypnose Drama
Love this mascara, adds volume and length. I like the curved S shape brush and the formula isn't too dry or wet.

*CARGO Pencil in Black
Could use this liner everyday I think, I recently have gotten a few liners I am loving so this was one I have been using the most. I had always used cheap drug store ones until a few months ago and wow I can see the difference in the few I have tried. More color and goes on so smoothly!

My favorite song of February was:


And that's the end of my February thankfully! 

What were your most used products?

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  1. That Benefit looks amazing- I'm gonna have to try that out! I hope your month gets better though :)

  2. I love the color of that ELF blush! Lovely favorites!

    <3 http://fashionxfairytale.blogspot.com/

  3. Im getting more and more interested in Benefit products :D Those creaseless cream shadows seem amazing :) ... I have tagged you on my blog btw :) You don´t have to do the tag but just wanted to let you know that Ive tagged you :)

  4. i love the color of that blush! it looks super pretty!



  5. I like ELF blushes in general! I always like to see what you are using, then I can go out and buy it too hehe

  6. I like your blog very much :)) Wanna follow each other? :)
    check my:

  7. Hafta try some e.l.f. blush. I love blush like a madwomen and like you said, the price is good so why not??

    I'm awarding your blog because it totally rocks! Check out my blog for the deets!

  8. I had a BENEFIT Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner some times ago but for some reasons I just couldn't make it work on me? It would cling on evert patches of dry skin on my lids and look like total crap -_-

  9. I'm so jealous u got the benefit in ur box ><.. Glad u love it :D... U liked the cargo pencil?... From glymm?.. I think I should give it another try again cuz I swatched it on my Hands when I first got it and it was so hard even on my hands><... But I will definitely try it again :)


  10. I've seen a number of blogs reviewing Diane Lai products and the company actually asked me to review some of their products and asked for my address....after giving my address I didn't hear from them or get anything and it's been months now. Oh well, so much for me supporting that company LOL
    That's too bad that Benefit sent your order to a different address. I'm surprised you tracked it down before someone else took the parcel instead :S I'm glad the cream shadow/liner works so well for you :)
    The ELF blush is an amazing colour!
    Hmm, I guess I'm like you where I stick to a lot of my regular products so there's nothing new that I really discovered in February. I did get the LUSH Ocean Salt face/body scrub at the end of February that many people rave about but i haven't used it enough times to see if it works well for me - so hopefully that's a new favourite since it is a bit pricey!


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