SlimKicker Calorie Counter App Review

6:17 AM

I am absolutely glued to my iPhone and it rarely leaves my side. I was very happy to be able to do this review on an app called SLIMKICKER CALORIE COUNTER. I am so on and off of trying to be healthy, trying to exercise and trying to eat right but my procrastination as well as lack of motivation oh and maybe a bit of my forgetfulness holds me back just a bit. I don't need to lose weight but I really do believe in healthy eating as well as having an active life. So here is were apps come into play. I used to write down everything I ate and have tried many many times to keep a food diary but I mean come on who really carries a notebook with them 24/7? Not most of us, but my phone, yes usually always so this app is the perfect way for me to track what I am eating, what I am doing for exercising as well as provides challenges to keep you on your toes.

 My absolute FAVORITE part of this app is that seriously they have almost everything you think of in the food log. There is even my Body By Vi shakes in there which I was pleased to see with all the correct nutrition information =)  

  I was EXTREMELY unaware how much sugar I really was in taking on a daily basis with my Monster addiction and this seriously had an awaking effect on what I am putting into my body. It was super easy to just log what I ate and each category was broken down to give me a really good idea of what I was eating without having do to all the math myself. This is super convenient and  SLIMKICKER is totally free so there is no risk whatsoever. 

Another part I am really enjoying with SLIMKICKER is the challenges, I am not overly strict with myself to do things always by the way I should but these can be just minor things like Reliving Stress to replacing juice with tea or even doing squats daily. It's simple but helpful and that's what makes this little app so great!

The layout is very user friendly,makes sense(That might sound strange but I was confused with a few other calorie apps before!) very quick to input the data and see where you are at as well it's quite fun once you get used to using it!
 I highly recommend SLIMKICKER for anyone looking for an easier way then a's 2012 and technology is our best friend! 
You can interact with others within the app so find me- Montsergirl
You can download SLIMKICKER at the app store HERE.

Bath And Body Works

Sunday Shopping Haul!

11:02 AM

I have been quite absent from the whole blogging world if anyone really noticed...things get in the way and I just don't have much time for it lately but I personally think its okay to post randomly here and there. If you like reading someones blog you will be ok with them randomly blogging right?

Yesterday me and my bestie went to a bigger city an hour or so away from us to do a little summer shopping. She's pretty much the only person I ever shop with since I am not a huge fan sometimes of clothing shopping but it's always fun with good company.
Here's what I got! =D
oh frick these pictures are TERRIBLE!!! Does anyone else have a hard time taking pictures of clothing? I really do. sorry they are so crappy!

 I haven't bought like regular shorts for a while other then the last black pair I posted on here but this year I thought I would stock up. 
Kismet black shorts $29.00 with discount $26.55
Dynamite Denim Shorts $32.90 - a tad expensive but they are sooo comfy!

Apparently shopping took over my senses...
Silver jeans $100.00, $90.00 with discount
BUT they fit nicely and last so long I think it's worth it.

Kismet blue &Grey tank-$24.50 on sale for $11.02
Purple &Pink tank top $6 each from Sirens

 I think I could own a hundred of these plain tanks to layer.
Dynamite Tanks -$9.00 each

 Okay this is where it gets interesting...
We don't have a lot of Bench clothes around here but I freakin love them, the fit and quality is really nice and when my friend spotted this I was in love instantly! I don't really own a light coat like this and everything I own is black so I think this was perfect.
Bench Coat$159.00 on sale for $116.00! I didn't feel so guilty once I learned there was 30% off everything in the store =D

Of course we had to stop at Bath & Body Works, I had a $50 gift card and I spent that ridiculously easy.
2 candles for $30
Wild Strawberry & Pineapple Mango(AMAZING SMELL!)

Buy 3 get 3 free at Bath&Body Works so me and my friend split the cost for the 3 and each got 3 body sprays.
Wild Berry Tulips
Into The Wild
Malibu Heat
Also I FINALLY got my Tweezerman Tweezers from Sephora(we don't have one in my city) and honestly I think it was worth the splurge! $21

 Body By Vi Smoothy-YUM!

Boots Chillin in the Grass

 Checkin out the Boards 


 Playing around with my editing apps

 So cute when she lets me take a picture of her

Blahh Weather

Strawberry Pineapple Frozen Yogurt

Longboarding Last weekend

Cotton Candy Lollipop =D

There's my update in pictures. They have been on Instagram&Twitter so sorry if they are old news to you already!

What have you been up to?


Random Empties

8:30 AM

Third time is a charm right? Why blogger needed to delete this post two other times is beyond me. So here we go again.

*L'OREAL ELNET Satin Hair Spray
Repurchase? Yes if it was on sale, I actually got this for $2.99 at Shoppers once and sometimes they are $12.99! I would not pay $12 for freakin hairspray.
*TRESEMME Heat Tamer Heat Protectant
Repurchase? Meh. If the price was right, I kinda swap heat protection products since they aren't too different to me from the other ones out there.
*MACADAMIA Deep Repair Masque
Repurchase? Hell yeah! LOVE this product!Helps repair my hair more then anything I have ever used.
*FRIZZ EASE Heat Defense Heat Protectant
Repurchase? nahhh I don't think it's worth the couple extra dollars then the Tresemme one.
*DR TEALS Epson Salt in Lavender
Repurchase? Yes, it smells sooo good!
*L'OREAL Sublime Bronzer
Repurchase? Yes, I do like to have a self tanner that is fool proof and washes off at the end of the day. Adds just enough extra color to my skin to not look like a total ghost.
*L'OREAL Voluminous Million Lashes
Repurchase? Yes, this mascara is one of my favorite drug store ones, but the brush can be a bit poky.

What were your latest empties?

Short & sweet by the third time...

Have a good weekend!!!!!!!!!!


HAUL TIME...Fisheye Lens Style

12:15 AM

It's been a while. Shopping just kind of happened the last couple weeks and here is a random fisheye lens haul =D 

 I know Ardenes is cheap crap but for flip flops and things fine by me. 3 pairs for $10 and I got the cute little wallet thingys for $5 each. I even bought my sis one =D

 My beloved ORB bag, I spent weeks and weeks pondering this purchase of $66! Yeah yeah I know who is going to say WHAT YOU SPENT that one a BAg!?!? Well I am a cheap ass but this is the first bag I have ever spent more then $20 on so whatever. It has cute cheetahish print inside too.

I think I own a 1000 tank tops but when they are $8 can't really go wrong. First one is from Dynamite it was on sale for $10 the yellow and black racer back ones are from Joe for $8 each.
This is my other addiction, hoodys! Does anyone else ever have the problem of buying hoodys and they get all bunched up on the zipper even though you do not put them in the dyer and it looks like you have a major beer gut? This one actually doesn't do that thankfully so I paid the ridiculous price of like $80! Yikes but I love Bench so whateveerrrr.

These are sooo cute minus the cat hair in the pic! Kismet black shorts $30. Hopefully they look better on me once I get some color, im sooooooooo pale :(

and of course my FAVORITE:

Olloclip for iPhone! It's soo fun for Instagram!!! It is fisheye,Macro and wide angle

What was your latest purchases?



6:18 AM

Wait a freakin minute is anyone even still roaming around on this blog still? Looks like ghosts ville to me.

Well if you ARE here I Thank you! =D I have been having some pretty crappy health problems and have kind of away from the online world, except for instagram my addiction!!! If you don't have it get it!!!! And even a little Twitter now.

Needless to say I haven't been blogging or even really reading blogs. It's just sooo crazy to be away from all you guys for so long and I really miss everyone! Thank you to those who have noticed my vanishing act and for your kind words =) I swear I have been starting to read some blogs and I if I dont comment a lot Im sorry! I just need to try to get through them all but know I love all your blogs and will do the best I can!
What am I doing here?
Well I had literally 15 minutes tonight since everyday I have Chiropractic care and physio starting Thursday too and working full time I dont have much time anymore in between the pain but I just wanted to hop on the blog for a minute and show you my quick crap I didn't need to buy haul =D It's sooo weird I feel like a stranger out in the world of shopping now since its kinda been almost 3 months =( but here's what I have!

Nourishing color foam
I have wanted to try this for a couple weeks and since I am so lazy with hair dye foam is my fav. I hope it doesn't smell too funky. I'll let you guys know if anyone wants a review on it.
Anti-Imperfections Tri-Active
Miracle BB Cream! In Light/Medium
OMG I LOVE BB creams and cannot find the Marcelle one anywhere so I had to try this and so far I like!Maybe just a touch too dark for miss ghost white here :(
*LIP SMACKERS Sprite Lip Gloss =)
That's my Mini Haul and hopefully I get a view or 2 still ;)

Tired any of these? Love,Hate? No thoughts?

Okay that's it I am out!

Miss ya guys!


February Favorites

7:05 AM

My February has been super lame so far, kind of a shitty month for life...but it will only get better. So my February Favorites are super tiny since I haven't really been playing around with anything.

 *BENEFIT Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner in Farenheit Fab.
I received this from my January Luxe Box , I didn't do a post about it because I was so mad they shipped it to another address and it took me a while to even receive this box and by the time I got it I just didn't feel like posting it =/ BUT this stuff is amazing! Gorgeous golden shimmery color, that really goes with almost everything. I have been wanting a golden color for a while and this was perfect!

*ELF Blush in Mellow Mauve
I freakin love this color, I think it is really pretty and is a little different then the pinky colors I regularly would use. And for Elf's super cheap prices how can you not love it?

*DIANE LAI Soothe Moisturizing cream. 
HOLY CRAP my hands are super dry lately and this is my favorite moisturizer to help fix that problem. I love that this product is all natural and has a really light scent, as well it does not leave the gross greasy silicon feeling on your hands that some can leave behind.

*LANCOME Hypnose Drama
Love this mascara, adds volume and length. I like the curved S shape brush and the formula isn't too dry or wet.

*CARGO Pencil in Black
Could use this liner everyday I think, I recently have gotten a few liners I am loving so this was one I have been using the most. I had always used cheap drug store ones until a few months ago and wow I can see the difference in the few I have tried. More color and goes on so smoothly!

My favorite song of February was:


And that's the end of my February thankfully! 

What were your most used products?

Bath And Body Works

February Empties

12:15 AM

 This really looks like an empty haul or something but I think I was on the last little bit of a TON of things!
The best part of finishing up all this crap is that I get to buy new stuff =D
Here is what I used up this month....

 *Pure Divine $2 at dollar store.
Repurchase? Nahh, this packaging tricked me, I was thinking it was Venus, like the razors but it was just no name stuff. It was alright but I wouldn't repurchase.

*LUSH Snow Fairy- MY FAVORITE!!!
Repurchase?Yes I will one day, when it's on sale. It smells soo good but Lush is just a bit expensive for me to purchase often =/

*LUSH Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub
Repurchase? Nope, This was a gift from my mom and it really took too long to use up, I only finished it up before it expired and didn't like the smell tooo much.

*DERMALOGICA Daily Microfoliant
This is my absolute favorite facial scrub, it's really different because it is a powder that you rub into your face after wetting it. I didn't like the idea at first because it's kind of like using baking soda or something but holy crap does your face feel nice after!
Repurchase? If I wasn't a total cheap ass I would, but Dermalogica is so expensive and it's really only sold at certain spas or salons around here so it's not taunting me to buy like it would if it was at the drug store.

*BATH & BODY WORKS Sweet Pea Body Butter. Surprise surprise!
Love this stuff!
Repurchase? Yes sure will!

*BATH & BODY WORKS Sweet Pea Shower Gel
Repurchase? Probably not, only because I think it's crazy to pay $10 for this bottle, body wash is body wash to me, if it smells good I am sold, and there are a lot of cheaper ones that smell nice.

*JOICO Body Luxe Shampoo
I really do like Joico products, they are cheaper salon options and are usually on sale around here for the 1L bottles so you really can't go wrong.
Repurchase? Only if there isn't Redken on sale.

*GARNIER Skin Natural Fresh Makeup Removing Wipes
Okay so this is kinda cheating... I tried using these up but they kind of dried up since I bought them a million years ago.
Repurchase? Heck no, they don't remove anything from your skin let alone makeup.

*CALGON Epson Salts
Loved the smell of Eucoliptous and Mint but these aren't anything special if you can find a cheaper alternative.
Repurchase? If there isn't a cheaper option.

Thought I was finished?
NOOO I still have more, ridiculous I know!

*BATH & BODY WORKS Sweet Pea Body Butter

*BATH & BODY WORKS Cranberry Cider

*BATH & BODY WORKS Cinnamon Pumpkin

*BATH & BODY WORKS Merry Misletoe

*BATH & BODY WORKS Pineapple Orchid

I would repurchase all of these candles, I LOVE B&BW Candles, they smell amazing!!!

That's the end of my massive empties this month, I think I made a lot of room for my new things =D

What was on your empties list?


February Luxe Box Flare Edition

12:15 AM

For February Loose Button collaborated with Flare Magazine and kind of has a Valentines day feel to their box. I was surprised when I opened the package and it was red! I enjoy when a company switches it up once in a while for something a little different.

The same nice personal touch,as well the tissue paper even has flare printed on it. 

Full Size Product $27 150ML
Indulge in the ultimate luxury treatment for dry damaged hair.Actively repairs,restores,protects and hydrates hair correcting years worth of damage while preventing future damage. With each application,hair instantly becomes stronger,softer,more moisturized with improved elasticity. Blend of Bio-Mimetic Peptides, Keratin Amino Acids,Jojoba Oil and Aloe Extract.

First Impression: Sounds perfect! I was happy about this sample in the box.

Full Size Product $80 50ML
                                  $105 100 ML
The hybrid note which makes up pureDKNY Verbena, Verbena-Basil, as the species is known,is a delicate plant. Although an herb, it has a sparkling citrus,lemon like quality. The fragrance has been crafted to accentuate the freshness of this raw material, balanced within a sophisticated light floral structure and supported with natural depth. The end result is a sparkling, wet fresh scent which personifies the pureDKNY brand.

First Impression: After reading about the scent it really didn't sound like anything I would like... but it actually smells pretty nice, its fairly light but it isn't something I would buy.

Full Size Prodcut $54 200ML
 A high performance,non greasy all over body balm, hand moisturizer and foot cream for men and women if all ages and skin types.
Beautiful Body Balm will bring out your inner glow,improve your skin's texture and enhance elasticity -leaving your body with a smooth,silky finish.The sumptuous lotion spreads easily,absorbs quickly and won't transfer onto your clothes,while the refreshing scent dissipates so as not to compete with your own signature fragrance.

First Impression:For some reason this smells like wine gums or some kind of candy but it's not sweet. That probably makes no sense but I like the smell! It absorbs quickly and seems fairly nice.

Full Size Product $22
It's elastic polymer formula and FlexiQueen brush surround each lash with a 3D waterproof film to create an infinitely glamorous look that lasts all day, and all night for an astonishing 24 smudge free,waterproof,sweatproof,humidity proof for hours.
This mascara does the work for you so you can focus on your night out!

First Impression: I loved the packaging! So cute, and then I opened the tube and saw the plastic brush and my hopes didn't stay high. I will give this a shot but i already have doubts since I don't like those brushes but maybe this will surprise me?

Beautiful skin shouldn't just be easy,it should be effortless. That's why I created Mereadesso face + Neck Toning Gel, a one step skin care solution.
It's easy to apply,quick to absorb, and perfect for any skin type. Best of all, the longer you use it the less you need it.
With over 40 botanical extracts,minerals and antioxidants packed into one effective gel, you're sure to see a difference in just 3-5 days.

First Impression: I believe this is my 3rd sample, and sadly I wasn't all that impressed with it. I certainly would never purchase.

I was fairly happy with this month's box but it wasn't anything super exciting.

What was your favorite monthly subscription box item this month? 
Have you used any of these before?

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