October Luxe Box!

1:00 AM

I got my Luxe Box FINALLY =D 

For anyone just reading this and haven't heard about Loose Button's Luxe box they are a monthly subscription you sign up for and receive 4-5 deluxe beauty samples. You can check out their web site for more information HERE.

October was a little bit different if you were a previous Luxe Box subscriber, when I opened my mail box and saw the package I actually thought hmm what is this?? Then I read the shipping address and realized it was my Luxe Box. It has definitely been redesigned!

I am such a detail oriented person when it really comes down to things I really like or care about and I was very surprised how much effort they put into this month as well as the new design.
Please excuse the broken tissue paper I was too excited to take my pictures before I dug into this!

I was so shocked that they had my name printed on the info card as well as on the sticker! It made everything so personal and made me feel like I was more then just another box. It was a cute idea!(My name is actually spelt Tegan but I spell it Taygan normally). The inside of the box was really cute as well with the black and white little Loose Button logos with the black squiggly paper!
I must say this is my favorite look to any of the boxes, I love black and white together it is very modern and it always looks great.

I adore the new information card or whatever you want to call it. Again the black and white I really like, it looks fancy but nice and clean and easy to read. I did like the picture beside the info though like they used to have but I don't really think with this kind of lay out you would be able to fit everything in.

LISE WATIER| Flash Lift Radiance Vials-Full SizePrice $27
This is officially being launched this month so Luxe Box subscribers are some of the first to get their hands on this product! That's exciting =) 
A concentrate of smoothing agents and moisturizers for a lifting effect and instant radiance.A beauty fix for women of all ages and for any occasion.

KERATASE| Elixir Ultimate-Full Size Price $50
The elixir brings shine,nourishment and deep conditioning to the hair while smoothing the hair fiber,resulting in incredible shine.The multi0use elixir also helps restore strength to the hair and protects it from external aggressors.

ESSIE |Nail Polish in "Topless & BareFoot" Full Sized. Full Size Price $8
Today Essie's nail polish has grown to be one of the industry's most popular professional polish brands.Due to Essie's long-lasting formula,Essie has been worn by many celebrities.
Okay this is really pretty but I would never ever wear this color =/ I kind of wish we were able to let Loose Button know if we prefer lighter or darker colors..this isn't the first one I haven't been able to use.

OLAY PROFESSIONAL PRO-X| Eye Restoration Complex.-Full Size Price $60
This specialized treatment hydrates to restore the area to it's optimum appearance by improving the look of crow's feet. Massaging it in reduces excess fluids to diminish dark circles and puffiness.
I was a little surprised when I saw Olay in my Luxe Box, I didn't ever consider this a high end product but to be honest I did want to try this since I am so worried about getting wrinkles around my eyes!!

LISE WATIER| Plumpissimo Le Gloss-Full Size Price $20
Instantly makes your lips look fuller,sexier,"poutier". Dehydrated Hyaluronic Filling Spheres penetrate small vertical lines and instantly expand upon contact with the natural water in your skin.
So far I haven't noticed and tingling or plumping =/ but it is very pretty!

I was pleased with the new look the Loose Button came up with, I do think it outdoes Glymm in that department. October was a good month, I just wish I could get a mascara and no nail polish!!!!!

If you are interested in signing up with Loose Button you can check out their site HERE or you can always send them a tweet! They are super friendly =) 

What was your favorite item in your month subscription?
Have you had a chance to try any of these products before?

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  1. Nice stuff!


  2. WOW that beats birchbox by far! We get nothing but crap now.... I want to try the lipgloss! Or anything from her line.. lol

  3. The new look is really swanky, I like it! I think you got some great products in this month too. Sometimes I think these boxes are just filled with stuff thats about to be discontinued so its nice you got something that is so brand new its not even out yet.

    Its a shame you dont like the polish colour- its beautiful!! xx

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  4. Ummm I want this instead of what I got in birchbox!!! You got awesome stuff and I love how they added your name!

  5. The whole packaging is adorable, especially the sticker with your name! I am super jealous you got a full size Essie too :)


  6. It was about time they changed the stupid box! I remember mine came all crooked and bent! I love the Glymm box as it's so pretty and solif, you can easily re-use it.

    I don't think I have ever tried something from Lise Watier, everything is so pricey and nothing seems really amazing. That's great that you got to try this new product first! And OMG, you got a full size lipgloss too? I'm really into baby pink lipglosses, and plumping liplgosses never work on me anyway, they just irritate my lips.

    You wouldn't wear this nail polish color? OMG It looks so pretty! Like you, I prefer darker shades but something when you have an event like a wedding or something, this could be great. I can't believe you got a full size bottle!

    I'm not sure if I'm mistaken but I think this OLAY eye care gets a lot of hype! And ANOTHER full size? Woah! It's so pricey, you are very lucky!

    Looks like you scored the jack pot with this Luxe Box! Wish the one they sent me was like that LOL!

  7. Great review!! I really like the details as well.

  8. oh hello Tegan ;) just kidding haha I hate when people spell my name wrong!! I always get mail addressed to "Serena" or "Ceerea" or something stupid haha.
    Dang, Lise Watier?!! That is so awesome!! :-O

  9. Omigosh I thought I was spelling your name incorrectly all this time when I saw the personalized sticker on your box but whew, good to know I've been spelling your name the way you spell it :) I agree that adding a personal touch goes a LONG way in customer service.
    I definitely love the black and white look. It's extremely polished and professional - it reminds me a lot of Sephora which is high end, good customer service and good quality....
    Oooo another Lise Watier product to try out! That lip gloss with shimmers looks so pretty :) Totally something I would wear and throw in my purse to go! And that's so neat that you got to try the Flash Lift Radiance when it's just launching!
    I've tried a number of the Olay Pro-X stuff and it doesn't seem to really work for me at all...I mean, I guess I can't expect much at my age right now since it's more of a preventative measure....but like yourself, I do worry about wrinkles so I put on my lotions and potions at night LOL
    You know I still haven't tried any Essie nail polishes! I've tried a ton of other brands though. Hmmm, you don't like that nail polish colour? I think it's a very sweet colour! You could always spruce it up with some darker colours like do a dark french tip manicure while using this light colour Essie polish as the base colour maybe? I love lighter colour nail polishes or bright colour nail polishes or just plain glitter. I usually stay away from dark nail polish since it doesn't seem flattering on me :(

  10. I like that the packaging is black, so chic.:D

    & wow, you got a full size of the Kerastase Elixir Ultimate!:D

    ***** Marie *****
    Giveaway: Win a treatment cream designed for your age!

  11. @T- =)

    @Mercedes-LOL that's so sad because I swear it used to be amazing..hopefully they will step it up soon and get better things. I was pretty excited to be able to try these things too!

    @Theothersideofcool-Yeah that might be true actually , with products being discontinued. Or things that no one ever purchased so this was a good month. The polish is pretty but just not for me =/ But I will find a home for it lol.

    @Miranda-lol that's what everyone is thinking! It really was a good month, and Loosebutton needed a good month.. the extra details were pretty cool =)

    @Hedi-I know these full size products we get once in a while really make the box!

    @Gaby-I agree... I thought I liked it at first but it really did get old especially once I had a Glymm box.
    The gloss is really nice, not amazing like I would blow $20 on it but it is nice.
    That is a good point to use the polish for a wedding or something not like a night out, maybe I will keep it just in case?
    I don't think I understand the hype of the Olay but I am trying it out! This box was the best one I have had in months... I hope it continues to be good!

    @VintageMakeup-It's very pretty!

    @KaramDevyne-Thanks =)

    @Cerina- hahah Me too,I could see pepole doing that a lot with your name too, I love how your name is spelt btw its very unique =)

    @Karen-lol no no you were right, I just think Taygan looks better and then people say it correctly.. I need to change it legally!
    Yes it does look like Sephora! But I love that =)
    lol I think it's smart to start early with the lotions to prevent wrinkles for sure!! I don't think I like the Olay one overly but I am gonna use it up.
    Thats a good idea too with using the essie as a base color! I will try that =)

    @Marie- =) I think they did a great job this month with the new package, I think everyone like it.. ohh no that is just a tiny little sample of the Kerastase, I think I typed out full size no clear enough..it's small like a few uses tops =/ but still great to try out!


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