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WOW I JUST got my Luxe box, September 27th, now I had to be one of the last people to receive it! I don't quite know what was going on with Canada Post but I had received 3 other packages in between when other people were getting their Luxe Box and when I actually got it so it didn't quite make sense to me... but on with what this month brought =)

This month the full prices on here are really expensive!!! I find it really fun to test out all these expensive items!

 MOROCCAN OIL | The Original Oil Treatment- $42.00 100 ML
This product is specifically designed for hair that has been damaged by chemical processing and stripped of it's natural moisture and elasticity. Repair luster to sun-ravaged hair with this nutrient rich treatment. The results are instant and outstanding and will leave hair hydrated with a lightweight,silky texture.

I was soooo pleased to receive this! I have always wanted to try it but the price is honestly too high for me, this bottle will last a ridiculously long time =D

SECHE VITE | Top Coat - $35 5ML
Widely acknowledged as the world's finest top coat, Seche Vite is specially formulated to penetrate through nail lacquer to the base coat forming a single solid coating over the nail plate for a much more durable finish. Guaranteed not to yellow while leaving nails silky,stronger and resistant to chipping and peeling.

This sounds fairly nice, I do not currently own a really nice top coat so this is nice.

LAURA MERCIER | Perfecting Water-Rich. $38 200ML
Also known as perfecting water moisture mist, this hydrating fluid temporarily over hydrates skin allowing a deeper penetration of ingredients, moisturizers and serums in further treatments. Contains deep sea water,and ingredient that enhances metabolic reaction within the skin and helps cell renewal. Keep your skin looking soft and supple all day.

This sounds lovely, but how do I spritz it on my face when the container is like this? There is a little hole at the top, so I guess you dab on cotton pad and wipe on face?  

 MEREADESSO | Face + Neck Toning Gel -$120 50 ML
This face + neck toning gel is like dipping your skin in nourishing supplements. With 16 bontanical extracts,7 minerals, a complex of vitamins and enzymes and over 20 different antioxidants, your skin is going to love you for it! Experience a cooling and tightening sensation with a slight twist of citrus.

I was also excited to try this, $120! Wow that is a hefty price tag. I have used this two times so far and my skin actually feels really nice!

Overall, I know there is a lot of up and downs with the whole mystery box, I did enjoy two of the items. This was not my favorite month to be honest. I would REALLY like to see a mascara in one of my Luxe Boxes!

Have you tried any of these? Did you receive a September Luxe box or something similar?

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  1. You're lucky to have received a bottle of Moroccan Oil! Even if it's a sample size, like you said, it will lasts pretty long.

    As for Seche Vite, I keep hearing it's an amazing top coat but I never knew it was that pricey! Woah! But I've always started hearing lately that it contains harmful chemical or something.

    Will you continue your subscription to Luxe Box?

  2. I've never been subscribed to anything of the sort, but I'm sure I will eventually. :)

    Hope the Moroccan works well for you! I've also wanted to try it.

  3. Exactly wat I got as well!!! I was happy about the oil too!!! Wanted to try it for so long but u know I don't like hair products so I still haven't used it LOL... I agree with u on the perfecting water are we suppose to spritz it LOL.. I did try it on my hands m like it soo I'll see how I'll use it on my face lol... Btw u make me wanna try the cream really bad now :)..


  4. Hi Taygan! Oh that's so neat that you got a Luxe Box. Hmm, I'm not sure why it was so delayed in the mail....
    Oooo I've been wanting to try out the branded Moroccan Oil for some time. I look forward to reading your review on it! I've heard a ton of great things about Moroccan Oil being great for the hair.
    Okay, I have no clue how they priced Seche Vite. There is no way the bottle of Seche Vite top coat costs $35. That's ridiculous. Even at regular price in Canada it's only $10. I've seen it on ebay for a lot cheaper and my sister bought one at Sally's as Buy one get one free in Edmonton. They should be a bit more honest with their any case, you'll love seche vite. I found that it works great for my konad polishes too without smearing the pattern like many other top coats did :)
    You know what i do with products like the Laura Mercier Mist? if it doesn't come in a mist bottle, I just pour a bit in my hand instead of a cotton pad. I find if I use a cotton pad it absorbs so much product and I waste a lot like that. So I just carefully pour some on my hand and pat it on my face essentially :)
    I haven't tried any Luxe boxes before but I did read about them. Is this your first Luxe box?

  5. @Gaby- I agree,it's actually one of my favorite things so far. But now I have wayy too much partially used hair oil, i'm set for years I bet!
    Honestly it's nothing amazing, I would NOT pay that price obviously but it's alright.
    =/ it's such a hard decision! lol as soon as I end my subscription they will send out the best box ever! i'm so on the fence. I do like the mystery of the products each month but since the price went up I am not sure.

    @VintageMakeup-It is really nice! I think it might be better for more frizzy or curly hair but I still really like it.

    @thusisAlx-Lol just use it! Small amount, I think it helps with shine and that's always good.
    The cream is nice, I hope you try it! I don't notice anything that i would blow $120 on the bottle but If I was a millionaire I would =)

    @Karen-WHAT? $10! jeepers is that a misprint on their little info card or what. that's a massive difference then $35! your sister has a Sallys near her?! I am so envious! I have always wanted to see one but I don't have any close enough to me.
    The oil is very nice, it is one of my favorites that I have tried so far!
    ahh I will try that for the Laura Mercier Mist!


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