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I kinda cut my thumb at work yesterday and it's not liking being bent a lot so taking pictures and typing (I am using my left hand! aren't my fav right now!) so a couple of my posts I was working on this week might be a bit delayed.
But I love seeing Funny YouTube videos, so bring them on if you know of any!!
Here are a couple I like...

This is my sense of humor sometimes

I swear my cat Chicken does this to me every night for 8 years!!!!!!!!

haha this one is one of my favorites! I am a MASSIVE Seinfeld fan!!! Jerry comes to my city October 13!!!!! =D =D =D =D I am crazy excited!!!!

haha this is ridiculous! I don't hang out with a lot of girls but the 2 that I do, we are NOT like this!

=D Happy Thursday!!!!!!!!!! Almost the weekend!

What is your favorite YouTube Video??

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  1. Love the video with the two cats! I'm pretty sure my two cats do that also, haha :)


  2. haha my cat meows at me and I'll meow back and then he continues to meow and we do that back and forth forever ... then one time i asked lee if the thinks that halo knows what I'm meowing about and lee said " he probably thinks 'what a dumb broad... does she know that I don't speak indian?'" haha I'm so dark so he thinks its funny making indian jokes ... asshole! haha

  3. Haha I love watching Smosh videos, especially the older ones! And that purse parody video was funny. i think one of my favorite YouTube videos is the kid who is all "I like turtles.." haha so funny,

    P.S. this is Cerina :) I temprorarily shut down the blog but i might come back to it later. i just hate that it's lingering there with an old post and yeah. but i still have a blogger account and will still be reading yours :D

  4. I'd love to see Jerry Seinfeld live! Are you planning on seeing him next month?
    Haha I loved that What's In My Purse parody video and the Easy Step was hilarious too :) I actually really like the stepping stool I have in my kitchen - it really comes in handy because I'm so short LOL But I think mine is a lot lighter than the Easy Step :P Too funny!
    I hope your thumb is doing better now Taygan! I'm sorry to hear you got hurt :(

  5. @Andrea- Lol that is exactly what I think about my cats! Its freaking hilarious!

    @Themisstwist- Lol he seriously does? thats sooo cute!!and joke is on him because cats know all languages! ;)

    @Cerina- Hey strainger! =D I know older Smosh is hilarious!!! Lol touuurtttllless so funny!

    @Karen-Yes October =D =D I cannot believe he is coming to my city! No one comes here!
    haha I hope yours is lighter then easy step, but you would be super strong if it isn't ;) and thank you it is healing slowly but surely!


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