Newest Song Obsession!!

8:00 AM

This is my newest song Obsession.....

Nicki Minaj- Save Me

I love this song! I have so far loved almost every song on her Pink Friday Album, she is a little crazy but she is soooooo talented! I just <3 her!!!

What is your latest song obsession?

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  1. I'm more drawn to the lyrics of this song than the song itself....I don't really hear too much Nicki Minaj songs and it's probably because I listen to my iPod wayyy too often instead of the radio. I think I need to listen to the radio more to update my playlist LOL
    I've been listening to a lot of Usher, Lady Gaga and some Pitbull lately too :)

  2. @Karen- I agree, the lyrics are what caught my attention! Do you listen to newer Usher or all of it? I liked the newest over played Pitbull song, but i am forgetting the name right now =/ That's the good thing with iPod's though, you can listen to all the good music you want =)

  3. Its a really nice song! Its different some parts she kinda sounds like rhianna... I haven't listened to any music for awhile now! :-(

  4. I actually really like Nicki Minaj.. At first I didn't like her and thought she was annoying but I've grown to like her a lot :)

  5. @Themisstwist-Whattt you need too! =) She does a couple songs with Rhianna too!

    @Cerina-Same here! A lot of people hate or love her! I didn't love her so much but now that I really listened to her album I love her music!!

  6. Yeah this is a great song, has become one of favs too!:)


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