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I was very kindly sent a couple of Montagnes Jeunesse products a couple weeks ago from a very sweet PR Lady at to review and I finally got the chance to use them and get an idea of how they are!

Montagne Jeunesse Cool Eyes Anti-wrinkle

Montagne Jeunesse Anti Wrinkle Cool Eyes. These are great - try these clever little patches to help reduce fine lines, sagging skin and crows' feet. Your skin appears tighter, firmer and younger. Chill in the fridge.

All Montagne Jeunesse products are Vegetarian Society approved, Not Tested on Animals and Cruelty Free (BUAV Approved)

 So I don't have wrinkles just yet (knock on wood) but I am getting passed my early twenties =( and I like to be proactive with skin care and anti aging products. I think I am paranoid or something since a lady I used to work with told me my eyes looked old lol, so I felt maybe I needed to use something?
I am thrilled these are BUAV approved, cruetly free =D

First put them in the fridge for about an hour to make sure they are nice and cold
Then you remove one set of the cool eyes from pouch
Apply one patch under each eye and press down firmly to ensure it sticks
Leave on for 30-50 minutes for best results
Reseal pouch and put back in fridge ready for next use.

They reminded me of the black football players have under their eyes when they play lol.

 You can see there are 2 pairs in the packaging.
Also I didn't realize at first that there is a plastic backing on you do remove after you apply to face. I was thinking at first ohh no they don't stick at all,but they do once the backing is gone.

sorry for the messy lashes! It was 29 outside today and my mascara was melting!

Once these were on under my eyes the cool felt really nice on my face. It does feel like it is tightening the skin around the eyes. It felt weird wearing them for 50 minutes but I toughed it out! I actually think I did apply them backwards, after I looked at the package again but I don't think it really matters what end is on what part of eye.

After I did remove my cool eyes the skin did feel slightly tighter around the eye area. I know I can't really say it took away my wrinkles because I don't have any but maybe if I do use this in the future I will find it does help. I do think this was a nice little treatment to use and I will for sure use this again.  I would recommend this to anyone who does like to use face masks or any kind of eye treatments. These sell for around $3.99 which is good because you do get 2 uses out of one package.This is a good affordable and cruelty free option!

Next is my Montagne Jeunesse  Lip Healing Balm with Aloe and Spearmint
I am a total lip gloss/balm junkie. I can never go without, I always have a bunch in my purse,car,house just everywhere! So I was very happy to try this out.

With 100% natural Beeswax our ‘Healing Balm' moisturizing lip balm is completely free from nasty petroleum jelly. With almost 100% natural ingredients - and the tiny proportion that aren’t natural yet... we’re working on them!
  Moisturizing100% Natural beeswax, crushed spearmint and moisturizing Aloe Vera!
No Petroleum Jelly! 

 First off I love the smell of this! It smells like spearmint and is 99.1% natural...That has to be good for your lips!
I don't have dry lips (probably because I am always applying lip balm or gloss)But I have been using this daily and loving it! 
It does have a fairly thin formula, I do like them a little thicker. I feel it stays on better thicker but that doesn't bother me that much. My lips feel smooth and soft after using this!
I can't speak for someone with dry lips but I do think this is great for anyone who needs a decent lip balm and likes natural products!
I would recommend this and I think I will pick up another one once I use this one up. They are around $4.99 and available Here. I haven't seen them in stores just yet but maybe in the future they will be in stores?
I tried to take a picture of the bottom of the packing on the back but my camera wouldn't pick up a clear shot but I liked what they wrote:
We're vegetarian and animals are our friends-that's why we don't bash bunnies or add bits of animals.
It sounds so terrible to me thinking people add bits of animals?!And the other terrible things they do. SICK and MEAN. I am so happy this company is affordable and cruelty free!

What is your favorite Montagne Jeunesse product?

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  1. I swear by this brand! I've used their facemasks for the past 7 years! Always have a few in just in case! They were always affordable on sleepovers! :)
    Lucy x

  2. Hi Taygan! I like knowing when I'm using cruelty free products too, but I have to be honest that I know not all my products are cruelty free (because they don't all say that). It does sound awful though when they said they don't add bits of animals - but it's true I guess if you think about it the other way. I'm a meat eater as well so it's an ongoing dilemma for me.
    The cool eyes patch does seem a bit longer than usual to keep on (up to 50 minutes). I don't know what your co-worker was saying about your eyes looking don't look old at all - maybe you were just tired that day or something ;)
    I also like thicker lip balms as well. But I'm glad this one worked for you :)
    I haven't tried any Montagne Jeunesse Products before but some of their fruit masks sound great.

  3. Great post! I've never tried any of these products! :-( But I'll keep an eye out for them!

  4. I have never used something similar to the eye patches, it looks weird ahah! As for the lipbalm, I've heard a lot about it but I can't find it in stores either?

    And a big YEY for cruelty-free!!

  5. The lip balm sounds great! Glad they're not tested on animals. :)

  6. @LucyyLou-I know the prices are so good how can you not try their stuff out!

    @Karen- I really hope we luck out and have more companies switch to cruelty free... i'm not gonna lie it is very hard to ditch your favorite products that you've been using for years that test on animals =( Why thank you, I hope she was just being a cow that day lol. You should for sure try out a mask, I always use them!

    @Themisstwist-You got to try the hair or face masks! They are like $2 so you can't go wrong, they are kinda like the ones w both got from shoppers...I forget the name, it starts with a B..?

    @Gaby-Haha they are hilarious looking, I certainly felt silly when my bf saw me wearing them for 50 minutes!

    @Vintagemakeup- =) I know I am very glad too... there is more and more out there that are being kind but not quite enough!


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