Luxe Box August 2011

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August Luxe Box
Wow, the shipping this month was awesome!! I was sent the email for my confirmation on Monday the 15th and the estimated delivery date was to be the 19th-usually it's at least 1 week. It was the 17th when it arrive! =D Made my very very long not so wonderful Wednesday a lot better!

I liked the black tissue paper this month!

Cheeky Monkey|Pearl Necklace-$15
I love the packaging for this! The color is pretty but it isn't really a color I would use. I like the more bright or even dark colors then just white =/ but it is still really nice!

Lip Plumping Treatment|City Lips by City Cosmetics-$35
I just put this on and I really like it! I has a slight sticky feeling, and tingly but it is glossy =)

Proclaim|Cocoa Butter Hand & Body Lotion-$8.00
Very Chocolate smelling lotion!

Calvin Klein|Forbidden Euphoria Fragrance-$78&$102
I Love this scent! I wasn't totally in love with other Euphoria fragrances by Calvin Klein but this one is really nice. This small size is perfect for your bag. This is a roller ball bottle as well,easy to apply and the scent is strong enough to notice but not too intense to make you feel ill!

Now I don't know if everyone got this in theirs, or if it is just for the people who have yearly subscriptions but it was perfect since I just got my ears repierced!

Sheyna Hand Made Earrings
Very cute packaging!

These are very pretty...not something I would pick out but maybe for a special occasion?
Over all I was happy with my August Luxe Box and am excited for my September's to get here =)

Have you tried any of these products?

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  1. You def get better perfume sample sizes with luxe box, personally i think the american and canadian versions of these subscriptions are better than the UK's :( Wish we could get them over here! x
    Lucy xx

  2. wow, Love what you got. You get awesome sized perfume samples! and you got earrings!(super cute btw) man, I want luxe box instead of birchbox...which I still haven't got this month...once again everyone gets theirs and mine is not here(maybe lost) ugh!!!

  3. Looks like you got yourself some goodies! I haven't signed up for any of the monthly boxes yet...but I may after all :)

  4. Those are awesome! Pearl necklace always reminds me of that joke would you rather have... stupid guys anyways ruin the thought of a nice pearl necklace! ha ha Great post! xo

  5. omgggg I got the dark polish!! it's like black/gunmetal/greyish like!! and i prefer lighter/pearly/whitish colours!! we should totally swap polish colours!! =] lol

  6. wow you got really good samples this month!! :D

  7. @LuccyLou-aw that's always bad when you see another countries and think its better than yours and you can't get it! =( I really liked the perfume sample this month =) I hope you do get something similar to you like Luxe Box.. But I hear Glymm in Canada is better

    @osxg33kgirl- =D I think they are pretty decent!

    @Miranda- I always feel bad because I get my Luxe Box later then everyone(except this month) but you always get your Birch Box even later then me! It's crazy shipping can be that long =( I hope they do something to speed it up for the ppl who are farther away! The perfume size is really good this month!!

    @MrsMakeup-I think its so worth it! But then again I dont buy high end products much so these are like special ones to me hahah

    @themisstwist-bahahh that's hilarious and sick! If its what I am thinking? lol.

    @ThisisAlx-That polish sounds amazing! lol we totally must swap!!!

    @Cerina- =) I think so too! But when I watch a Youtube video or read a blog on the new Glymm box I am kinda sad lol.

    Thanks for reading my post guys =D

  8. I have allergies to lip plumping products, I think it's the cinnamon or menthol, and anyway, they don't seem to work on me, not even the popular DuWop Lip Venom ):

    The cocoa butter lotion must be awesome, I LOVE coca butter!

  9. Montser Girl, this is a great post. Thanks for writing out a review.

    I'm the CEO of Loose Button and one of the founders behind the company. It's always a pleasure to read about what our customers think about our service.

    I do also want to thank all of your readers for the feedback both positive and negative. Rest assured, I want you to know that we are always listening.

    As we continue to grow, we hope to make the Luxe Box better and better. If you have any other thoughts, feel free to let our customer care team know by emailing

    Take care!

    Ray Cao

  10. Whoops I answered my own question - I guess the September Luxe box was not your first Luxe Box!
    Wow that's really nice that Ray (one of the founders) commented on your post :)
    Actually I'm thinking the same as you for this luxe box - I'm most curious about the Dermatologica products. I heard a lot about them and have been thinking about getting a couple of their products that I read really good things about - particularly their exfoliator.
    I really like the brown shade of Laura Mercier eyeshadow. It's totally the kind of colour I'd wear :)And the Joico K-pak oil sounds really good. I know you love the conditioner by Joico K-pak so maybe the oil will work really well for you too!


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