Elf Order is FINALLY HERE =)

8:00 AM

I had heard about the wicked Elf sale, 40% I believe on Canadian and U.S.A orders so of course with my newly found love of Elf I had to check out their site and see what they had.
I had made my order on July 12th and very very impatiently waited for my order and finally August 3rd it arrived =)
Here is a quick glance at what I got!

*High Definition Powder-$6.00
*Peachy Keen blush-$3.00
*Angled Eyeliner Brush-$3.00
*Eye Primer in Golden-$1.00
*Lip Gloss in Trendsetter-$3.00
*Angled Foundation Brush-$3.00
*Brush Shampoo-$3.00
*Makeup Mist & Set-$3.00
*Hypershine Gloss Collection-$3.00

I am really excited for everything!!! I am so impressed with everything of ELF so far, the process are something I love and the packaging is pretty nice for just affordable products!

Have you tried any of these ones? What is your all tome favorite Elf product or brush?

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  1. Ooh a lot of fun stuff :)
    the angled foundation brush didn't work for me I used it a few times and that was it, it was streaky and flimsy I hope you make it work for you though! I want to try that golden primer, I tried the normal one and it was too greasy for my oily lids the $3 studio eye primer is amazing though! nice post xo.

  2. I haven't tried elf yet, but I've looked at their web site for a while.
    I love that the products are cheap and from what I can see they are pretty good too

  3. Great Haul! I just got an elf order too! I got the angled foundation brush, which I thought was way better than the professional range. My all time favourite elf product is their tinted moisturisor from the cheaper range.


  4. Let me know how that high definition powder works! I want to buy it, but I'm not sure whether I should get the ELF version, or splurge on the MUFE HD setting powder..hmmm. :P

  5. I own both brushes and the brush shampoo! I'm not a fan of the angled foundation brush or the brush shampoo:( Though I do really enjoy the angled eyeliner brush, I use it for my brows:) I've been wanting to try the HD powder, let me know what you think!<3 Great haul thanks so much for sharing :-)

  6. oooh, looks like you got great stuff!!! I love their brushes!

  7. I've been contemplating buying from there again.. I bought an eyeshadow set that came with an eyeshadow brush and it was amazing! I really liked it!

  8. ELF has some crazyyy deals through their website! That's great that you took advantage of such a sale.
    I heard ELF's high definition powder is really good. But I haven't tried it. I've only tried a few of their products and the ones I love are their Dramatic Lash Kit and the Conditioning Lip Balm (it's like a tinted lipbalm in a pot and the colours are pigmented!).
    Looking forward to your upcoming reviews!

  9. @Kysbel-There is a studio line primer? dammit that one is probably really good. I have to agree the golden and the original is slightly greasy, I LOVE how matte the UD primer potion is.

    @osxg33kgirl-They are really good for what the price is, it sucks to pay for shipping with ordering online, but if you ever can try a couple things out I would suggest it!

    @Alice-nice! I haven't tried the tinted moisturizer but I will have to the next time I order =)

    @Cerina-I am having a hard time deciding what I like better, I think probably MUF but I think the Elf is great for everyday use! I will use it more then have a final answer lol.

    @Tenace-Ahh that's what everyone is saying about the foundation brush but I guess I will find out. I freaking love the angled brush!It's perfect when you suck at gel eyeliner lol. I am liking the HD powder so far, I think for the cheap price it is for sure worth it.

    @Miranda-I cannot get over how great the brushes are! They work perfect for me at least, and the prices are great =)

    @Themisstwist- It is really worth it! I think a couple times a year why the heck not order from their site =)

    @Karen-I know they really do have such great deals, and if you order it with all the sales you can get sooo much for so cheap. haha I just read my post, and I realised I didn't even put the prices up like I planed to, ops!The tinted lip balm sounds good!

  10. yay!! it finally arrived!!!! can u please review the mist and set!..i never use a setting spray soo i dont no if i should try it... i stil have to try the one i won from Jessy's giveaway but i havent been wearing makeup soo cant really try it yet


  11. I LOVE the angled eyeliner brush...it works so good when applied cream or gel liner!

  12. ThisisAlx- I thought it would never show up lol. I will for sure review the mist set! I have been using it a little bit but it has been pretty warm so it's hard to tell if its really working when its so hot, but it should cool off in the next week or so then I will see how it is in regular weather!

    @Amanda-omg I tried it last night and it is amazing! It is exactly what I needed! I am shocked how easy it was =)


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