Something for a Man to Read when he needs to OPEN his Eyes =)

5:53 PM

I remember reading this when I was heartbroken a few years back and I just think it is so TRUE!!

Have you ever been the apple at the top but the boy didn't seem to realize he was getting a rotten easy to get one? Maybe they just need to read this and OPEN THEIR STUPID EYEBALLS ;)

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  1. Aww ive never seen this before, its very true tho. The easy girls sometimes act like the cat who got the cream, if only they realized its only because they are easy... Least you can hold your head high and your prince will come (sorry for being cheesy) haha x x

  2. ha ha yes! I have felt like this numberous times it seems they go for the easy ones instead of the ones who will be easy in the end they need to show that they are willing to work for it. Thats all girls want. :-)

  3. LOL - your last sentence in this post made me laugh about opening their stupid eyeballs.
    Yes absolutely - I've had my fair share of bad relationships (if I could even call some of them a relationship) and in my last relationship, I felt that I really loved my boyfriend much more than he loved me and that's never healthy. I think when I was much younger I fell for guys too easily and those jerks always went with other girls that didn't seem to have a whole lot going for them - which just meant the guy I was looking at wasn't for me. But now because I'm much older and seen enough crap, I can a good one from a bad one very easily and sadly there aren't many good ones around! I'm at a point where I'd much rather be single than deal with an idiot LOL

  4. @Lalalucy1000- I agree with you completely! I was lucky, I did find mine =)

    @Themisstwist-EXCATLY!! but some douche bags don't get it lol.

    @Karen- =).I hear ya,Single would be soo much better then a bad relationship!! I have had similar problems =( But as stupid as this sounds we really did learn a lot from those crappy "relationships" and now look at us! lol. You man sounds like the sweetest guy ever, I hope you found your prince! =)


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