MORE MAIL!!!!! =)

9:46 PM

Okay I seriously never get mail except this month is probably the most I have ever got in my life... I have been ordering coupons online and things so I will have more to come =)

I will start with my couple samples and my Sigma brush I got from being a Sigma Affiliate =)

*My Sigma E25 Travel Blending Brush
* U by Kotex sample
*Purex complete with Zout stain remover & $3 off coupon

So far I love this little brush! I will post my other pictures and info about the affiliate program if any of you who blog doesn't know about it tomorrow hopefully.

And on to the really exciting one!

*SPONGEABLES Pedi-Scrub Foot Buffer
*ECOTOOLS Bamboo 6 Piece Brush Set
*SPONGEABLES Shower In a Sponge

I was really lucky to receive this from a very kind lady from to review for my blog, I am quite excited to do the review as well, I have been using these products for 3 days now and I think I am ready to make my decision on these.... =)  
I will post the review hopefully tomorrow as I took the day off just in case I was still tired from the Relay for Life walk on Friday/Saturday-7pm-7am. I will do a quick post on that too if anyone wants to see what the Relay was...
So extra day off means extra blogging time!

Have you tried any of these products? Whatca think of them?

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  1. OOooh exciting, please do post about the Sigma Affiliate program I have no idea what that is. I love ECO tools you are so lucky to get to review them! I even use them in my professional kit because they hold up after cleanings so well!

    I love getting mail!

  2. Oooh you didn't tell me about the EcoTools brushes and the Spongeables thingies! I love the brushes, soooo soft!

  3. @mrsmakeup- they must be good if you can use them in a professional kit! And you should sign up for sigma affiliate program! Hopefully my post made
    Sense ;)

    @Gaby- I can't believe I didn't tell you that! I am really excited for it all! :) the Spongeables are really kinda neat too.


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