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Who's feeling glum lately? I know that sounds weird with the sun starting to shine and all the summer fun that should be starting. BUT sometimes life gets in the way with that fun and it just leaves you feeling down or blahh.
I have been struggling a little bit with some things in my life the past couple months and it seems to hit me harder the last couple weeks so I am trying to find things to get me thinking positively and laughing... one of my favorite things to do!
Other then talking with your best friend...sometimes they can only listen to you for so many hours in a row ;) I often listen/watch stand up comedy. I absolutely LOVE Dane Cook! Some of his older stuff just makes me laugh and tends to steer my mood in a better direction. Here are a couple of his bits that I find freakin funny...

This last one is probably my favorite one.. I couldn't find a good video since it is so old but it's really fricken funny!!

Whenever my head is going in circles thinking and thinking I usually can't just sit there I have to do something to occupy my mind so I will have a good run and blast my iPod, clean my house like crazy, talk to a good friend,blog!..or the worst one, eat my face off with bad bad food!!!
What are some things you do if you are feeling glum to pick up your mood??

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  1. LOVE him!!! He is so funny.... Also, just wanted to let you know I tagged you on my post I just did =)

  2. Yess, Dane Cook is awesome! Blah tell me about the blahness! I've been knee high in blah...
    Well when I'm feeling like that I do things that I want to do.. I rarely listen to what other people want to do Because we all neglect what we want. And it slowly gets us down. we don't realize it until its too late. I'm rambling haha

  3. I'm not feeling too blah, haha but I've noticed lately that I'm not as passionate about makeup, I've gone to various stores with makeup, but I never buy anything anymore!

  4. hahaha, dane cook is soooo funny! ;)

    <3, Mimi

  5. LMAO. Omigosh I obviously don't get a chance to watch much comedy at all. I haven not heard of Dane Cook but I listened to the first video you posted and it's sooooo funny! Like at his "haunted dryer impression" and baby punching spree. Oh man I hate to admit it but I can totally agree with him on the latter of that - I'm a sucker for animals and baby animals, but NOT babies :S Omigosh I'm gonna listen to the other videos you posted.
    Tea, I hope your stresses go away and you're able to cope with things better in the next bit.

  6. I've been feeling down lately too you're not the only one, lucky for me I have blogs and yt hehe. I hadn't seen the last vid! I love it.


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