Waiting waiting waiting for my May Luxe Box!

7:16 PM

I know I didn't order this too long ago but I am pretty excited For my Luxe Box I ordered in April, I received my email saying that they will ship them out on May 9th so it's not too far away.
I love ordering things online and getting the package it's always so exciting and I don't do it very often so it's fun!

Okay so this exciting part of this is I am testing out the new iPad2 I FINALLY got my hands on!! Yes yes I know there are many haters of the iPad or Apple products in general but I really like them and for what I use it for I think it's great!
My bestie had bought one the day they came out ( she was smart and got it then) and I waited til I had tested them out a bit.. Bad idea though since it was so hard to get one!!! I had called and called and stopped by every store that carried them and no dice. But FINALLY today when I was at work all alone at work and couldn't leave Future Shop had some in stock!!, I begged my boyfriend to leave work to pick it up for me and thankfully he did :)
Yes they are pricy and I think there are many things it might not be able to do but so far it's pretty cool!!

Have you tired out the iPad??

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  1. I'm still not sure if I want to try the Luxe Box or not... I've read many blog posts aout it and I don't know... I can't wait to see what you will receive (:

  2. @Gaby.. I am hoping this month they will step it up and hopefully it will be great :) but you will soon find out!


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