Luxe Box May 2011

7:10 PM

YAY FINALLY MY LUXE BOX IS HERE!!!!I feel like I am one of the last people in Canada to receive this! Okay maybe I am exaggerating but it felt so long! I had to stay clear of twitter tweets of others who had received theirs as I wanted to be a surprise, so if you have got yours yet or aren't interested

in products then go to the next post ;)

The Package is great because it is small enough to be dropped in your mail box! No having to go to the post office and wait in line. I was very happy to come home after my LONG not so great Tuesday. And mail 2 days in a row..that is a first for me!
Chicken was also excited again....

I love the simple but pretty packaging! They have changed their logo, what do you think?
The ribbon is really cute, my cats will enjoy that later =/


I signed up for 3 months,just because I knew I would want to try more then 1 month but wasn't sure if I wanted to splurge for the full year so I went with one. Since I signed up for 3 months they gave me a full size China Glaze this month! Here is what else I got...

* DERMALOGICA | Daily Microfoliant
* CHINA GLAZE | Little Drummer Boy 
*CONSONANT BODY | Organic Olive Oil Body Soap
*ELIZABETH GRANT | Biocollasis Complex Day Serum

I am quite pleased with this month,I am pretty easy going so I probably would be happy with anything but I really like skin care products and am excited to try these out. I absolutely LOVE the nail polish color, totally a color I would purchase. I would have liked to see maybe a mascara or perfume or a lip gloss sample maybe instead of the body soap just because I haven't used a bar of soap since I was a kid, but hey maybe it will be good? And IF not there is always next month! =)

On a side note I wanted to say how wonderful the staff was at the company to deal with, I haven't had a ton of experience with needing to contact a company for many things but they make a point to answering any email/tweet or any info I have ever questioned from them so that is really a nice bonus!

Did you try out Loose Button's Luxe Box yet? What did you think of my May samples?

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  1. This looks really nice! It seems to be just like Birchbox!!

  2. @Nicole- yes it is the Canadian version! birch box will not ship to Canada :(
    Thank you for checking out my blog :)

  3. may be you are the last one in canada to receive your box but I'm the only one in Canada who received a small china glaze nailpolish .

  4. I am super jealous looks like you got some great things! I am busy reading all your posts since I have been gone!

  5. @beauty combat, really you just got the lil one?? Did you only purchase a month of Luxe Box??

  6. @mrs makeup- I was wondering where you've been!! And so far I really like these products :)

  7. I love the packaging of the Luxe box! So cute! Great blog =)


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