got2b Rockin'it Dry Shampoo Review

7:51 PM

I was introduced to this product by my favoriest blogger friend - The Miss Twist aka Shawna This is got2b’s rockin’ it encore fresh dry shampoo... This was on sale at Shoppers Drug Mart ( I seem to go there a lot lately =/  ) for $5.99. This product has some pros & cons.

This is the product you can skip a day of washing a still keep your hair from looking like it.

I will start with the negative because I am just like that!
-Smells like Lemon Pledge... if you don't want to smell like a coffee table then you might not like this! ;)
- Leaves your hair a slight discolouration if you have dark hair and spray too much on it
- Lots of over spray with this sucker.. I had a light powder all over my bathroom...seriously I had to clean the counters and my iPod dock after I first used this
-If you have crazy fine hair like me =( this might give you a little bit of build up

Ok so that wasn't so bad was it??

The pro's of this product are:
-When on sale a great price
-Does soak up the oil
-Makes hair feel a bit cleaner
-Gives your hair a slight bit of texture if you need a quick fix on your roots when its crazy soft before styling
-Makes your hair smell like you have coffee table cleaner head aka Pledge (hey some ppl might like that?) hah.. it actually doesn't last that long and if you don't have a good sense of smell you probably won't even notice =)

Ok I have one more thing to say about it and I don't know which category it would fall into... This sprays crazy powerful, so you MUST spray in short bursts, over a bath tub or in a shower I suggest so you don't have a light powdery substance all over your bathroom. Also use a bore bristle brush and it will help brush the light color out of your hair... I first used a comb and that just made my hair look greyish.. 
I think this is a decent product for under $10 . I think I would prefer to use baby powder but this wasn't a total waste of money.
Since I wrote this review I have tested out a few more dry shampoo's and have found my HD dry shampoo!!! Batiste! You can check out my review for the regular Batiste dry shampoo HERE and the Batiste for Dark hair HERE. I HIGHLY recommend this dry shampoo!

Have you tried got2b or any other dry shampoo you liked or not?

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  1. I just puchased a dry shampoo the other day and I didnt like it but cuz i think i did it wrong LOL but im gonna try it again tomorrow to see if I like it =)

    I love your blog and im a new follower =)

  2. I just bought this. And i think part of why it didn't work good for you is because you're hair's finer and dark. I have really thick hair and it's red. Worked pretty amazing. I think it's all based on your hair type. good review though!

  3. @SamStinn&MackenzieLee- That is probably so true, I think things are much different with different thicknesses and textures. I am glad it worked for someone =) when you are finished yours and need to buy a new one I HIGHLY recommend Batiste! If you ever try it you should let me know if you liked it or not!


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