~MaRch FaVorItEs~

10:22 PM

Another month has come and gone and more products and things I have enjoyed, here is a few for the month of march...

 Hard Candy-girl next door Volumizing lip gloss in a pretty pink that doesn't really show up on your lips much. Isn't too thick/sticky feeling and I don't know if it is just me but this stuff smells freakin amazing..I was trying to think of what the smell smells like and the best way to describe it is i think it smells kind of like the white tic tacs.

This is Bath & Body Works Carried Away. This just came to Canada I think, I saw it in Vegas in February but couldn't find it until last week here.
To describe this smell, I don't even think I can anymore,it is different but I think it's really good. But this smell is a different kind of smell...I was in the store today and I had showed my sister the lotion of this and said it smells good, her exact words were " It's smells like throw up" LOL which I found pretty funny but I do not think it smells like throw up obviously.You know how sometimes the lotion doesn't smell as good as the body spray? I am hoping this is the case..

Maybelline's Super Stay Concealer is my fist concealer I have bought ever I think other then the hard candy nobody's perfect. I actually really like this for my first liquid concealer, it didn't last 24 hours like it claims but I think it lasted for most of the day so I can't complain.

I have seen a few girls on YouTube with this little makeup sponge and I couldn't find one but I finally did and i must say this is MUCH better then your normal typical makeup sponge thingy. The shape of it is good for around your eyes and nose, it's great!

A Fine haired girls best friend!This is so great to add texture and hold to your hair. I have been using this pretty much everyday since I bought it and it really is almost as good as salon powders.got2b's version is so worth the $7.00. It last most of the day but nothing last's too long in my hair anyways.Def check this out.

Ops i almost Almost forgot this one! Frutis Double Care detangling nourish and shine. This is soo Great when you don't want to spend a bunch on Chi's Keratin's Mist (which I love and have!) but this you just shake up and spray on wet hair and it detangles fairly well. I used to use the kid's Lo'real's hair detangler until I found this. It is also supposed to help with the fading of colored hair...perfect!

I fricken love baths in the winter since it's so cold here and it's way to warm up. This is i love lemon's & limes delicious bubble bath that smells amazing just like the title! 

And the last 2 are my favorites for my house =)
Bath & Body Works had a sale 2 for $25 and it might sound expensive but they usually $22.50 a piece and I only buy them if they are on sale.  

-Lilac Blossom is amazing as it sounds, just a pretty flowery scent 

Pineapple Mango is the best smell in the world, i honestly could eat this candle it smells exactly like pineapple and mango sound, Love this one!!

Sorry this post looks terrible =( and it took SOO long messing around with it and it still looks terrible. Why blogger why are you making me look stupid? lol.

Anyways if anyone actually could stand reading this messy post what were some of your March favorites? or have you tired any of these? Or can anyone please tell me my sister is wrong and it doesn't smell like throw up? ;)

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  1. this is so not a messy post! crazy girl! I need to get myself a disposable mc and buy some bath and body works stuff! any suggestions? I've never tried any of their stuff before!

  2. @Themisstwist-Lol that's just because you are too nice!
    ohhh really?! I love most of their stuff! Sweet pea is a fruity floraly scent it is so good, their body butters are good, candles,lip glosses,body washes and hand sanitizers! ahh I could buy the entire store!!!


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