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I got back from Las Vegas Saturday Morning at 3am...Which is my first real trip anywhere, i mean i have been to a couple places but it was always with my family to see family so this was like a trip trip. and my first trip with my boyfriend and my friends. It was a blast!What a City!! There is so much to say about that place i wont be able to think of it all just yet.Here are just a couple Pictures from that crazy city!

Here is not a great picture but i guess i didnt take as many as i needed to on the trip =/ But this is one side of the hotel-the side that we were staying in

This was the view from our hotel room, these two pictures are similar but you can see the Paris hotel in this shot:

And the Bellagio in this one:

We stayed at Caesar's Palace in the Augustus Tower Deluxe Room. We had originally got the standard room online but when we got there i asked how much it would be to upgrade as i looked online and the standard room was yuck.. So we got the Deluxe room for $150 on top of what we had already paid but for 3 nights that isn't bad.. it regularly is $150 extra a night rather then the $50 we paid.Man was it worth it!! I could see the Bellagio fountains right from my room it was amazing!! Here are a couple room pictures!

 King size bed was awesome!

Nice Tile Shower!

 Tv in the bathroom! Pretty cool.

Nice Mini bar that i did NOT use!Coffee was $12!! i didn’t have a coffee the entire time in Vegas, it was quite difficult.

I honestly felt fancy in this room lol. I certainly don't have a lot of money so this was by far more then i would have ever expected, it was a very cool experience.
Have you ever been to Vegas?

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  1. ooops I commented on the wrong space lol

  2. omg are you kidding the first pic i love!! its aweosme!


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