Travis Barker

Travis BarKeR's NeW SoNg

12:39 PM

I just wanted to let everyone know Travis Barker's single comes out tomorrow on iTunes! It's call " can a drummer get some" check it out!!!!

The Power/Secret

8:44 PM

This is the latest book i have picked up on my positive thinking kick...It is by the same author who wrote The Secret-Rhonda Byrne . This book  The Power is amazing! I am having more troubles with the positive thinking in this book rather then in the secret because they speak more about love and how to use it to get to a good place in life. Positivity goes a long way.. I am a realist so this is hard for me!  I see too much negative so this is a good book to turn my thoughts around.

These books are both very worth checking out.

Something worth watching..

7:14 PM

I was talking to my lil sis Last night and she had mentioned a new book she got recently over Christmas... I don't know enough of this man, the little I know has just opened my eyes little more to life and made me even more grateful for the people and things in my life.what an amazing person he was. Please watch this if you get a moment, it is very worth it. You can watch Randy Pausch's  "Last Lecture" 


...And RaNdOms..

6:58 PM

Just a few things I have picked up!

 I found this on sale today at Shoppers Drug Mart for $9.99! How can you go wrong with that?? I tried it today, it wasn't amazing but i liked it so far. creates a smooth canvas for your look.

 I have been Testing out the Hard Candy Products at Walmart, they are great for something  affordable and are fairly pigmented. Good for beginners like me...

MY ALL time FAVORITE Mascara, i LOVE Voluminous, so i thought i would test out Million Lashes and it is a great mascara for separating and no clumping. I always apply voluminous over top of all mascaras to get the fullness.

 I am a big fan of Escada scents. i Like the fruityness of them, i highly recommend Marine Groove. Very pretty scent! I am not a fan of the limited editions as i do not want to over use this and not be able to find it again.

  I am a HUGEEE BLINK 182 fan... I found this Atticus bag at Detox for $19.00 which will come in handy for my Vegas trip next month!

I have no idea what brand Foxy Jeans is, i might not be a big fan of the logo on the front But i can carry it facing me so it isn't facing everyone. My friend spotted this bag at Costco for $20.00..


AnOthEr BoOk i JusT PiCkEd uP anD LoVe

6:26 PM

If any of you have ever watched the City, you might remember Kelly Cutrone. A Very tough successful lady. I believe this is her first book she wrote, it is titled " If you have to cry go Outside" ... A tough book of how she has mentored women on how to make it in one of the most competitive industries. This book is something that might give you the push you need to get your career life in the direction that will help you get moving!


CURrEnT BoOkS I aM ReaDiNg

4:26 PM

I am just starting to read "Skinny Bitch" . It is a book about becoming more healthy in a vegan/vegetarian life style. I am not a vegetarian but  i don't eat meat very often so I may as well be! I have a sister who is a vegetarian so I am trying to get to that point, as i am an animal lover! These girls who wrote this book are very straight forward, take no crap and have a funny twist to it. I am enjoying this book so far!

The Next book I am reading as well is  called "Fury" It is a book about a girl with her pent up anger.. I am just getting started in this one so I don't have to much insite on it. I had read Koren Zailckas previous book "Smashed" . Which is about her past and using drinking as an escape from her life. I think that book was pretty good, I am enjoying " Fury " more.

Have you read either of these?

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